Yoga? Yes, you probably know what that is. Aerial yoga? Sure, you can imagine kind of an acrobatic/Cirque de Soleil thing happening. But Bamboo Aerial Yoga? You would probably think that we have finally lost our mind. But rest assured, Bamboo Aerial Yoga is a thing. And once you give it a go, you will lose your mind over how amazing it is.


Located in Sheung Wan and Sai Kung, Bamboo Yoga offers one of the most unique and exciting yoga experiences in Hong Kong. Suitable for all yogis, from the shaky beginner to the zen masters, Yoga BamBam is your next fun in the sun activity.


The founder, Aleksandra, is a certified yoga instructor who recognized the stress placed on the body from sitting at a desk all day (something Hong Kongers are no stranger to). Tight muscles, still joints, and a feeling of stress seems to be a symptom of over working. The solution: yoga. After completing her studies in aerial yoga, Aleksandra decided to take the practice outdoors using one of Hong Kong’s strongest materials and the favourite snack of pandas: bamboo.

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Aerial yoga, for the uninitiated, is also known as ‘anti-gravity yoga’. It combines the practice of yoga and/or pilates with the use of a hammock suspended above the floor. The hammock allows you to hang upsides down during practice and really get your body to stretch out. The practice requires a certified instructor and some close guidance with hammock and body positioning, but once you get the knack of it your body will thank you for it.


At Bamboo Yoga, Aerial Yoga has been kicked up a notch by the introduction of a bamboo tripod on which your hammock hangs. Not only that, the bamboo tripod is positioned in the beautiful waters of Sai Wan Beach in Sai Kung. Any fear of tumbling out of your hammock will quickly dissipate as you hang from your hammock like a relaxed bat above the crystal clear waters of the bay. Worried that the tripod won’t hold your weight? There’s a reason that builders in Hong Kong use bamboo for scaffolding: it is so ridiculously strong that you can have faith in your hammock.


Bamboo Yoga offers both half-day and full-day workshops in yoga. The full-day workshop begins in the Sheung Wan studio where you will learnt the basics. From the cross position to the one legged king pigeon pose, you’ll be closely guided through techniques and strategies required to get the most out of your session. Any injuries or anything you think will impede your practice, make sure to tell your instructor before you start. No one wants a nasty injury to start the weekend off with.

If you’re already comfortable with aerial yoga and inversions, you can book in for the half-day workshop which skips the morning tutorial and gets straight into the fun stuff.


After your training session, you’ll be all set to begin the 30-45 minute hike to Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung. Beginning in Sai Wan Pavillion (which is a 20 minute cab ride from Sai Kung Town Centre), this fun and leisurely hike will take you through the hills and valleys of Sai Kung before arriving at Sai Wan Beach. If hiking strikes a cord with you, check out the Maclehose hike across Hong Kong here.


Arriving at the beach, you’ll come face to face with your bamboo tripod. Looking a little like a camera tripod made of bamboo and sitting in the water, it can be a little scary trying it for the first time. The tripod and hammock have to be suspended high enough above the water so that if you do an inversion you won’t end up with your head stuck underwater (that would make yoga breathing a little tricky to complete).


During your session, you may find you feel a little funny hanging upside down from the blood moving around in your body. Remember that at any point if it becomes too uncomfortable, if you feel dizzy, or if you feel as though you are about to flip out of the hammock, inform the instructor and get down from the tripod. It’s perfectly okay to give your muscles a little break!

What benefits will you get from Aerial Yoga?

Yoga in itself is a wonderful way to improve flexibility, relax, and work on your breathing and movement. When combined with the anti-gravity nature of aerial yoga, the benefits to your body are outstanding.

Because you are hanging from your hammock, your whole body will get a workout. Trying to maintain balance, assessing movement, and even holding your body weight in the hammock becomes a muscle workout in itself (don’t worry, it’s not a strenuous weight lifting session, gravity does most of the work).

Sore back from that office chair? When you are hanging from the hammock, your joints and muscles are naturally stretched in ways that couldn’t be achieved if you were on stretching on a yoga mat. Imagine the best massage in the world, but combined with a good stretch. That’s aerial yoga.

Above all, bamboo aerial yoga is best for improving your mood. Getting outdoors to a beautiful location like Sai Wan Beach is fantastic for improving your mood and well-being. Fresh air, clean water, and good company come with a Yoga BamBam workshop, and you’ll leave with a smile and a new level of flexibility.


Plus, an added benefit is that you’ll get some killer opportunities for a good Instagram photo. Show off to your coworkers how flexible and relaxed you are!



Half -day workshops range from $480-$520

Full-day workshop range from $680-$720. We recommend heading here to see when the next yoga workshop is being held.

To learn more about Bamboo Yoga, head here.


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Yoga? Yes, you probably know what that is. Aerial yoga? Sure, you can imagine kind of an acrobatic/Cirque de Soleil thing happening. But Bamboo Aerial Yoga? You would probably think that we have finally lost our mind. But rest assured, Bamboo Aerial Yoga is a thing. And once you give it a go, you will…