Reiki Master Teacher, Numerologist, and Intuitive Energy Healer Corie Chu knows wellness. As a former Hollywood film publicist, Corie is a guru in the way of spirituality and wellness. From crystal healing to numerology, this woman has got it all covered.

Traveling to South America before finding her way back to Hong Kong, Corie is your number one woman for finding wellness, peace, and guidance. A regular at Hong Kong’s wellness events, Corie dedicates herself to providing full services for conscious headspace, guidance through personal transformations, and discovering your inner peace.

With such a large list of healing treatments, Corie offers bookings in both Kennedy Town and Central for everyone and anyone who wishes to begin their wellness journey.

BloomMe sat down for a chat with Corie Chu: Wellness Warrior, to discover how she began her journey and why spirituality and awareness are key for leading a healthy and authentic existence.

When did you begin your journey into wellness and healing and what got you there, to begin with?

I started at a rather young age. I was living in Los Angeles at the time and my mom used to take to QiGong classes with her when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I came across crystals as a child and fell in love with them. I had quite the crystal collection, which I had unfortunately lost from moving around too much. I didn’t really know the meaning behind Qigong or crystals at the time, I just knew I liked both a lot.

It wasn’t until 2007 when I stumbled upon crystals again. At the time, I was working in the film publicity in Hollywood and the long hours and demanding workload was taking a toll on me. The only thing I was able to do for myself was to take long walks by the beach. One day while I was on my way home from the beach, I came across this crystal healing shop with the largest and most gorgeous piece of amethyst displayed. I decided to go in and this is when I would say I consciously stepped into my journey of wellness and healing.

From there I met an amazing Afro-Brazilian samba dance teacher who is also a spiritual teacher and she taught me the foundation across multiple modalities of wellness and healing such as meditation, energy healing, Qigong (again), angel cards, numerology, i-Ching, Native American Indian healing therapies and the healing power of dance too! Wellness and healing were transformational to me. I didn’t seriously consider going into wellness work full-time until 2014, I was still between both worlds up until 2016 which is when I decided to fully dedicate myself into the healing practice.

Since then, how important do you think travel is for discovering more about your authentic self?

Very important. I think travel does wonders for self-discovery. I try to go on a solo journey at least once a year, ideally to somewhere new. I encourage my friends, family and clients to do the same if they are able to, even if that means you travel in a group but go off on a day or two alone. Giving yourself that time and space in a new, unfamiliar environment is just liberating and it gives your soul a real opportunity to expand.

What do you think you learned about the importance of wellness after working in such the crazy hectic world of Hollywood?

For most of my life, I was conditioned to think that being stressed out meant I was being productive, so I was voluntarily in a stressed-out state when I worked in film publicity, which kept me on my feet. Honestly, it was a really twisted affair with adrenaline and lack of self-worth. Wellness taught me what balance was.

It showed me the bigger picture. It proved to me that it was pointless and stupid to be constantly stressed out because it just prevented me from having a clear heart and head, therefore I wasn’t making the best decisions. The combination of meditation, dance, Reiki, energy healing, numerology, and personal development coaching helped me recognize and breakthrough the layers underneath, finally arriving at the root of it all, fear. Healing fear is a long, long journey, so the second most important thing that wellness taught me was the practice of patience.

Once I learned that I could be free from this kind of stressed out lifestyle and be even more productive, I was in a hurry to make changes. I was hoping that the sooner, the harder, and the more often I practiced a wellness activity, the sooner I could be free, but that wasn’t true at all. 20 something years of conditioning wasn’t going to change overnight. That’s why it’s often called a wellness journey right?

But we are all (going to be) so much better for it!

For those who have never heard of Numerology, how would you describe it?

Imagine a dictionary, but for numbers. Each number has a general definition, with nouns, verbs, adjectives, and even synonyms and antonyms to help you understand the number even more.

Numerology is a dictionary of numbers with multiple secondary descriptions that help shape your understanding of each number even more. This dictionary isn’t too thick because in numerology we basically focus on numbers 1-11, plus master numbers.

The way that Numerology is meaningful to a person, is by studying the numbers of a date that is related to someone, a special occasion like a date of birth, wedding, graduation date, business opening date, job promotion and so on. Often people tell me they starting seeing patterns of numbers appear to them for “no reason”, for example, every-time they glance at their phone it reads 11:11, 4:44, 5:55 and so on. Or they don’t know why but they’ve always just loved a certain number, maybe it’s a “lucky number’. Or that they always have a certain number repeat in each address they move to or phone number. After I explain numerology to someone who has similar encounters, I almost always get a big “AH-HA!” moment followed by a huge wave of inspiration and empowerment.

