One of the best ways to enhance or change up your look is with a little makeup. But let’s face it, applying makeup can look simple but for a beginner the technique can be a little intimidating. With so many beauty gurus on YouTube and Instagram showing you the application process, applying the technique to your own face is a challenge in itself. Not to mention the hot summer weather in Hong Kong that can melt away our makeup with the high amounts of humanity and winds. For a special occasion such as a date or attending a wedding, you want to use high end products that will last all day through any weather. This is where a professional makeup services in Hong Kong comes into play.


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With our unique facial features and distinct skin types, applying makeup is not as easy as it seems. Sure you can spend hours studying YouTube videos to perfect your wing eyeliner and contour but it will never turn out picture-perfect. It seems like the easiest way for you to look and feel glam is by booking a makeup session with BloomMe! From contouring, strobing, to concealing- the art of makeup involves quite a few steps to ensure a beautiful flawless finish that will last all day.

Just one makeup session booked with BloomMe will not only give you the confidence to wear makeup during the hot Hong Kong weather but to help you learn a few professional tricks and product application techniques along the way. When applied correctly, makeup can bring forth any feature that you’re looking to enhance and conceal any imperfections. If you’ve been using makeup and you’re not seeing flawless results, leave it to the professional makeup stylists. With so many new trends and techniques used by the pros, achieving your preferred look starts with perfected skin. Applying way too much product on your skin can end up making you look extremely cakey and unnatural.


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Start with Your Base Makeup

Large pores, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation can all cause makeup to not sit well on the skin. Primers are essential with any skin type. If you’re one of the lucky few with smooth skin, add a bit of moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin and add a hydrated base to any foundation applied on top. Foundation sets the tone for the entire makeup look, drier skin types can go for a dewy finish look by adding some luminizing drops into the foundation. The extra glow will look natural if used in moderation. Those with oily skin can spot highlight with powder illuminator on top of a matte foundation for a natural glow to the skin.

Have you ever applied foundation and after a few hours it turns darker on your skin? Not knowing what foundation matches their skin tone and type can change the way your skin reacts. Many foundations are formulated for specific skin types, dewy foundations will not last all day on oily skin type whereas a matte foundation will emphasize dry patches. It’s important to determine the best foundation which will help set the tone for applying products on top.

Choosing the Right Makeup

Whether you’re looking for something perfect for a daytime casual event or a full glam evening makeup look, our list of makeup artists will make your life easier than ever. Choosing a salon for your makeup can give you flawless results that will last for hours on end since they all use high quality makeup that can cost hundreds of dollars. Most drugstore products tend to fade and cake up since they are made with low-cost ingredients. With any makeup look, it’s important to use high quality products since they contain ingredients to not only look flawless all day but help your skin stay healthy.

Our spa partners offer a list of makeup looks from day to night. The famous Airplay Blow Dry Bar in Central is Hong Kong’s very first salon that focuses on makeup and hair with affordable prices and top notch service. Another salon to look out for is Nigar Qureshi of Spa Beauty Par Zai, the celebrity makeup artist is the talk of the town with her bold and unique take on makeup application. All of our favorite makeup artists will talk you through the application process and discuss what products will work for your skin. There’s no need to watch YouTube videos for each tip and technique when you have a personal tutor to guide you.

If you’re short on time and need to book a makeup appointment for your special date or wedding occasion, BloomMe has you covered! Most top salons are always fully booked without a time slot to fit your schedule, this is where BloomMe’s list of amazing spas and salons is your guide to the perfect makeup look. With just a single click, you can book your favorite salon that’s near you without the hassle of calling a dozen salons. BloomMe is the modern yellow pages for top curated salons. All in just one click and one place. No waiting for spas to answer their call, no hidden charges, no misunderstandings.

So why not save some money and get your makeup done for a special occasion with some of the best in Hong Kong? BloomMe offers a range of discounts to help you save a few dollars on your service so you can splurge for a manicures or have a few extra drinks for your night out. When you book with BloomMe, you know you’re getting a discount so your wallet will never weep.

Book with BloomMe to browse Hong Kong’s top spots for makeup to look great and feel confident!