MOBIJUCE Free Power Bank Rental

 Instructions to use

  1. Download and install MOBIJUCE App
  2. Sign up
  3. Open “Wallet”>Coupon>Add new coupon>Enter coupon code “BMMJ” for redemption

 Terms & conditions:

  1. The promo code is valid for redemption until 31-Dec-2019. Users should input the promo code in the MOBIJUCE mobile application within the validity period.
  2. To enjoy free charging service, users are required to input the promo code in the MOBIJUCE mobile application within the validity period. Once the Promo Code has been entered in the MOBIJUCE mobile application, user can enjoy the free charging services for 3 times and the offer is valid within 1 month after the promo code is inputted. Users are required to return the JucePac power bank into JuceBox charging station within 24 hours, otherwise, extra fee will be charged.
  3. This offer must not be transferred, forwarded, copied, duplicated or reused. MOBIJUCE reserves the right to claim damages and seek all remedies available by law for any violation of these Terms of Use.
  4. This offer is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  5. In case of any dispute, MOBIJUCE LIMITED reserves the rights of final decision, including suspending, terminating or changing details of the offer and its terms and conditions without prior notice.
  6. For rental details, please visit


1.       下載 MOBIJUCE 應用程式
2.       註冊帳戶
3.       開啟「錢包」頁面>優惠券>新增優惠券>輸入優惠碼「BMMJ


1) 此通行証優惠碼有效期至2019年12月31日。用戶必需於效期內輸入至MOBIJUCE應用程式之帳戶。
2)用戶必須將「免費充電3次」優惠碼輸入至MOBIJUCE 應用程式之帳戶內,方可於優惠碼開通後1個月內在全港駐有JuceBox之地點使用免費充電服務3次。用戶必須於24小時內將充電器(JucePac)歸還至JuceBox內,逾時歸還會產生額外費用。
3) 此優惠不得轉讓/轉寄/複印/複製/重用,如有任何違規行為,MOBIJUCE保留追討及索償之權利。
4) 此通行証之面值不可兌換現金/退款。
5) 如有任何爭議,MOBIJUCE LIMITED 擁有最終決定權,包括隨時暫停、更改或終止活動及其條款及細則,而毋須另行通知。
6) 有關租用詳情,可瀏覽