Looking for the perfect pedicure in Hong Kong? BloomMe has you covered! On BloomMe you can find a wide range of nail salons that specialize in pretty pedicures offering everything from hard gel nails, soft gel nails and nail art to get your feet looking fresh and ready for beach or a night in Soho, as well as offering foot spas, and long soaks to rejuvenate your feet from a hard week’s work on the go.

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Summer is finally here! Are you sure your feet are ready for sandal season? On average a person in Hong Kong walks anywhere between 8,000 to 11,000 steps per day, this can really take a toll on the health and appearance of your feet. So it’s no surprise that we all love to relax, find confidence and restore the beauty back into our feet by getting pedicures in Hong Kong. We often neglect to groom our feet which ends up turning for the worst when calluses develop- and ain’t nobody got time for that.


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A monthly pedicure is beneficial to your health in the long-run by preventing infections and encouraging healthier joints in the feet. Pedicures cleanse and exfoliate dead skin cells to prevent nail diseases by getting rid of all dirt and debris build up on your skin. The accompanying foot massage will help improve blood circulation and relax muscles to prepare you for those long walks on the beach or hikes up Dragon’s Back. To completely rejuvenate the texture of your skin, a hydrating mask and exfoliating scrub are also applied to the entire foot and lower leg to reveal smoother and more radiant skin! Consider a pedicure as a pre-vacation vacation before you hit the beach.

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relaxing with an aromatherapy foot soak and massage.


What better way to find the latest professional pedicure services than by discovering a salon near you on BloomMe. If you’re looking for top quality nail salons, from the famous to the hidden gems, we’re here to help you discover the best that the city has to offer! Top quality pedicures in Central such as Spa Beaute Par Zai is the oldest day spa in Hong Kong and conveniently located in the heart of the city. They’re best known for their personalised services with staff so friendly, you feel like you’re visiting friends. At BloomMe you can find the perfect nail salons in Hong Kong to help match your pedicure to your bikini. For a quick pick-me-up for those hot summer days and to beat the pollution of Hong Kong, we are here to help you book which pedi is right for you!

BloomMe is a great way to instantly book a pedicures near you. With over 300+ spas and salons in Hong Kong to choose from, we offer a huge variety of services based on your affordability and location. Save on treatments with our daily discounts for even better savings.



In this article we’ll help guide you through the various types of treatments and procedures to maintain the beauty of your feet with pedicures! With the right nail salons in Hong Kong offering the best (and quick!) services for both women and men, it’s the best way to feel confident about sandal season and to show off your painted toes! You only have one pair of feet, why not take care of them with the help of the highest quality and trained professionals handpicked by us. Here are a few of our most popular pedicures booked on BloomMe:

Spa Pedicures

After a hot summer day at the office or taking the kids out by the pool, a relaxing spa pedicure will help get rid of tiredness and fatigue. A spa pedicure offers additional steps to help improve the look of your feet. From a soothing atmosphere to an aromatic experience, there are plenty of nail salons in Hong Kong offering amazing spa pedis such as Sense of Touch Discovery Bay [book here] for their signature spa treatments. It’s no wonder why women are often taking a break from a hard day’s work!

French Pedicures

If you love to add a little something extra to your toes, a French pedicure might just do the trick to add class and elegance! For a super clean and ultra glossy pedi, the pale nail polish paired with bright white tips adds the perfect touch to your summer wardrobe. If you’re looking for a quick getaway for you and a friend, Feel Good Factor [book here] is one of the hippest places to get an hour long French pedicure in Hong Kong. Relax and sip on a glass of wine while your feet are in bliss. Their luxurious treatment will deeply condition the soles of your feet and help dissolve hard skin to get you excited and ready for the summer months!


French manicure and pedicure


Hard Gel

For a natural looking pedicure with the longest wear time, a hard gel pedi will mend any chipped or weak nails. As a popular choice amongst women, >gel nails in Hong Kongoffers a similar look of acrylics but without the use of a mixing powder and liquid. Instead gels are cured under a UV or LED lamp to help the longevity of the polish. If you’re looking to spend more time at the beach and less time worrying about your pedicure, hard gel lasts up to 14 days or more with a little more flexibility than acrylic nails.

Soft Gel

For an ultra-glossy pedicure that shines as far as the eye can see, a soft gel pedi offers a long-lasting finish that can last weeks. The durability of soft gels offers quick touch up in case you end up chipping it during those long days strolling at the beach, not something you can do with traditional nail polish without clumping. Soft gels apply just like a regular polish and look just like hard gels but without the extended wait time before going about your regular activities. This is the best pedi for you to quickly jump in the pool to show off your freshly painted toes!


Close up View Of A Beautician's Hand Cutting Client's Toenails


Acrylic Nails

If you have weak or brittle toenails, acrylic pedicures have been around for decades for girls looking to add some length to their naturally short nails. This type of pedicure adds a layer of acrylic to the natural nail to give you plenty of options for nail color and designs. The acrylic will be stuck firmly onto the toenail to conceal and protect any damage. This is the best option for special occasions whether your headed to a summer wedding or a destination vacation.

Nail Art

If you love to indulge in a little creativity, nail art can be added to any pedicure of your choice. Living in a creative and vibrant city like Hong Kong, it’s no surprise that nail art booms for woman that love to flaunt their artistic side. This is a fun way to make your toenails look more beautiful and sandal-ready. With specialty brushes, stamps, stickers and tools to create your work of art, there is no design that your professional nail tech can’t do! With so many ways to show off your personality, your toes will surely make a style statement.


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Take your pedicure to the next level with Shellac, the Power Polish from CND. With so many benefits over traditional nail polish, a Shellac pedicure is your ticket a chip-free summer. The patented formula of this product lasts up to 2 weeks on the toes while keeping your nails stronger than ever. By using a base coat, color polish and top coat- the 3 layers offers the toughest pedicure. One of the best nail salons to offer the service is Ayruveda Day Spa [book here] for a complete Shellac pedicure. Although keep in mind that this polish contains fish scales, so if you want to live a cruelty free or vegan lifestyle, then it’s better to skip this pedi!


Foot care treatment and nail, the woman at the beautician for pedicure.


Male Pedicures

Who says men can’t enjoy a relaxing pedicure? Especially if you want to stroll around the beach barefoot, taking care of your feet shouldn’t be taken for granted. Pedicures for men are a great idea to clean up your feet for summer but to also help you increase blood circulation and take a break from the hustle of day-to-day routine.  You’ll immediately notice a huge change in the appearance of your feet, and your significant other will no longer ask you to keep your socks on! Hobbit feet no more, gentlemen!

With so many pedicures to choose from, it’s essential to find a high quality nail salon for professional treatments. BloomMe offers a huge range of pedicures in Hong Kong that can help you get ready for bikini season. If you’re too busy to drive around to look for a salon, we offer a huge range of salons that might just be around the corner.

Stay on top of your toes with a relaxing pedicure. Book one today with BloomMe with over 300+ spas and salons offering the best services pedicures in Hong Kong hands down!