It’s November! And you know what that means; Halloween has flown by, Christmas is on the horizon, and it’s time to let facial fuzz grow wild during our favourite moustachioed charity run: Movember.


What is Movember?

Movember is a special event that runs every November across the globe. Simply put, it involves growing out your facial hair (or shaving off existing facial hair) to help raise awareness for men’s health issues ranging from prostate cancer, to mental health. Hosted by the Movember Foundation, you can help the cause by getting involved in the Move Challenge campaign, or the ever famous Grow Your Mo Challenge.


For more information on the history of Movember, check out our 101 guide from 2017 !


What is the Move Challenge?

This month, commit to walking or a grand total of 60km in 30 days. Men are dying from largely treatable diseases and afflictions 6 years younger than women. That means that this month, you are committing to walk 10km for every year that they, and their families and friends, miss out on. Call on your friends, post on social media, and see how many dollars you can raise towards research and prevention of such early deaths.


Sounds a little daunting? That’s only 2km a day, or the walk from Soho to IFC and back again. Or if you go to the gym, aim to clock in at least 2km a day on the treadmill (you can go as slow as you need, and if you get bored take along your phone to watch some movies). However you decide to reach your goal, remember that any small contribution you can make to this wonderful is a useful contribution.


Shoes on, let’s go!


What do you mean ‘Grow Your Mo’?


We mean exactly that!

For the month of November, make the pledge to grow out your moustache, beard, goatee, side burns, or other unique forms of facial hair, and pledge to raise money for the charity. A super fun way to raise funds around the office or with friends, just by not shaving for a month you could help raise funds.

(Usually sporting a beard? Grow Your Mo can still be your thang, by pledging to shave off your beard for the month! Go on, make a change to make a change in the world.

Here are our top 3 favourite ways you can grow your mo this Movember (remember, facial hair is the new sexy!)



Guess what? Stubble is no longer a sign of laziness, but now a sign of manliness and sophistication (oh, how far we have come). Although it’s low maintenance, stubble still requires a little care to keep it in pristine condition. Try to trim it when you can, and always remember to use beard oil. You can even shape and trim your beard to compliment your features more (ask your barber about “beardtouring”, contouring with your beard). What’s not to love?


The Goatee

A favourite amongst those who struggle to grow a full bushy beard, and perfect for those with slim and angular faces, the goatee is the G.O.A.T in the innovative facial hair universe.

Though the goatee looks simple, getting it the way you want it to be is the struggle. Grow your facial hair to the length that you feel most comfortable with, and then use a trimmer’s edging blade (and a steady hand) to shape it into the goatee you want. Make sure to use your jawline as a guide as to where to end the goatee.


A Short Beard

Not ready (or not able) to go for the full Santa beard? Lucky for you, the short beard has become not only socially and professionally accepted, but also suits most faces. The ideal length is a little beyond stubble, and a little less than a billy goat. We do recommend heading to your barber to get this one shaped. Depending on the shape of your face, certain trims can make all the difference. Try to keep it between 1-2cm in length, and pay close attention to the fade so to avoid that jarring look. Again, ask your barber what they think will suit and then if possible, replicate the trim at home to keep it neat.


Where to go get groomed


Gentleman’s Tonic  

BloomMe Loves: Beard Design – 30 minutes @ $480

A mens-only salon, this spa caters for the refined gentleman looking for a little time to get pampered and groomed. Specialising in beard shaping, beard trimming, and even a beard design treatment (modern or traditional), Gentleman’s Tonic is an ideal stopover during the month of Movember.


Max Beauty 

BloomMe Loves: Beard Trimming – 30 minutes @ $120

In need of a trim? Your beard is probably shouting “yes!” Take your beard in for a quick trim and TLC at Max Beauty and walk out feeling like this month you are fulfilling your dream of achieving maximum beard-beauty.


Paul Gerrard 

BloomMe Loves: Men’s Cut and Finish by Creative Director – $850

We’ve gone top tier for this one, and we just love paying for the best of the best at Paul Gerrard. A real treat for those looking for the extra mile during Movember, get advice and a good cut from the creative director (and feel a million dollars).


Raw Hair Salon

BloomMe Loves: Cut n Finish – @$280

Just because you’re concentrating on your facial hair doesn’t mean you should neglect your head hair! A bargain sprucing cut and polish is all you need to spoil yourself this month.


Levo Spa 

BloomMe Loves: Men’s Facial 60 minutes @ $900

Growing out your facial hair can take a toll on your skin, and we give you permission to take an hour out of your month dedicated to keeping that skin fresh, hydrated, and ready to grow a mo at Levo. We also recommend a cheeky pedicure while you’re at it, this spa is famous for them.


Nature’s Spa by Jurlique 

BloomMe loves: Anti-Stress Signature Facial – 45 minutes @ $680

Growing facial hair is difficult, and also incredibly stressful! Don’t let this month leave you stressed, it only takes 45 minutes to achieve relaxation at this spa. Famous for their huge range of skin saving products, ask the spa staff to help choose some products to help your skin and beard.


To learn more about Movember, tips and hints to participating in Grow Your Mo, and to donate to a worthy cause, head to their website 


Just because you have facial hair, does not mean you should neglect your skin! In fact, your skin now needs more TLC than ever, especially when it is working so hard to make you look handsome. Time to book in for some organic skin TLC.



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It’s November! And you know what that means; Halloween has flown by, Christmas is on the horizon, and it’s time to let facial fuzz grow wild during our favourite moustachioed charity run: Movember.   What is Movember? Movember is a special event that runs every November across the globe. Simply put, it involves growing out…