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Massage, Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Browwax, Brazilian, Blowout, Makup


2/F, Union Commercial Building, 11-16, Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong


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If you’re looking for a spa that lives up to the meaning of their name, then look no further. Spa Retreat is everything you would expect and more. Calming and welcoming décor, friendly and personalised service, and a range of top quality treatments to choose from to ensure that your stay at spa retreat is filled with tranquil beauty to give you a break from hectic life in Hong Kong. Due to the busy lifestyles people often lead in this captivating city, we are often left with a lot of stress on the mind, body and soul. Spa Retreat firmly believes that making time to relax and enjoy some alone time is more than a desire or a treat; they believe it is a necessity. At Spa Retreat you can feel confident that your relaxation and rejuvenation is in the hands of some of Hong Kong’s greatest professionals, providing treatments from massages and facials, to waxing and nails.

The clean and simplistic décor of Spa Retreat is designed to make all clientele feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from their shoulders from the moment they step through the door. The crisp white walls are complimented with beautiful accented furnishings in their signature shade of purple. Delicate flowers are placed lovingly around the space to give a welcoming and warm atmosphere, and to reflect their natural methods of treatments by using plant essences in their products.

Spa Retreat are proud to use ‘Brilliance’, which is known to be the “world’s best hypo-allergenic wax” and was originally developed by Lilian Caron. Caron’s dedication for perfection was able to create this remarkable white wax with a creamy texture, and has since received worldwide recognition for its ability to sooth skin and its flexible properties. The high quality of the wax, paired with the skilful hands and warm manner of the therapists at Spa Retreat, make this salon ideal to remove any excess hair, and leave you with beautifully smooth, silky skin.

Facials at this spa offer a true connection to nature, by using the ancient folk wisdom of Chao Le. Using this knowledge they have created organic skin care products that blend together fresh marine algae and pure minerals for a powerful yet incredibly gentle facial to fully revitalise and replenish your skin. The facials here come with a myriad of choice, so no matter what age you are, skin type you have or lifestyle you lead, it is certain that Spa Retreat will have the perfect treatment for you. Massages and nail services are also available with Spa Retreat and ensure that the prestige of these treatments is held to the highest standard, and with the friendliest service. Spa Retreat thrives on creating a relaxing, tranquil experience for all their clients to ensure their utmost satisfaction from their salon.

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