Life is too short to having boring hair. It’s time to have a superb styling experience in Hong Kong. Booking a blow dry is the perfect way to pump yourself up for a big night out, a date or even an event. When you look good, you feel great and everything seems to fall in line after. Booking a blow dry with BloomMe is the perfect way to get the look that you’ve seen on Instagram for a pick-me- up treat that will make people turn heads walking down the street.

Summer is the time to relax and let your hair down! With beach parties, evening dates and summer concerts in full swing, the weather eventually catches up with you. With the dreaded humidity of Hong Kong amongst the most evil, women are looking for a way to keep their hair flawless and frizz-free. For that smooth silky hair do that keeps you in control of your hairstyle, a Brazilian blowout in Hong Kong is just what you need! This treatment not only lets you style your hair with freedom but boosts the health of your hair by a landslide.

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If you suffer from frizz, you are all too familiar with disheveled hair. With the humidity of Hong Kong, it’s no wonder why more and more women are looking for options to style their hair without looking like you stepped out of a 70’s music video. Now there’s a way to have complete control of your hair. A blowout in Central Hong Kong is the latest hair treatment that paves the way to smoother, healthier hair that can be styled anyway you desire! From silky straight to voluminous curls, this treatment drastically changes the way your hair will feel and look with each style. The keratin infused treatment has gained popularity due to the remarkable way to changes the texture of your hair.


Young hairdresser drying customers hair with round brush at hair salon.


With so many tips and tricks that we’ve all heard of to help combat the humidity of Hong Kong from hydrating your hair to taking cold showers. While all of these tips work for a short period of time, the only sure fire way to keep your hair silky and frizz-free for up to 3 months is to get a blow dry in Hong Kong by one of many amazing salons available at BloomMe.

On a budget? Central Hair Salons That Won’t Break The Bank

If you’re not sure where to start, finding the right salon and hairdresser for the treatment will work wonders for your frizzy hair. This is where BloomMe can help you match up with the best salon in Hong Kong without leaving your home! If you’re on the go and need to find a salon near your home or office, sit back and let BloomMe help you browse, book and pay all from the comfort of an app.


Not sure if a Brazilian Blowout is right for you? Need a little boost to visit the right salon near you? We are here to help break down exactly what you need! This treatment is a hair strengthening solution that’s been widely popularized by celebrities, who doesn’t want to look like they just stepped out from a red carpet gala? This hair process is beneficial during the summer time because humidity can have an impact on your style. Your hair will be smoother than ever all thanks to a professional blow dry in Hong Kong salons at BloomMe.

How Does a Brazilian Blowout Work?

This keratin treatment seals in protein that causes lackluster strands. Keratin essentially fills in any damage of the hair shaft that causes frizz and breakage. On extremely humid days these microscopic cracks in each cuticle strand absorbs moisture and causes your hair to become super frizzy. Severe frizzy hair has the most damage since there are more microscopic cracks all over your strands. From start to finish the process takes around 90 minutes with results lasting up to 12 weeks. After which the keratin diffuses and washes away. This innovative hair treatment is what you’ve been dreaming of all along. Now you can have manageable tresses that you’ve always longed for.

Why You Need This Treatment!

A Brazilian blowout helps to give you smoother, shinier and more manageable hair even during the most hot and humid weather. The summer is especially the best time for this treatment since the colder weather doesn’t affect the quality of your hair as much. You’ll not only be able to leave your hair naturally styled but your favorite hot tools can easily hold any hair-do. The keratin-enriched process makes even the frizziest hair transform into silk. Dry and lackluster hair will benefit the most since it doesn’t completely straighten your waves and curls. Not only will your hair feel soft but you only need a few seconds to style your hair every day, a working woman’s dream come true!

Best Salons In Hong Kong for Brazilian Blowout

The perfect hair treatment especially if you’re going on vacation! Your hair will be smooth and silky for up to 3 months, no wonder it costs a pretty penny for a blowout in Hong Kong which is why women love booking with BloomMe for our daily discounts. Not only can you book Brazilian blowouts with BloomMe, but regular blow drys are also really popular for getting ready for a night on the town.

For expert advice on a blow dry, Zentro Hair Salon is a bright and open salon with professional stylists that will give you a hair transformation. Located on Stanley Street, the chic and modern style salon are well known for listening to a client’s needs. You’ll be in good hands to help you look your best! One of the most famous salon that exclusively deals with hairstyling is Air Play Blowdry Bar. They even give you a range of shampoos that come in shot glasses to help put you in the mood for the perfect night out! Make your appointment with your girlfriends to sip on complimentary wine (and what’s better than free wine?) and get your hair done!

So what are you waiting for? BloomMe is the easiest way to book a blowout, whether you want a quick fix, an up do for the night or something to last all summer. With our daily discounts it’s hard to say no! If you’re dreading the summer weather, this treatment is exactly what you need! Take a look at our many professional salons offering amazing deals especially if you’re in a pinch! Check out BloomMe and get ready to book your blowout in Hong Kong appointment today.

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