As a woman, we seem to think that all we need to do is drop vague and subtle hints at our man and that will instantly let him know what we want without any following questions. We don’t need to give guidance, right?

Oh so wrong.

It’s not fair to expect someone to read our minds (unless we have specifically employed the help of a mind reader, in which case expect away) and it seems like every year we have men all across the globe pulling out their hair trying to figure out what to get their ladies for Valentines Day.

Movies have taught us that all women want for Valentines Day is diamond necklaces, elaborate treasure hunts, and proposals. But what we really want is just a little thoughtful effort, the pricetag is the least of our worries.

BloomMe has decided to take the reins for our poor partners, and we have decided to try to decipher exactly what we want to do for Valentines Day and what we secretly love our partners to do. (Unless you already planned to propose or buy a diamond necklace for your beloved, in which case ignore us and carry on!)

Impress Her With Your Cooking

Everybody loves a good meal, and what could be more romantic than having our man whip us up something special? For Valentines Day, a romantic way to show your appreciation for your partner is to put in some effort cooking a meal for her. This dish doesn’t have to be fancy, leave the soufflés and lobsters to the professionals, we mean cooking her something simple and delicious. If she’s been saying how much she misses her mum’s special lasagna, Google some recipes and head to the nearest supermarket to stock up on those pasta sheets.
For a more interactive experience, why not do make-your-own tacos? Throw the ingredients into serving bowls and both of you can go wild making your own custom snacks. The easiest meal you can make is good old fashioned spaghetti Bolognese, which pairs perfectly with a good bottle of red wine.

Make sure to light a candle, throw on some romantic tunes, and get ready to blow her mind with your hidden talents.

Frame a photo

Remember that time you both went out on a date and someone took a super cute photo of the pair of you? Or when you both wore matching costumes for Halloween? This is what we love.

Surprise your partner this Valentines by getting your favourite couple photo printed and framed for her. In the age of technology, we tend to forget that physical photos hold more sentimental value than digital ones, and by gifting her something so special that she can keep forever you will definitely be winning Valentines day.

There are hundreds of photo printing shops across Hong Kong, take in a USB or the photos on your phone and have them printed. Don’t forget to choose a special frame to match (ask the clerk for advice on which is cutest!)

Get her smelly things

Candles, body wash, hand cream, incense, roses, room mist; if it smells nice then chances are your girl will love it. Something as simple as a small scented candle is a treasured gift that you can gift your lady.

See if you can tie a small ribbon around the candle before you gift it for that added touch of class and romance.

Take Her To Her Favourite Restaurant

Not necessarily the most expensive place in Hong Kong, we want to be taken to our favourite place in town. Maybe we always drag you out for dinner at this one small bar nearby, where the cheap chicken wings pair perfectly with the cheap beer, or we have been talking about that new sushi place that our friend went to last week that has a live teppanyaki bar? Or perhaps you often reminisce about that restaurant that you went to on your first date?

The trick with choosing a romantic restaurant for your girl for Valentines Day is to take her somewhere that is significant to you as a couple. Brainstorm a few places that you think might be perfect, and choose from the list which one works.

To book in (with the added bonus of a discount) head to our favourite: EatiGO. From the 10-14th February, you can enjoy between 30-50% off a huge choice of restaurants and bars. [LINK:] After Valentines Day, you still have two more days to book in a place. From the 15-16th February, there’s an additional 30-50% discount off dining at these romantic places across the Hong Kong [LINK:].

Get Her Pampered

Women spend hours and hours pampering and grooming in order to feel our best (we work hard after all, why shouldn’t we?) A spectacular way to shower your lady this Valentines is to book her in for her favourite treatment at a spa. Book her in for a surprise manicure before taking her out on the town, she will love that! Or surprise her with a voucher for a romantic couples massage, that way you can both be pampered.

If you’re having trouble choosing which treatment she will enjoy best or which spa to go to, we suggest using the filter on the BloomMe app which will not only show you the most popular spas, but also the closest to your location. We suggest choosing a nail appointment (manicure, pedicure) for a pre-dinner appointment, and a massage or facial for another day (the oils used in a massage can leave her a bit oily for dinner, and it’s best not to put makeup on straight after a facial).

If you’re a first time user of BloomMe, there’s even more of an incentive to book in with us. We are offering $150 first-time bookings with the discount code: EATIGO. This way, everybody wins!

Operating on a budget this Valentines Day? Check out our list of totally awesome gifts and experiences you can gift that won’t cost a fortune.

As a woman, we seem to think that all we need to do is drop vague and subtle hints at our man and that will instantly let him know what we want without any following questions. We don’t need to give guidance, right? Oh so wrong. It’s not fair to expect someone to read our…