It’s no secret that at BloomMe we are all about the hydration. Moisturising and hydrating your skin will be the best thing you ever do for it (don’t forget to tell your skin how awesome it is as well to make it look and feel good) and as we get into winter, keeping your skin glorious has never been more crucial. So you’ve got the moisturising bit down to a fine art, but is your skin lacking in hydration?

There is a slight difference between hydrating and moisturising your skin: dehydrated skin lacks water and needs to be hydrated, whereas dry skin is lacking in oils and needs to be moisturised.

Hydration is what makes your skin soft, but it won’t stay soft and supple without oils protecting the hydration from evaporating. Likewise, if you slather moisturiser onto dehydrated skin, it will feel smooth but it’ll be lacking in the hydration that makes it feel soft and elastic. Dehydrated skin that is moisturised without having any hydration will look a little dull and may feel a little tight. Dry skin that is hydrated but not moisturised will still flake and may have a rough texture.

The best ingredient for hydrating is “hyaluronic acid”. This little baby packs a punch by holding a thousand times it’s weight in water (wowee). It is actually formed naturally in the body, but it begins to deplete as we age, just like collagen or our love of house music.

Beginning to think that your skin may be lacking in hydration? Kick off your new obsession with a luxurious hydrating facial at one of our amazing spas across Hong Kong:


Spa L’Occitane

The French sure do know a lot about beauty treatments. Located in Wan Chai on Star Street, your skin will feel like a Christmas star on top of a Christmas tree after the magic that the staff at Spa L’Occitane perform. Their store is jam packed with nice smelling products, and a tonne of different gift hampers that make shopping for Christmas presents an absolute breeze. There are some truly delicious smelling soaps on offer that your mum/sister/friend/small child will just love, but the real fun stuff is in the hydrating hand creams and face creams that line the shelves. After your treatment, be sure to ask the staff which product will help your skin best in the fight against dehydration.


What you should get: Drainage – Peony Sublime Beauty (Hydrating Facial) – 45/75 Minutes

With top notch products and expert hands, this facial uses lymphatic drainage techniques that help to improve circulation, shift those nasty toxins, and bring the glow back to your face. The peony’s smell delicious and can have a wonderfully welcome relaxing effect on your mind as well as your skin. Look forward to a velvet like complexion with reduced pores and maximum hydration.

9 Star St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Opening Hours

Monday- Friday: 12pm-10pm

Saturday – Sunday: 10am-8pm

Nude Beautique of Waxing ( Central M88 branch)

With a mission to focus on the bare essentials, Nude is swiftly becoming Hong Kong’s best waxing boutique. But did you also know that they have some breathtaking facials as well? With a huge list of different treatments to choose from, from face peels to skin soothers, it’s no wonder Nude is constantly popping up in the popular page of our app. If you have enough time, why not book in for a wax as well as a hydrating facial? It only makes sense that you should be double pampered.


What you should get: Resultime- Hyaluronic Hydrating Facial – 60 minutes

With our gold medal ingredient starring in the name of the treatment, you know this one is gone be good. This intensely moisturising treatment uses our good friend Hyaluronic acid alongside micro-collagen and calcium to give you a hydrating facial like no other. Suitable for those with supremely dehydrated skin, this hour long session will settle your skin (and your mind) by relaxing and fixing any imperfections.

14-01 M88, 2-8 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong

Opening Hours:

Monday–Friday: 11:00 AM–9:00 PM

Saturday–Sunday: 9:00 AM–7:00 PM

Unique Beauty

Opened in 2000 and with 3 salons across Hong Kong, this diamond amongst the rough that is TST is perfect for those looking for a little hydration and a little isolation from the hustle and bustle. They’re facial list may be a little small, but you’ll notice that almost all of the treatments have hydrating properties (and cool names). With a super convenient location and patient staff, Unique beauty lives up to its name. The salon also has a wide range of waxing treatments as well as acupressure and lymphatic massages. If the Tsim Sha Tsui salon is fully booked, there is also a Mong Kok and Causeway Bay option to take if you’re skin need hydration ASAP.

What you should get: Skin Ceuticals Moisturising Facial- 60 mins

Skinceuticals, a skincare range developed over 20 years ago by super skincare gurus Alden Pinnell and Russell Moon, is used in this devilishly hydrating and moisturising facial. Giving your skin the hydration it needs and the moisture it craves, this facial is bursting with good chemicals and healthy ingredients to get your heart singing and your skin shining.

Hankow Rd, 28, Hong Kong Pacific Centre, 101010-12, Tsim Sha Tsui


Carnation Health & Beauty

Before you Hong Kong Islanders scoff at the idea of leaving Central, bear in mind that not only does Kwai Chung have a super salon, it also has some amazing shopping that will take you back to the good old days of high fashion bargains. Inside the busy Metroplaza is Carnation Health and Beauty, Kwai Chung’s best kept secret. With a treatment list bursting with hydrating, moisturising, and pore refining treatments, why not have a shop and then recover with a well-deserved pampering session? It seems only logical.


What you should get: France Rose Spring Water Hydrating Treatment (60 minutes)

Didn’t we tell you that no one does skincare like the French? Rose water, a favourite of supermodels and ageless beauties worldwide, is the key ingredient in this hydrating party. Perfect for those with sensitive skin, discover the amazing benefits of rose water and hydration in your own little Kwai Chung paradise.

Shop C60, Kwai Foo Road, Kwai Chung Plaza Block 2, Kwai Chung

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It’s no secret that at BloomMe we are all about the hydration. Moisturising and hydrating your skin will be the best thing you ever do for it (don’t forget to tell your skin how awesome it is as well to make it look and feel good) and as we get into winter, keeping your skin…