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1013, World Commerce Center, Harbour City, TST, Hong Kong


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L’OCCITANE already has many devoted fans in Hong Kong who adore the natural, environmentally friendly ingredients the French brand is known for. Now, L’OCCITANE takes it to a whole new level with its very own L’OCCITANE Well-Being Lounge. You can find L’OCCITANE Well-Being Lounge in Harbour City, just next to the famous Victoria Harbour. Nowadays, customers can not only buy their beloved products from L’OCCITANE, also can enjoy spa services using most loved L’OCCITANE products. L’OCCITANE Well-Being Lounge is providing you a true sanctuary of tranquility to rejuvenate your body and soul.

Located on the 10th floor of Harbour City, customer can easily reach the store with the perfectly convenient location chosen. The interior design is using a combination of exposed vintage wood and cold stone tiling, which creates a rustic, calm, and country-like ambience. Giving customer the feeling of wandering in the south rural part of France, which is a whirlwind difference to the bustling city life out there in Hong Kong. Once you enter the shop, you can feel the warm yet cozy vibes right away, the color usage is a combination of cream and beige, which gives you a feeling that L’OCCITANE Well-Being Lounge do care about cleanliness and hygiene. The treatment rooms are orderly designed, where lights are brightly lit and fresh cotton linen towels are provided, the space itself is minimal yet neatly decorated, also there are individual cabins for customer’s privacy. Its overall Zen tranquility provides the ultimate spot of rejuvenation with the added French touch, which is ideal for a getaway from the fast pace of life in Hong Hong we’re living in.

As for the treatments provided by L’OCCITANE Well-Being Lounge, products used are based on natural ingredients and exclusive ritual 100% hand-performed, using immortelle from Corsica, shea butter from Burkina Faso, lavender from Provence, all with high quality just like all the beloved L’OCCITANE products. Searching for some facials that are done by perfection? Immortelle Divine Secret ($1420/90 mins) offering by L’OCCITANE Well-Being Lounge is what you are looking for. The absolute treatment against skin-slackening for face and neck, as well as the décolleté area. This exceptional anti-aging facial combines the regenerating actions of organic Immortelle essential oil, Myrtle essential oil and cellular extracts to boost cellular youth with lifting and contouring massage techniques to help deeply rejuvenate the dermis. The result is divine: deep wrinkles are relaxed, fine lines are smoothed, face contour is firmer and the décolleté becomes smooth and satin-sot again. The skin looks distinctly younger.

When it comes to massage, don’t miss out Relaxing Aromachiologie Massage ($1280/90 mins) by L’OCCITANE Well-Being Lounge. The treatment is a combination of Swedish effleurage strokes, Chinese acupressure and Balinese massage techniques altogether to stimulate circulation and ease tensions.

A collaboration of Aromachologie essential oils are used to ensure complete relaxation, including lavender, sweet orange, tea tree and geranium. The body and mind feel truly calm after the treatment.

In brief, L’OCCITANE Well-Being Lounge is definitely a go-to place when it comes to high quality spas in Hong Kong. For those visiting Tsim Sha Tsui and Victoria Harbour, why not stop by and escape a little from the busy and hustling Hong Kong life. Don’t want to miss out such chance to unwind and de-stress? Book it with BloomMe. The ideal facial and massage is only one touch away.

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