Central is a big district, and unless you a whizz at directions it can be tricky and somewhat daunting trying to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here at BloomMe, we are all about removing the guess work, which is why we love having over 1,400 spas and salons across Hong Kong on our app that you can search for by name, or if you’re not sure what you’re looking for our handy filters are a god send! Since we are somewhat experts on spas & salons, we’ve compiled for you our best suggestions for salons and day spas in Central. From waxing to rainbow coloured hair, from facials to foot scrubs, we have all you’ll ever need in our neighbourhood guide to Central:

Luxury, Luxury!

Luxury spas offer higher end treatments and are perfect for when you are looking to go all out and spoil yourself, and why not? You deserve it!

Le Spa Caudalie

This French Vinothérapie boutique is the ultimate destination for relaxation and luxury skincare. Based on their renowned Vinothérapie®Spa in Europe, expect welcome tea before your treatment and a bag of carefully chosen goodies to continue your French cosmetic addiction long after you’ve left the salon.

Bloom Me Loves:

Crushed Cabernet Scrub & Sculpting Massage (80 minutes) for $1,150

What do you get when you combine wine with a massage? A good time, that’s what. This body treatment involves a body scrub made by one of the Vinotherapie Spas and a decongesting sculpting massage. Focussing on contouring and relaxing the body, this massage will leave you feeling toned, relaxed, and in the mood for some more French cabernet.


Melomist Spa

With over 160 5-star reviews and winner of Bloom Me Best New Spa 2016 , it’s not difficult to see why this spa has quickly become the favourite treat yo-self destination in Central. Not only are their treatments amazing but people absolutely love the personal touches Jumi and her fabulous team do to make your spa experience special and exceptional.

Bloom Me Loves:

Microdermabrasion Diamond Peel Facial (60 Minutes) for $880

A non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment involves gently exfoliating away dead skin and stimulating collagen growth, how much better could it get? The microdermabrasion enables your skin to absorb serums, moisturisers, and glowing compliments from strangers easily and effectively.


Ann Jema

Nestled in L Place in Central, Ann Jema stresses the importance and benefits of essential oils and organic skincare products in a luxurious space, definitely a great spot for a massage Friday evening to wind down after a long week!

BloomMe Loves:

Chocolate Detoxifying & Slimming Body Wrap Treatment (45 minutes) $1,280

If you love chocolate inside your body, then you’ll love chocolate all over your body. This cheeky wrap helps to detoxify, tone, firm, soften your skin while a trained masseuse gives you a heavenly neck and head massage. Look forward to being smothered in chocolate like the delightful strawberry you are, yum!


For Nails

It’s mani pedi party time! For all your nail care, we have found 3 salons in Central that offer gorgeous nail services with diligent and expert therapists. Looking for more? Click here.

Lavana Spa

Another 5-star winner, Lavana Spa is the go-to place in Central for comfy chairs and efficient and meticulous staff. The salon also offers some great people watching as the Central Escalators zoom right past the windows. Smile and wave, show people on the escalators your new manicure and watch them seethe with envy.

BloomMe Loves:

7 Toxins Free Soak Off Gel Manicure- 60 mins $460

Possibly one of the most popular treatments in Hong Kong, expect a classic manicure followed by soak off gel colour which lasts up to two weeks without chipping and is better for the environment than most polishes. Make sure to let the spa know if you already have shellac on your nails as they will need to be soaked off before a fresh layer can be indulged with. Lavana Spa pride themselves on attention to detail, so expect lots of cleaning up of cuticles and nail beds.



A fancy salon right above Lan Kwai Fong with a big TV and views to Instagram everyone about, NailOne is the tried and true salon to begin your weekend at. Another salon with some big comfy chairs, they offer a huge choice of polish and colour which can leave you a little overwhelmed finding the right shade (“red, or a slightly more reddy red?”)

Bloom Me Loves:

Foot Spa Treatment EXCLUSIVE BloomMe Price $400

A pedicure and a sea salt scrub? Can I get an amen? What about if it also includes a cheeky foot massage? Cloud 9, here you come. Your skin will feel like heaven after the natural ingredients of the scrub work their magic. Plus, cute nails to hold your cocktail with.



Queencess is possibly the pinkest salon in Hong Kong, and offers possibly the most affordable and thorough manicures out there. Queencess is famous for their nail art, with therapists creating small works of art on even the smallest of nails.

Bloom Me Loves:

Regular Manicure (60 Minutes) $180

Nothing beats a good quality reasonably priced manicure. Have a chat to your wonderful nail technician and see if there are any designs you like. Once you’ve picked one be sure to ask prices and they vary depending on intricacy.


For Massages

It’s been a long day/week/year and because we know you’ve worked super hard you also deserve a little winding down. Why not let someone else knead out the knots and relax your muscles to bliss? Want to find a hidden gem in the 852? Check out our favourite massage spots here!

The Right Spot

An affordable Luxury Urban Spa is their catchphrase, and by golly they are on the mark. The Right Spot is an upscale foot and body massage in a relaxing environment. Their fun little hashtag is #GotKnots, and they know how to find them.

BloomMe Loves:

Deep Calm Aromatic Massage (75 or 100 Minutes) $695/925

Fusing chamomile and lavender together into a fragrance party, this massage is perfect for those looking to unwind after a long day at the office. It is also rumoured to be ideal in helping you fall asleep (just don’t dribble, that would be embarrassing).


Ayana Spa

Nestled above Wellington Street, Ayana offers cosy and relaxing massages for weary workers. With freshly laundered towels and robes, and large plush furniture, this salon is the ultimate cosy den.

