Summer is in full force right now with junk boats galore, endless trips to the beach and if you’re lucky, spending afternoons sunbathing by the pool…preferably with a piña colada by your side. Feeling totally relaxed and in the summer mood is only topped off when you feel at your best. Along with the mandatory waxes for summer, a fresh manicure glistening in the sun is the quickest and easiest way to put the cherry on top of that feel good summer mood.

As self-confessed nail addicts, the BloomMe Girls have been trying out all of 2016’s hottest nail trends, and we highly suggest you do too!

Ahoy, matey! 

Nautical and sailor themed nail art is the trend that keeps coming back every summer to watch you jump off the side of a junk boat and relax in the sea. Be prepared to see a lot of stripes and anchors at this time of year; you could say it’s even going a little overboard.

Roll with the waves

Sailors aren’t the only ones that get to have fun in the summer. Bring out your inner mermaid by embracing the sea and the world down on the ocean floor with a fun and fresh sea inspired nail look. Such wonderful nails to paint on, what more is you lookin’ for?

Berry Beautiful!

Since frozen fruits, and fresh juices are keeping us fresh this summer, it’s no surprise that we’ve got them on the brain enough to paint them on our nails. Orange you glad you can get these amazing nails booked with BloomMe. Ah, we make such a pear! (Puns over)

All things bright and beautiful

Summer is a time to let your wild side take the reins, so why not go full out with bright, bold and beautiful nail art designs to set off your hot look. Pinks, yellows, blues, as long as they’re bright you’ll be working the 852 wherever you go.


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[:en]Summer is fun, hot and a time to let loose- so get some summer nailspiration to up your nail game from the top trends of 2016![:]