Olympic fever is rife right now in BloomMe HQ- and the rest of the world , it would seem! The run up to the big 2016 Rio games has sent every Tom, Dick and Jane into a fitness frenzy, making the amount of sports related injuries rise rapidly! We think that with all this excitement over the games, and increase in activity, it’s time to relax.

If you’re more Sporty Spice than Posh or Baby, then a sports massage is the best one for you to relieve the tension in your body. But sports massages aren’t exclusively for the fitness fanatics; and if you’re new to the #FitnessLife this type of massage could also be the answer to all your aching pains!

Why a sports massage? 

A sports massage focuses on the recovery of muscles and prevention of injuries. So if you’re sporty or even if you’ve got a dodgy knee that’s causing you angst, sports massages are the perfect remedy for soothing aches. Due to specific nature of sports massages, it’s worth noting that they’re not intended for relaxation. In order to fix a pulled muscle or damaged tendon, the therapist needs to stretch the muscle. It can be quite painful- but the result and instant relief you feel afterwards is well worth it! Sports massages pin point specific problem areas of you and various methods are applied to help with each area. It is therefore extremely person dependent.

Where can I get this in Hong Kong?



With the extensive list of past customers including John Legend, Yoko Ono, and Zhou Xun, you can be certain that Flawless team knows what they are doing. This spa maintains a remarkably high standard for the products they use and the therapists they handpick. No wonder why Flawless has won numerous spa awards. What’e more, it is also the first mall spa in Hong Kong to partner with Laura Mercier, the internationally acclaimed brand from US. Designed to feel like a cross between a New York loft and London townhouse, Flawless presents a fresh new approach to spas in Hong Kong.

BloomMe Loves: Muscle Release Massage | 60mins | $980

Muscle Release Massage | 90mins | $1480


 You instantly know that Let’Spa is not your typical spa place when you know their treatments names are brilliantly funny named. Think  ‘Break Your Back – Chiropractic Massage’ and ‘Get to the Point – Chinese Acupressure Massage’ etc. With their two spacious branch in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay, the chic and futuristic looking spa is here to cater for your needs. This lively spa is however no less professional despite their sense of humor. Most importantly, their uncompromising service provides each customer their own private treatment rooms with fully equipped luxurious shower, making sure you feel like a VIP every step of the way.

BloomMe Loves: Muscle Relief Sports Massage | 60mins | $820 

The Hermitage Spa 


If you are looking for a place to escape your hectic everyday life, Hermitage Spa is just what you need. Whether it’s catching up with friends over foot massages, recovering from an intensive work out week, or as a little me-time facial treat for yourself, the peaceful and elegantly decorated spa caters to all your beauty and therapeutic needs. BloomMe Tip: head over to their charming drawing room for a cup of rose tea and some homemade pastries after your relaxing treatment. What better way to end the day.

BloomMe Loves: Muscle rejuvenation organic body message | 50 mins | $580 



Sense of Touch – Central


Does Sense of Touch need anymore introduction? If you have lived in Hong Kong longer than 5 minutes you would’ve likely seen their Central branch. It’s people’s favourite – coming down the stairs from Whyndam to LKF. The impressive 5-story spa also has a bonus Greek styled rooftop lounge which makes it the ultimate sanctuary to pamper yourself. Developing a range of signature massages, the multi-award winning spa is a must try.

BloomMe Loves: Cellu M6 Endermo Sport Recuperation Treatment | 45mins | $950


Vida Spa

Vida Spa does not only offer massage for your distressed body, they are offering a session of pure leisure and enjoyment that will put you on a deep state of relaxation. Indulge your senses in the small and tranquil Vida Spa. Heal your fatigue, soothe your spirit, and find some peace of mind. We all need our moment of serenity – and in this city that never sleeps, Vida Spa could be your retreat haven

BloomMe Loves: Sports Massage | 60mins | $560 


Forest Spa 

Located right beside Mid Levels Escalator, Forest Spa Beauty & Health specialises on a few type of massage and focuses on becoming the expert in this field. Understanding that you cant take your muscle nerves issues casually, this prestigious spa is the place you can trust, especially for a sports related injury therapeutic massage. Serving as your little forest within urban Hong Kong, Forest Spa brings a breath of fresh air that we all urgently need.

BloomMe Loves: Sports & Therapeutic Massage | 30mins | $750
Sports & Therapeutic Massage | 45mins | $1000

– Sports & Therapeutic Massage | 60mins | $1200 

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