Acupressure has been in use in China for thousands of years. And there is a reason that this ancient technique of healing the body is still popular today. This therapy helps to relieve tension in the body, restore balance. It also brings an overall sense of well-being to the mind and soul.

Come along with BloomMe as we give you the lowdown on this popular form of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory describes small points in the body, known as ‘acupoints’ or ‘acupressure points’. These points sit along energy ‘meridian lines’, or ‘channels’. It is these cheeky acupoints that acupressure treatments try to target. Acupressure and acupuncture are two of the most popular forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Through the body’s energy lines, it is believe that a life energy flows which is called ‘qi’ (pronounced chi). The 12 major meridian lines connect specific organs, creating a system of communication throughout your body. These wondrous energy lines begin at the very tip of your fingers, run through to the brain, and then continue on to their specific organ. If one or more of your meridian lines is blocked or a little out of balance, illnesses can develop. If you’re looking to get your body back up and running at full capacity, maybe it’s time to turn to acupressure to regulate the opposing forces of yin (negative energy) and yang (positive energy) in your body.


Are acupressure and acupuncture the same treatment?

Both acupressure and acupuncture are based on the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and both aim to restore the flow of energy in the body to improve health and well-being. But where they differ is the application and technique of the treatment.

Acupuncture as a treatment involves super thin needles being inserted into the body along certain meridian lines giving you the appearance of a porcupine. The needles are left for some time before being removed by the practitioner. Although this treatment may look painful, when it is done correctly it is completely painless.

Acupressure is essentially the same treatment, but without the needles. The same acupoints are targeted through applied pressure, and is perfect for those seeking a relaxing session without the fear of needles.


What happens in a acupressure sesh?

After booking in your acupressure session through your BloomMe app and getting a rad discount (wink), make sure to arrive at your spa a little earlier than your appointment to prepare. Traditionally, an acupressure session will take place on a soft massage table with you remaining fully clothed. The practitioner will then gently massage and press on specific acupoints on your body in an effort to restore balance. These sessions generally last around an hour in length, and you may be recommended to come back for further sessions if you need a more intensive treatment (or if you want to treat yourself and your body with some more pampering days).

What are the most common acupoints in the body?

There are literally hundreds of acupressure points in the body, so many that there is a reason people study for years just to become a certified practitioner. However, we can explore the most common points in the body that you may hear about:

Stomach (ST36)

Found on the front of the leg, just below the knee, this point is helpful in treating digestive disorders. This zone helps to alleviate those suffering from symptoms of anaemia, immune deficiency, and fatigue.

Large intestine 4 (LI 4)

This is in the soft, squishy bit of webbing between your thumb and forefinger. The main use of this point is to help relieve pain and to treat inflammatory and feverish diseases.

Liver 3 (LR-3)

Found on the top of your foot, just up from the space between your big toe and second toe. It is used to alleviate headaches, reduce high blood pressure, balance emotional energy, help to regulate menstruation, reduce chest pain, and to treat eye disorders.

Spleen 6 (SP-6)

This spot can be found about 4cm above your inner ankle bone. In addition to targeting the spleen, this point is also useful for treating hormonal disorders and immune disorders.


Sounds amazing, how does acupressure help the body?

Acupressure hasn’t been around thousands of years for nothing! Here’s what you stand to gain from regular treatments:

Reduction in pain or tension

Did you know that studies have shown that by applying pressure to certain zones in the body causes the brain to release endorphins which work as a natural painkiller? Acupressure is perfect at targeting muscle tension and helping the body to fight chronic pain or discomfort. By clearing the energy lines and removing blockages, you may find that your headaches are reduced, muscles less sore, and suddenly tension you didn’t know you were holding onto is released.

Improved healing

Tense muscles and poor blood circulation all contribute to the body’s immune system failing, but through acupressure and the release of such tension you may find that suddenly your body is healing faster than Wolverine. If you have a lingering cold that you just can’t seem to shake, maybe an acupressure treatment is the way to go.

Fighting the signs of ageing

Acupressure was commonly used in Ancient China as a way to ward of wrinkles through improved blood circulation. Getting acupressure treatments on the face will help to stimulate blood flow and improve muscle tone helping your skin to keep glowing.

Are there any precautions with getting acupressure?

Generally, acupressure is very safe. That being said, anyone with any concerns or medical issues should always consult their doctor before undertaking any sort of therapy that involves deep tissue stimulation or joint manipulation. Pregnant women and those with varicose veins should also be wary of getting treatments.

I would love to get my first acupressure treatment! But, where would I even begin?

Fear not, little one, we have some suggestions to get you started.

Zu San Li

We love: Full Body Acupressure Massage – 75 minutes/50 minutes @ $435/$290 before discount

Central is buzzing with all sorts of amazing acupressure spas, but we love Zu San Li spa for their commitment to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural treatments. Where else would you find a spa that believes in not only healing the body but also healing the mind and soul?

Address: Room 1902 19/F, Haleson building, 1 Jubilee street, Central


Harmonic Health Complex

We love: Five Elements Magnetic Meridian Massage – 30 minutes @ $480 before discount

A health care company with spas across Hong Kong, Harmonic Health is dedicated to providing holistic health and relaxing treatments that can put the spring back in your step. With a long list of treatments that combine TCM with natural remedies, you cannot go past the Five Elements Magnetic Meridian Massage for a quick acupressure boost.



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Acupressure has been in use in China for thousands of years. And there is a reason that this ancient technique of healing the body is still popular today. This therapy helps to relieve tension in the body, restore balance. It also brings an overall sense of well-being to the mind and soul. Come along with BloomMe…