Nude Waxing Boutique

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Services Offered:

Massages, Facials, Hair Removal & Brow Shaping


Central, Soho & Causeway Bay


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Having multiple branches in Central, SOHO and Causeway Bay, Nude Waxing Boutique offers the finest in hair removal services and facial treatments and is definitely a spa not to be missed for all beauty lovers in Hong Kong. After opening their first boutique waxing salon in 2007 Nude has since become the market leader in professional hair removal services.  Nude specializes in waxing services, and have even curated with own formula for the waxed used so that customers can benefit from years of experts honing their skills to provide virtually painless waxes. Not only does this prestigious spa provide waxing services, they also provide a variety of lash, facial and body treatments, so if you want to treat yourself after a wax- and we think you’d deserve it- then facials and relaxation is available on your doorstep.

Nude’s ethos is firm on providing quality service and practicing and not sales, so when the estheticians mention a product, it comes from a places of expert knowledge without any ulterior motives in order to get you to purchase products. Nude are renowned for their wealth of knowledge when providing services, easily advising each customer on the procedure as well as aftercare and how to maintain their look.

BloomMe Loves: Nude Signature Brazilian Wax $450 for 20 mins

Nude Waxing Boutique made their mark by being the first to specialize and focus on Brazilian waxing in Hong Kong. Equipped with newest facilities and expertly qualified therapists, they bring decades of experience and the best treatments to provide the most professional and painless wax service to both men and women in Hong Kong. Nude Waxing set themselves apart from the rest by not only providing amazing results whilst you’re there, but by also giving advice and tips to take home so you can feel fabulous, sleek and sexy every day.

Although waxing for men isn’t quite as popular in Hong Kong as it is in the west, there is still definitely a blossoming market in which the demand is getting higher each year by more men opting for a smooth and polished look. Nude have always been one step ahead by providing the top quality male waxing services in Hong Kong from the very beginning and have deservingly earned themselves a loyal following from doing so.

BloomMe Loves: Back and Shoulders Wax for Men $500 for 20 mins

Each of their bright and airy rooms are finished with interesting and inviting wallpaper designs that set off the sense of utmost comfort and relaxation to set you at ease before getting a wax. With friendly and attentive experts by your side and prices that are more than attractive for an upscale waxing boutique in Hong Kong, you really can’t go wrong. Book Nude Waxing Boutique on BloomMe to always receive the best offer, right at your fingertips.

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