Review Competition Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions.

  1. Participants will get $25 BloomMe credit per valid submission.
  2. Only valid submission will be received $25 BloomMe credits from your BloomMe account as entry reward on 25th Sep.
  3. BloomMe has the right to decide whether a submitted entry is valid.
  4. Top 25 entries will get back 100% of their treatment costs in BloomMe credit.
  5. Only photos and reviews from selected spas and selected services will be accepted.
  6. Only entries submitted from 30th Aug to 22nd Sep 2019 will be accepted.
  7. Winners will be given BloomMe credits same as the treatment they booked.
  8. BloomMe credits cannot be redeemed as cash.
  9. Winners will be notified through email on 25th Sept 2019.
  10. Once the participants have submitted the photos, participants automatically grant BloomMe the right to use the photos on our website, Facebook and Instagram.
  11. Should there be disputes of the prizes and positions, BloomMe reserve the right to the final decision.



  1. 參加者每次有效提交的照片和評論將獲得$25的BloomMe積分。
  2. 只有有效提交的照片和評論才能獲得$25的BloomMe積分,並於09月25日加到你的帳號中。
  3. BloomMe有權決定提交的照片和評論是否有效。
  4. BloomMe將揀選二十五個最好的參賽作品。得獎者將獲得與他們預訂的價值相同的BloomMe積分。
  5. 只接受來自指定美容中心和特選服務的照片和評論。
  6. 只接受2019年08月30日至09月22日期間提交的作品。
  7. 得獎者將獲得與他們預訂的價值相同的BloomMe積分。
  8. BloomMe積分不能兌換為現金。
  9. 我們將於2019年9月25日通過電子郵件通知得獎者。
  10. 一旦參加者提交了照片,參加者自動授予BloomMe將其照片和評論在我們網站,Facebook和Instagram上使用的權利。
  11. 如果有任何爭議,BloomMe保留最終決定的權利。