Price (before BloomMe discount)Skincare addicts everywhere always seem to be dropping this word into conversation like it’s a common phrase that every knows, and it seems to always be listed down as a treatment at our favourite salon and we nod and pretend we know what it is. But what exactly is this revolutionary treatment, and what can it do for our epidermis?


What is microdermabrasion?

In a nut shell, microdermabrasion is a non-invasion treatment that uses teeny tiny crystals and other exfoliating objects to remove the uppermost layer of dead skin cells. When you remove the uppermost layer, aka. the stratum corneum, the body registers this as an injury and rushed to make fresh, new, healthy skin cells resulting in revitalised skin. The microdermabrasion machines can also buff, polish, and vacuum up the dead skin cells as they exfoliate, and the whole treatment takes around 30 minutes.

What’s the difference between dermabrasion and microdermabrasion?

Although the names are very similar, these two treatments has dramatically different results and down time.

Dermabrasion is a surgical method of taking off the top layer of the skin using a handheld device, usually you will have to see a doctor and the treatment in itself is a little invasive. Dermabrasion requires some sort of local anaesthetic or medicine, and the recovery time you’ll be facing will be about 10-14 days. Patients will experience some pain and discomfort during the recovery which can be soothed with pain medication, and pink or red skin for a while. Dermabrasion is a little more intense because it delves deeper than our micro pal to remove layers of skin rather than the dead or dying cells on top. It is a treatment recommended only for fair skin, and is mostly used for those suffering from serious skin issues like acne scarring, pigmentation, and severe wrinkles.

In comparison, microdermabrasion only scrapes away the superficial dead layers of skin, requires little to no downtime (just avoid creams and makeup for some time) and doesn’t require local anaesthetic.

What happens before and after my treatment?

As always, your technician will have a consultation with you (do you have any particular concerns? Skin irritants? Are you on medications or are you pregnant? Do you suffer from acne? Would you like a cup of tea? etc.)

The treatment itself can only take around 25-40 minutes, not including a pre-session cleanse and inspection. The technician will use a machine that kind of looks like a pen attached to a hose to gently exfoliate your face. The treatment itself isn’t painful, some people claim it is the same sensation as a cat’s tongue licking your skin.

After the session, your skin will be a little pink and a little sensitive but this will calm down after a few hours. For the next few days, you may feel like your skin has a soft sunburn, and it is advisable to avoid anything on your face that you think may irritate it (acne creams? ouch).


How many treatments will I need?

You’ll most likely see a real difference in your skin after the first session, but to really see the effects we recommend around 6 treatments spaced 1-2 weeks apart.


Sounds groovy, where do I go?

So glad you asked. Time to whip out your BloomMe app to book in at our favourite go-to places for microdermabrasion.


Island Side


Melomist Beauty Expert
















Melomist’s Microdermabrasion Diamond Peel is an absolute gem of a treatment. Their chic interior and classy vibes make any treatment at Melomist one to remember, but the best part about their microdermabrasion treatments are that not only do they do face, but you can also book in to get your back and your buttocks done. Look fine from in-front and behind!


Price (before BloomMe discount)- $880

Address: Cheung Hing Commercial Building, 37 Cochrane St, Central, Hong Kong

Hours: Monday – Sunday & Public Holidays: 1030am-8:30pm


Spa Beaute Par Zai

Oh lala! This spa is one of Hong Kong’s oldest, opening in 1975, but it is testament to how good they are at what they do to see that they are still buzzing and booking in 2018. Their microdermabrasion treatment uses pearl powder for that extra zing and also because fabulous!


Price (before BloomMe discount)- $790

Address: 12/F, Sea Bird House, 22-28 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Hours: Monday- Saturday: 10am-8pm, Sunday: 9:30am-7pm


Medispa HK

The Medispa franchise is renowned for their medispa treatments (hello, HIFU!) but did you know they also do an ace microdermabrasion facial? As this spa has more of a focus on the medical aesthetic side of treatments, their focus is more on technique and precision, which means that not only do you get a side of pampering but also you get an analytical and logic approach to your facial.


Price (before BloomMe discount)- $680

Address: Room 2002-2003, 20F Easey Commercial Building, 253-261 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

Hours: Monday- Saturday: 10am-8pm, Sunday: 9:30am-7pm


Apple Beauty

Don’t be dissuaded by the modest appearance of this small salon, the Mineral Ore Microdermabrasion treatment at this spa is not only a killer price ($688 before discount) but also uniquely wonderful. Located on Electric Road, this salon is a pearl inside the oyster that is factory-heavy North Point, and cannot be understated for how much of a gem their microdermabrasion treatment is.


Price (before BloomMe discount)- $688

Address: Shop 133-135, Basement Floor, Maxi Mall, 233 Electric Road, North Point

Hours: Monday- Saturday: 10am-8pm, Sunday: 9:30am-7pm














Another multi-faceted branch, MediYouth have a treatment called the Diamond Peel that will let you shine as bright as a diamond. With the option to also book in to get your back treated as well, this salon takes pampering and non-invasive treatments to a whole other level.


Price (before BloomMe discount)- $580

Address: 10/F, Y Centre, 13-15 Parkes Road, Jordan, Kowloon.

Room 1701, 17/F, United Success Commercial Centre, 506-508 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island

Hours: Monday-Saturday: 11am-9pm, Sunday: 10am-6pm

Book here (Jordan)

Book here (CWB)


CM Beauty

CM Beauty has multiple branches across Hong Kong, from Central and Causeway Bay, to Kowloon Bay and even Yuen Long, but it is the TST branch that we love the most. Their Microdermabrasion Soothing Facial treatment not only lasts for a luxurious 75 minutes but also comes with the super low price tag of $388 before discount. Outrageous (and awesome).


Price (before BloomMe discount)- $388

Address: 19F, Po On Commercial Building, 198 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Hours: Monday- Saturday: 11am-9pm, Sunday: Closed


Quality Beauty

With a warm and inviting interior, this salon also offers high-quality and highly effective microdermabrasion treatments  Committed to making you feel as comfortable as possible, you won’t leave this salon without a massive smile and fresher, smoother skin.


Price (before BloomMe discount)- $880

Address: 19th floor, Golden Dragon Centre, 38-40 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Hours: Monday- Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday 11am-7pm

New Territories

Bauhinia Beauty

An absolute gem of a salon, Bauhinia Beauty is the best value for money that you will find in Hong Kong. Their 90 minute microdermabrasion session is only $380 and believe it or not, that is before the super awesome BloomMe discount. Their team is fantastic and with such reasonable prices for such high-quality treatments we cannot recommend this place more.


Price (before BloomMe discount)- $380

Location: Shop 81, 2F, Tsuen Fung Centre, 136-168 Sai Lau Kok Road, Tsuen Wan

Opening Hours: All week 10am-9pm


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Price (before BloomMe discount)Skincare addicts everywhere always seem to be dropping this word into conversation like it’s a common phrase that every knows, and it seems to always be listed down as a treatment at our favourite salon and we nod and pretend we know what it is. But what exactly is this revolutionary treatment,…