It’s that time of year again ladies! Time to stop hiding behind a cosy layer of fur and get our legs out for the summer. Shaving all the time can be exhausting when the weather is always too warm to cover up or wear tights, so it’s no surprise that Hong Kong is a hub of excellent waxing salons that specialise in making skin silky smooth.

Which Wax?

Most waxes are self-explanitory (i.e. eyebrow, lower leg), but for the more delicate areas the names are a little more exotic and lets be honest, confusing. So before we start on our advice and tips, let us de-bunk bikini morse code.


Just what you can see through a bikini- surface only. Most waxing places will ask how much you want taking off from the top, and will just trim the fuzz if you don’t fancy the bald eagle look.


Everything from underneath is waxed away, biniki line is no longer but you can decide how much you’d like off from the front.


Every thing off. Not one hair down there anymore!


In order to get the most out of your wax and minimise the discomfort, here are our golden tips to try before arriving:


this will remove the dead skin cells and make it easier for the wax to pull from the root.

Take a pain killer

a simple panadol 30 mins before your wax to minimise the pain.

Don’t get waxed before or during your period!

It’s a lot more sensitive at that time so wait till a few days after you’ve finished.

Let hair grow about 1/4 inch

This is the optimum length for a wax. Don’t worry if your hair is a little too long, the estheticians will trim it if this is the case.

Do yoga

Limbering up before a wax can really help; the more flexible you are, the better the esthetician can do for some positions!

No coffee! 

We all love a cup of Joe, but the caffeine in cofffee can make your skin extra sensitive so it’s best to grab your cup afterwards or a decaf before.

Take a bath

If you’re one of the lucky few that has a tub in Hong Kong, take a soak about 20 mins before your wax to open up the pores in your skin. Why not practice your karaoke skills for Red Mr whilst you’re at it?



Bring a magazine, kindle or some music

It’s just a distraction, and if you’re not into small talk it’s a lifesaver.

Let the therapist know if you have a distraction technique

A lot of people cough or turn their head suddenly as a distraction technique when the wax gets pulled off. The estheticians are used to this, but it’s still nice to warn them in case they get caught off guard!


Stop shaving

Waxing pulls at the hair from the root, and so it grows back less dense than it does from shaving. Each time you wax it will become less painful. As soon as you start shaving again, you’re back to square one.

Avoid tight clothing

It will just cause irritation and ain’t no body got time for that.

No sunbathing! 

The direct sunlight makes your skin extra sensitive. Wax pain AND sun burn? No thanks…

No alcohol based lotions for 24 hours

Well, not unless you’re a masochist.


Hey all that effort, you deserve to show off your legs.. maybe not your hollywood though!

Where to go

On BloomMe we make it our mission to scout out the best spas and salons so you can book with the confidence of quality. For a wax we look salons that have the wow factor, not the ow factor. Here are our top 4 waxing salons you need to book today!

Vida Spa

Whilst being an all round amazing day spa in Central for pampering and beauty, Vida is most raved about by our BloomMe Girls as a top spot for a professional wax. Don’t believe us?

Check out their perfect 5 star rating on the app!

BloomMe Loves: Hollywood Waxing- 45 mins for $380 


Lavar Premium Waxing

As our most reviewed salon of all time, Lavar is MVP of waxing salons in Hong Kong. Lavar makes their own specially crafted wax and include extracts from rose, chocolate and other soothing aspects to give you an almost pain-free wax! Lavar also has 2 locations in Central, so you’re bound to always find an appointment to suit you!

BloomMe Loves: Ladies Brazilian- $450 

Nu Waxing Workshop

NU Waxing Workshop gained most of their well-earned fame from their Brazilian wax, and they have also been rumoured to be magicians, based on their ability to make waxes in even the most intimate of places, seem practically painless. This salon also hand makes their own wax from all natural ingredients and to ensure that only the best products are used on your skin.

BloomMe Loves: Ladies Brazilian by Senior Therapist for $583 


Dolma Waxing Boutique

This salon is BloomMe’s favourite waxing salon on a budget. With over 20 years of waxing experience from salons all over the world, Dolma has perfected her waxing abilities to the tee. Dolma and her team pride themselves on their ability to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed whilst receiving an almost painless wax.

BloomMe Loves: Bikini Wax for $250


So there you have it, ladies! Live your summer smooth, silky and sexy, and don’t forget to book your wax through BloomMe to take advantage of our amazing daily discounts!

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