Waxing never comes easy. Even though we can lie in bed at night and pray to our fairy godmothers to remove the hair easily and without pain, it seems she is busy granting other wishes. Some people are incredibly lucky in that waxing is so painless they look forward to the hair-ripping part of the treatment, while the rest of us practice meditative breathing and try to focus on how silky smooth our skin will be afterwards. Luckily for us wooly mammoths, Hong Kong is a thriving city with so many experienced and international salons that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to a pleasant waxing experience. BloomMe has gone the extra mile and compiled a list of the best 5 salons in Hong Kong to get a wax:

Lavar Premium Waxing Salon

A first-class unisex waxing salon, Lavar Premier specialises in almost pain-free Brazilian waxes and pampering before and after the treatment. With two locations in Central, Lan Kwai Fong and Queen’s Road, Lavar will have you feeling smooth as a seal and as relaxed as a seal basking on a rock. And that’s pretty relaxed!

Their staff are highly trained and super friendly, and will talk through with you exactly what they’re doing and how to make yourself most comfortable. Hint: remember to breath during a wax. One of their trademark characteristics is their imported scented waxes. Flown in first-class on a velvet pillow from Europe and Australia, these fancy waxes will also smell delicious and leave no sticky residue behind. The most popular are the chocolate, strawberry, and rose which are, coincidentally, the three key ingredients to a good date. Each wax has it’s own benefits and caters for different people: the chocolate is used to soothe and moisturise the skin (best for those with sensitive skin), the strawberry will help to reduce redness and is best suited for those cheeky areas, and the rose which is infused with chamomile will rip up those stubborn hairs with minimal pain.

Best of all, Lavar offers top quality manicures and pedicures. Why not get your whole body polished before your hot date tonight? Or bring your date along too, it’ll be an unforgettable date when you surprise them with matching Brazillian waxes.

Services Offered: Manicure, Pedicure, Browwax, Brazilian

Address: Room 802, 8/F, 72 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong

BloomMe Loves: Ladies Brazilian- $450

Bare Essentials

This adorable salon is nestled off Cochrane street in Central, and with cosy decor and the friendliest staff on hand Bare Essentials will make you feel like you’re getting waxed in your own home. With different variations of wax on hand, there is a treatment and a wax to suit everyone.

Bare Essentials offers a very unique treatment for those looking to surprise/treat/confuse their partner: Heart Shaped bikini waxes. Look forward to your cheeky regions being shaped into the most iconic and romantic shape in the world. Imagine your significant other’s face when you show them where your heart is! Everybody wins.

Services offered: waxing, threading, brows, facials

Address: Room 1103C, 11/F Winning House, 10-16 Cochrane St, Central, Hong Kong

BloomMe Loves: Ladies Brazilian with Shape- $420


Dolma Waxing Boutique


Waxing queen, feel the heat from the waxing machine, oh yeah!

Not our best song, but Dolma Waxing Boutique in Central is solely operated by Dolma, the waxing queen of Hong Kong. With years of experience behind her and a passion for hair removal, Dolma knows exactly what you need/want when you lie down on her treatment table.

As one of the more affordable salons in Hong Kong for waxing, Dolma has quickly become the most popular salon for those looking for high-quality less expensive waxing. Also specialising in Brazillian waxing, Dolma will leave you giggling and relaxed as she works her magic with the wax. Make sure to book in early, she is in high-demand especially during summer.

Services offered: waxing, eyebrow shaping, tinting

Address: Dolma Waxing Boutique 1508, 15/F, Takshing House, 20 Des Voeux Road, Central

BloomMe Loves: Full Leg Wax- $400

Nude Waxing 

10 years, 3 salons, and over 1 million waxes. That’s a lot of nude people.

Nude Waxing first opened it’s doors in 2007, and since then has continued topping lists for waxing and other beauty services. With a strong focus on service over sales, you can expect expert advice without the possibility of commission hanging above your head. With so many years of experience, Nude Waxing has seen it all and waxed it all, so this salon is a perfect place for first-time waxers. If it is your first time waxing, remember to ask the friendly staff about before and after care to get the most out of your wax.

Also offering the cheeky Brazillian wax for women, Nude Waxing also offers Back & Shoulders waxing for men. This treatment is not as popular with men (although sometimes it should be), men’s waxes at Nude Waxing will be fast, efficient, and pretty relaxing for all parties involved. Even their wallpaper is a soothing colour, so that when you lie down on that treatment table you know that you’re in for a treat.

After your wax, consider getting a cheeky lash tint to finish everything off. Just because you’ve removed hair from your body doesn’t mean you should neglect the hairs left behind!

Services Offered: Massages, Facials, Hair Removal & Brow Shaping

Address: TST, Causeway Bay, Lan Kwai Fong

BloomMe Loves: Hollywood Wax- $420



With a catchy name like WaxNMore, this fancy salon offers some high quality waxes and more (namely pampering and luxury). With a clean, comfortable, welcoming environment, WaxNMore is perfect for when you are running late for a meeting/junk/bikini brunch date and you need a good wax in a short amount of time. The team at Winning House know the ins and outs of a clean wax, and will surprise you with how dexterous and efficient their waxing hands can be.

If you have a bit more time, why not get a facial or some threading done? After all, you made the effort to book in for one treatment, what difference does another make?

Services offered: Waxing, facial, threading

Address: Room 5A, 5, Winning House, F, 10-16, 10-16 Cochrane St, Central

BloomMe Loves: Ladies Lower Leg- $290

Found your perfect salon? Now is the time too book in with BloomMe and get rid of that pesky hair/moustache/bush/carpet! If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to hair removal, check out our Permanent Hair Removal Guide and see what you’re options are this summer.

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Waxing never comes easy. Even though we can lie in bed at night and pray to our fairy godmothers to remove the hair easily and without pain, it seems she is busy granting other wishes. Some people are incredibly lucky in that waxing is so painless they look forward to the hair-ripping part of the…