Looking for a way to give your hands some TLC after a long day? Now more than ever we take pride in our appearance and one of the best ways to boost your confidence is with freshly manicured nails. Whether you love being creative with nail art or just want to tidy up your nail bed, the sheer joy & satisfaction of a freshly-painted manicure is a fun getaway from the hustle of day-to-day life in Hong Kong.

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If you frequently wash dishes or you spend long hours typing away at the office, your hands quickly age unlike any other part of the body. From chipped nails to dried cuticles, a professional manicure in Central from top quality nail salons such as Cerynne, Cara Day Spa or The Feel Good Factor are especially designed to refresh and reinvigorate your hands and nails. Don’t worry if you’re new to the exciting world of manicures- we’re here to help! In this article we’re going to walk you through the procedure involved and also help you decide which mani is right for you! and Nail Salons in Hong Kong that provide the latest professional salon equipment for breathtaking nails.

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Your hands and nails are constantly exposed to harsh weather, dirt and germs on a daily basis. The best way to exfoliate and cleanse off the effects of Hong Kong’s pollution with a professional manicure. Nail salons use products designed to keep your hands smooth and supple using high-quality lotions and exfoliating scrubs or masks. A manicurist will also file and shape your fingernails and clip cuticles in addition to a deep massage of the palm, fingers, wrist and arm while being soaked in a scrub. After cleansing off the mask, a moisturizing lotion will be applied to help prevent any premature wrinkles, and to top it all off the manicurist will add a nail polish of your choice for the wow factor your nails deserve.


Lady receiving a manicure in a salon having her fingernails filed by a professional manicurist, view from above of their hands and tools


Manicures in Hong Kong can be a low-cost and an effective way to pamper yourself after a stressful day or week. With the busy lifestyle of Hong Kong, it’s a hassle to find time to do your nails yourself, and when you do they never look as good as they do from a salon. Not to mention a manicure would be the last thing you want to do when you reach home from a long day. Going to professional nail salons in Hong Kong such as one of our favourites, Cara Day Spa, will help take your mind off of your problems and hectic routine. These quick and effective treatments will not only make women (and men from time to time) feel fabulous, but will improve the overall health of your hands and nails by promoting faster nail growth and maintaining well moisturized cuticles. We can all admit that nothing looks better then with clean fingernails and freshly painted toenails.

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With so many different nail salons in Hong Kong offering professional manicure services, you’ll find plenty of women opting for different types of manicures instead of the outdated (and frankly, hideous) stiletto nails or duck nails. We handpick our salons to make sure your manicure is always of the highest quality, and up to date in style and technique. Here are some of our most popular manicures booked on BloomMe:



Spa Manicures

After a long, stressful day at work or being with the kids all day, there’s nothing better than a relaxing spa manicure. What makes this type of manicure different from a standard manicure? If you’re looking to be treated like royalty this is the manicure for you, and luckily for you (my majesty), many of the nail salons specialize in spa manicures! With additional treatment of applying exfoliating crystals, cleansers and a paraffin wax for smoother skin, this is the ideal manicure to revitalizing your hands and relaxing after a long week.

French Manicures

If you’re wondering why women from all walks of life prefer a French manicure, it’s easy to say that this type of manicure is feminine, classic and easy to pull off for all occasions. The fresh white tips and nude polish will match perfectly with any outfit. One of the most famous nail salon in Hong Kong for their French manicures is Annette Company [book here]. The French themed nail salon is well-known for their refined manicures, conveniently located in Central, with feminine nail services for the busy working woman.

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manicure and pedicure. body care, spa treatmentsManicure and pedicure. Body care, spa treatments

Hard Gel

One of Hong Kong’s most popular nail services are hard gel nails, this type of nail lacquer is used to create amazing nail art that will last you 2 to 3 weeks without chipping. Not only are hard gel manicure long-wearing but they strong enough to create nail extensions including 3-D objects as compared to soft gel nails. Each layer of gel polish hardens when exposed to UV light. Another fabulous aspect about choosing hard gel manicure is that they look very natural due to its thin consistency with a glossy finish.

Soft Gel

By far the most popular choice for women on-the-go, soft gel manicure dries within 3-9 minutes during the curing process using a special UV lamp. The UV lamp allows each layer of polish to cure to the nail bed for long-lasting results. Gel nails are much more flexible to file and easier to remove as compared to hard gel manicures. Hong Kongers are known for their love of soft gel nails, and with the ease of the procedure and stunning results, it’s no surprise why! If you’re nails are prone to cracks and breakage, soft gel can be used to repair cracked or even split fingernails. The strength and durability of the gel polish will allow the color to last longer without chipping off your nails.

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Beauty treatment photo of nice manicured woman fingernails holding a nail file. Very nice feminine nail art with nice purple,silver and grayish nail polish.


Acrylic Nails

As a staple in the beauty industry for years, this is the ideal type of artificial manicure for the busy working woman who simply doesn’t have time to visit the nail salon every week. Women who love to be creative with their nails can find acrylics beneficial with its variety of long, artistic nail designs. Acrylic nails are shaped and buffed to your personal preference from an elongated shape to a more delicate size. You can be worry-free with acrylics nails even after a long hectic day at the office.

Nail Art

Whether you’re headed to the office or want to look dolled up for your date, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with nail art. Skilled manicurists use special brushes or dotting tools to create different patterns and designs. Some even use stickers to create customizable nail art that can brighten up your day and enhance your outfit. Nail art will allow you to express your own individuality and creativity even after working long hours at the office.

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Another popular choice for many women who’s looking for a type of soft gel nail but with a longer-lasting formula. Shellac, the Power Polish from CND, is a fantastic manicure choice that lasts well without chipping or peeling for up to 2 weeks. This is the perfect manicure for the busy working woman but wants to pamper her nails with beautiful color. Shellac is created without damaging or dehydrating your nails. Those vegan or cruelty-free life should avoid Shellac since it contains fish scales.

Male Manicures

If you want to make a positive first impression at your next meeting, men it’s time to get a manicure! Growing in popularity in the past few years, man can enjoy the same manicure as women but without any colored polish. If you’re job is tough on your hands, male manicures will tidy up the nails with a clean neat trim and offer a bit of stress-relief for your hands. A manicure will leave your nails free from dirt, rough skin and out-of-control cuticles.

All of these manicures and more can be booked with BloomMe. If you’re in dire need of relaxation or want a quick manicure to tidy up your nails, BloomMe offers a wide variety of services for Nail Salons Hong Kong.

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