Are you looking to dive headlong into the relaxing and soul healing practice of yoga but don’t know where to start? Never fear, BloomMe is here to walk you through what you need to look for when finding your new studio. Let’s do this!

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Getting Started

The best way to decide if a studio is right for you is to do the obvious: visit it. Even if just for a stop by to meet the instructor, visiting the studio can give you a resounding yes or no on whether it is for you. A great thing about yoga is that you can often snag yourself a discounted introductory class or a drop-in rate which gives you the chance to catch the vibes of the place.



Ever tried catching a cab from Pedder street at 6pm on a Friday night? It’s not the best idea in the world and can give you a headache that will last all weekend. If you have to travel a long way in peak hour traffic to get from your house/office/nightclub to your yoga studio, you are definitely not going to want to go for too long.

The key to gaining all the benefits from yoga is to work it into your daily routine, and if your studio is in Sai Kung, your office is in Wong Chuk Hang, and your apartment in Taipei, you’re not going to find it easy to make it a daily habit. A simple trip planning app can help you determine if your studio is going to be easy to reach even during the worst of the worst of traffic (bonus points if you can walk there!).



When looking to sign up for classes for anything, always always shop around first before making your decision. Most studios will list their prices on their website, but to be extra certain we recommend heading in to discuss costings. This also comes into amenities: are you willing to spend that little extra for a place that provides all your gear and shampoo? Remember: you can’t put a price on your wellbeing (but don’t go overboard). Most places have special offers if you go off-peak, so if your office is really close it might be worth saving that extra $$$ by taking a lunch session (plus that way you don’t have to put up with all the over crowded sessions at peak hour).



See what your potential studio offers in the way of facilities and amenities. Some studios will have complimentary towels, tea, yoga mats, and hot showers which are a necessity after a vigorous class and an after lunch meeting at the office (so you don’t stink out the room). A budget studio may not have these on offer, but if you are super organised as a person you can work around this. Ask questions about what they have to offer and try to have a snoop of the showers (fingers crossed for nice smelling shampoos!)



A studio with a groovy community can make all the difference in your yoga journey. Attending practice with like-minded people will make your experience so much more fulfilling. Are you someone who thoroughly enjoys a good chit chat with fellow classmates? Keep an eye out for a cafe or a restaurant in the studio. Looking for somewhere with heavy emphasis on relaxation and mindfulness? Seek out a studio with a small seated area and lots of meditation material. Maybe the thought of chatting to fellow classmates makes your toes curl, aim for a studio with lunch break sessions (usually means attendees are in and out before their lunch break is over). Looking for somewhere with large spaces and soft grass to practice on? Find a nice paddock and practice there.

Your fellow yoga pals are an important part of the whole experience, make sure it works for you.

The Teachers

In the mood for a class lead by a man that looks like Khal Drogo in hippie pants and a voice of audible chocolate? Or perhaps you like a women who looks like she hasn’t eaten McDonalds in a decade who can tone up that belly? Maybe you prefer someone who is like a drill sergeant barking orders? Your instructor is the key element in enjoying your yoga journey. If you connect with your teacher, you will get so much more out of learning (and life). The best way to discover who is your yoga-teacher-soulmate is to attend a few of their classes and see what sticks.


Classes offered

Looking at the timetable and googling the classes may seem like the way to go, but one thing to bear in mind with yoga classes is that every one is different. Every teacher and studio has a different way of approaching yoga itself, each teacher works differently and each studio has a unique focus. When it comes to finding a new studio, we suggest attending the beginners class first of all to see what their style is (otherwise you may find yourself in the embarrassing situation of trying to leave an impossibly difficult class early.

Even so, you can get an idea of the general vibe of the class by the classes name. If you’re a total beginner to yoga, check out our Yoga 101: The Basics article which helps you out with everything you need to know from types of classes to what to wear!


Find a place that makes your heart sing? Book it in and get ready to reach a new level of zen on your yoga journey. Why not keep that buzz going with a Thai Herbal Ball Massage?

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Namaste! Are you looking to dive headlong into the relaxing and soul healing practice of yoga but don’t know where to start? Never fear, BloomMe is here to walk you through what you need to look for when finding your new studio. Let’s do this! (psst. If you’re looking for a new hobby and think…