Who run the world? Moms! In lieu of Mother’s Day 2016, we at BloomMe would like to celebrate some of Hong Kong’s most rockin’ moms. Mothers that have inspired us for either their ideas, accomplishments or their outlook on life. We’re constantly impressed by the amount of amazing women that make up Hong Kong’s mothering community, from stay at home moms that make healthy(well, healthier) ice cream, to moms that juggle a free-lance life and with their families. If you know of a mom that inspires you in any way tell us about them- we love to hear your stories! Here is our list of hot mama’s rocking the 852.


Laura Perez- The Yummy Mummy

Growing up in the tropical paradise of Puerto Rico, Laura was used to a childhood of icy treats to cool down with and like most kids, loved ice cream the most. However as age went on, food allergies developed and sadly ice cream was cut out of her life. After the birth of her third child, Laura decided that there would be no wall between her and her beloved ice cream- preach! Laura purchased an ice cream maker and started experimenting with flavours; making her the greatest impulse buyer of all time! Now Laura makes and sells her delicious gluten and dairy free ice cream that she hand churns and makes at home (with a little help from the kids)! Using her creative culinary skills, Laura teaches her children about nutrition and cooking & who doesn’t love a mom that lets you make ice cream?! Check out Wild Mylk here!

Andrea Wada Davies- The Media Matriarch 

Although Andrea grew up on a potato farm in Idaho, she’s about as far from a couch potato as you can get! Mommy blogger, vlogger and karaoke superstar (if she may say so herself) is always out and about documenting her life as a mother, wife and general rockin’ human. She gave up her life as a lawyer to pursue things that made her happier and allowed her to spend more time with her two children, Evan and Stella, including playing on-air pranks to strangers in her videos to blogging and freelance writing. Andrea’s writing has touched the heart strings of many and created so many floods of happy tears for people all around the world, that she’s even be featured in Yahoo, AOL, Mom.me, Romper and many other online publications. Andrea’s blogging and writing has brought a real appreciation she has as a mother, wife, and expat in Hong Kong, when watching her videos you can plainly see that she teaches her children, to really enjoy life and carpe diem!

Cristina Tahoces- The Nurturing Nutritionist 

Cristina gave up her hectic job in banking after the birth of her eldest daughter, and after a while felt that she had lost her sense of self, a very familiar feeling among us moms. When Cristina noticed that her family were catching every bug, sickness and ailment going around, and doctors only seemed to treat the symptoms, she decided to put matters into her own hands and study nutrition to better understand our body’s medicine. After being so inspired by what she was learning, Cristina set up a Facebook Page and started holding health seminars for her friends, as well as publishing articles on her blog, Thrive Nutrition Practice. Cristina has recently completed her diploma and is currently in the process of setting up Thrive Nutrition Practice as a business to focus on digestive and post-partum health.

I feel so genuinely inspired about this second career.  I met up with a new mom the other day who is doing a post-partum package with me and I had to literally keep myself from tearing up because I saw myself in her and I was like, “I so know how you feel!  You are going to feel amazing in no time and we’re going to get you there together.”

It’s such an overwhelming joy and one I never would’ve discovered if I hadn’t taken that risk almost 8 yrs ago to leave my career and be “just a mum”.

Jaime Smith- The Makeover Mama

Jaime is freelance makeup artist in Hong Kong that has worked for an array of top tier clients such as the Mandarin Oriental, Tatler Magazine, Raven + Rose, Grana and even for the Sassy girls! Jaime uses makeup and other outlets to encourage creativity in her children which they take in their stride.

“the biggest struggle for me though, is making sure my children know that beauty comes from being a caring and compassionate person and that “makeup” is actually just for fun and it doesn’t define your beauty.”

Beauty certainly shines on the inside and out with Jaime, and we are sure that her kids will walk that same path too! Click here for Jaime’s website.

Dee Cheung- The Meditating Mother-to-be

Mother-to-be Dee, is all about good vibes and spreading positivity- and we’re all about that! After moving to Hong Kong 10 years ago from Canada, Dee pursued life in the health & wellness industry as yoga instructor working with babies, children and adults. In August 2015 she and her husband Ciaran opened up Float On Hong Kong- 852’s first sensory deprivation centre that allows you to gain metal clarity in the Kong-crete Jungle! The floating pods use magnesium and epsom salts to give your body the feeling of zero gravity so you can completely zone and and relax- wait, weightless? Me? YES PLEASE! Dee has managed to keep up her busy schedule, whilst maintaining a completely zen and positive attitude, even whilst carrying her first child- Congrats! Dee, we salute you! Fun Fact: she and her husband met over the band Modest Mouse and one of their songs is called Float On, with fitting lyrics to float therapy. Meant to be? Definitely!



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Who run the world? Moms! In lieu of Mother’s Day 2016, we at BloomMe would like to celebrate some of Hong Kong’s most rockin’ moms. Mothers that have inspired us for either their ideas, accomplishments or their outlook on life. We’re constantly impressed by the amount of amazing women that make up Hong Kong’s mothering…