BloomMe Loves:

Hot Stone Detoxify Massage (60 minutes) $690

Using hot stones and some truly relaxing aromatherapy, this signature hour long massage is definitely something to write home about. The warm stones help your muscles to release any tension from the day and leave you snoozy and relaxed.



For Hair

The average person has around 150,000 hairs on their head, and we believe you should treat every single one to the best hair salons in Central. Affordable haircuts, beautiful updos, and even rainbow hair dye are just at your doorstep. If you want to broaden your look for a great haircut in Hong Kong, check out our favourite hair salons here.


Right in the heart of Central, this funky lab is famous for it’s signature rainbow hair that you will see littered across social media. Also equipped with potions and serums to help restore and repair any damaged hair, swing by Colorlab before the party this weekend and get ready to turn heads (and also feel like a fabulous mermaid).

Tint Colour (Appointment times vary) $900

All we can say is try it, and see how much fun colourful hair is. The team are experts at helping you to select shades and tones, so don’t be shy when telling them exactly what you want (“Give me that unicorn look, please”).


Updo & blow dry (Appointment times vary) $380

If you’ve got a special event coming up (a hot date, a fancy dinner, or it’s time for a new profile picture on Facebook) the Updo is just that: a fancy Updo to leave you feeling like old Hollywood glamour with minimum effort.


Paul Gerrard

A fancy hair salon in Hong Kong and rumoured to be visited by A-list celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Paul Gerrard is a top-tier luxury salon with skilled hairdressers on hand to give you the hair you’ve always wanted.

Bloom Me Loves:

Ladies/Mens Cut & Finish by Senior Stylist (Appointment times vary) $900/$650

A haircut with the senior stylist means a thorough consultation followed by a high-quality wash, cut, and styling session. You’re worth it, trust us!


For Value

On a bit of a budget this month is no issue with our affordable and adorable spa treatments. It just proves that you don’t have to break the bank to get luxury, and VIP style service! If you’re on a bit of a budget here is a list of 10 places you can get a massage in Hong Kong for under $250!

Zu San Li

Zu San Li is a small but absolutely adorably cosy spa that is just dripping with tranquility and relaxation. With friendly therapists and comfortable furniture, it is not difficult to see why this cute salon has quickly become one of the favourite go-to parlours to relax. But the best part of all, this salon is such good value for money you’ll be asking to see the receipt over and over again.

BloomMe loves:

Foot Massage (50 minutes) $158

A bargain at $158, foot massages are always welcome to any hard working individual looking to relax. Enjoy!


Vida Spa

Hollywood road is where Vida Spa, Hong Kong’s cheapest day spa lives. Although astonishingly affordable, don’t let the lower prices fool you. This salon is perfect for delightful beauty treatments including facials, massages, and manicures. We love!

BloomMe Loves:

Dermalogica – Deep Cleaning Facial (75 minutes) $680

This treatment is so luxurious, revitalising, and invigorating you’ll be wondering how it could possibly be so affordable. Remember to avoid wearing makeup after the session to reap the benefits for longer.


Foot Health Care

Blink and you’ll miss it (and be sorry you did) because Foot Health Care is Central’s greatest secret for quality massages, Chinese acupressure, and even foot reflexology. The staff are super friendly and ready to help with any questions or concerns about the treatments on hand. This little gem of a salon is the place you bring visitors to Hong Kong to see.

BloomMe Loves:

Foot Reflexology with Aromatherapy (60, 75 or 90 minutes) $186/$240/$280

Let the therapist work through all your stress and tension in your feet whilst you enjoy the tantalising senses of the best hidden massage centre in Central.


For Hair Removal


Hair removal is a big business in the summer (and also winter). Find the best place for a pain-free wax, and maybe a threading or two, to make hair removal a breeze.

Lavar Premium Waxing Salon

A first-class waxing salon that specialises in (almost) pain-free Brazilian waxes, Lavar Premium Waxing Salon can tackle any hair removal. Located on both Queens Road and in Lan Kwai Fong, Lavar will become your favourite salon for waxing in no time. Not sure where to start with hair removal? Check out our guide here for waxing or if you want to try permanent hair removal, click here.

BloomMe loves:

Ladies G-String Wax $320

This treatment involves removing hair along where your G-string would sit. Somehow Lavar make this treatment almost painless (with magic? We’re not entirely sure), all we know is that this is what you’ve been searching for.


Bare Essentials

A cute little salon off Cochrane street, Bare Essentials will immediately make you feel at home. Services offered include facials, brows, and waxing making it the perfect place to get a makeover head to toe. Why not get a wax and then a facial to treat yourself afterwards? We say, do it!

BloomMe Loves:

Ladies Heart Shape (Bikini) $420

They do say you should always wear your heart on your sleeve, so why not get a heart shaped wax to top off the week? It’s the perfect cheeky gift to yourself and your significant other.


Spa Beauté Par Zai

Famously as Hong Kong’s first day spa, Spa Beauté Par Zai is run by Nigar Qureshi is the woman responsible for bringing the Brazilian wax to Hong Kong! Even though this spa is over 40 years running, their techniques are always right up to date. Whether you want to indulge in a full spa day with facials, massages and nail services or if you need to remove some fuzz, SPZ is right up there with the best.

BloomMe Loves:

Ladies Hollywood $450 

Ready to bare all? Hollywood waxing takes everything off so it’s perfect if you’ve got a special night coming up or a particularly skimpy bikini you need to wear for a junk!

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