Once you have a number or date in mind, you can open up this dictionary and see how the numbers are relevant to you and your relationships with other people by reviewing their numbers. The numbers in your birthdate hold so much hidden information about your life challenges (karma), who you are, how your project yourself, your tendency to behave/think, your natural gifts, how each year influences you, your life’s purpose and how you can get there. It can tell you how you can overcome challenges, amplify your potential and live a more meaningful life.

A lot of people are under the impression that Numerology is like astrology or Bazi but actually, it’s a lot more practical and easy to understand. At the end of the day, numbers don’t lie and I’m sure anyone who works in finance and data would agree! We just have to open up that dictionary of numbers and see what’s there.

How did you first discover numerology?

My first spiritual teacher introduced it to me around 2009. Sometimes she would ask me for my birth date and then tell me it’s because of my “7” that I’m meant to do things out the box, or that it’s my number “6” that gravitates me towards natural healing. I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about, but it bothered me that I didn’t know so I decided to look into it (which if you’re a numerology fan, it’s such a “7” thing to do!) Anyway, I REALLY resonated with it. I had no idea numbers (based off of a numeric birth date, or date itself) can tell you so much about someone, something or a period of time. Funny enough, I was terrible at math growing up so it’s quite ironic that I love studying numbers now.

For those who haven’t tried Reiki, how did it help you and why would you recommend it to them?

Reiki has been one of the best things I’ve discovered to date. Before Reiki, I learned more traditional forms energy healing, which means that if someone is feeling unhappy, I would dedicate my positive energy to this person to help him/her feel more balanced or happy even, but it would leave me feeling depleted. I’d also have to be more cautious of being in a really positive space mentally and emotionally in order to heal someone, or else who knows, if I had any personal bad juju that day it could potentially be transferred to someone else which in my opinion, isn’t cool. With Reiki, none of that part of the equation at all. Reiki is a channeled energy healing practice and the source of this energy is from the Universe, which is 100% safe, pure and clean. After a Reiki session, my clients feel great, and so do I. It’s a win, win for all!

Reiki has helped me in many forms. Reiki can go back in time to heal any past issues/traumas, it can, of course, heal any problems in the present and can even heal in advance, in the future! A great tool for those who tend to get anxious during job interviews, before a presentation or giving a speech by the way! Reiki has helped me massively during my days as a publicist. It relieved me from the stress and anxiety that I mentioned earlier.

From a more recent personal experience, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid issue (Hashimoto’s) which I focused on healing since May of this year. I did Reiki on myself regularly plus I was eating a mostly gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free diet (which wasn’t new, it was my preferred way of eating for many years), anyway I just got my results last month (October) from a check-up and my thyroid is now in the healthiest state it has been in years! 5 months of focused Reiki healing worked! I recommend Reiki to anyone who is feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually blocked, anyone who is experiencing chronic pain, long-term illness, anyone who wants to heal from negative experiences from the past, who is open to personal development, to self-discovery, and anyone who wants to learn about a natural form of energy healing to help others!

What’s your go-to method to help you relax in a busy city like Hong Kong?

For a quick remedy, I take a little time out for a heart or gratitude meditation, followed by a boost of Reiki. It helps me massively. Sometimes it’s for 1-3 minutes, and longer if I have the flexibility of time. I also love tea ceremonies with the beautiful Resham Daswani of Spiral Spaces. Watching her serve tea is pure live art and my heart naturally flows of gratitude with each bowl of tea. Luckily, both of us offer classes regularly now at the new Enhale Meditation Studio in Central [LINK:] so it’s so much easier to drop in for a lovely pick-me-up whenever we need to.

Do you use BloomMe, if so, what’s your go-to spa on our app?

Yes, I do, but more for hair appointments. My favorite spot is Hair-Riffic with a stylist there named Rex. I don’t go to the spa much but when I do, I really like Melomist and Ayana in Central.

What is your favourite quote or mantra that gets you through the day?

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

If you could give our readers one piece of life advice, wellness or otherwise, what would you say?

If your intention behind a thought or action is truly in alignment with your heart, then you have nothing to worry about.


Corie is available for bookings for Reiki, Numerology, and Intuitive Healing in both Kennedy Town and more recently Central. For bookings and inquiries, head to her website.

Corie will be offering Reiki Numerology services at The Four Seasons Hotel Spa from December 1-5, 2018 as part of their “Master of Wellness” series. Drop by for a life-changing session.

Reiki Master Teacher, Numerologist, and Intuitive Energy Healer Corie Chu knows wellness. As a former Hollywood film publicist, Corie is a guru in the way of spirituality and wellness. From crystal healing to numerology, this woman has got it all covered. Traveling to South America before finding her way back to Hong Kong, Corie is…