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Tired of the same old hair cut? Need something fresh but not sure where to begin? For most it’s easy to just scroll through the latest hairstyles and pick out something you might like, but will it suit you?The truth is that not all styles will suit us, especially since models often use a variety of hair products to create a defined style. Some of the most disastrous haircuts are by unskilled hairdressers who end up creating styles that simply do not suit your hair type. Not all cuts are meant to be created on every hair texture and facial structure.

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So what can you do to make sure that you always achieve a great hairstyle? Getting the perfect women’s hair cut means finding the right salon and hairdresser in Central Hong Kong to create the ideal style for you – and this is where the BloomMe App comes into play! While finding the best stylist in the city can be a daunting task, some of the best hair salons across Hong Kong from Central to Causeway Bay can help you chop away those split ends and give your hair a little extra TLC. From Paul Gerrard Salon to Toni & Guy, some of the best Hong Kong hair salons will help you find a style that will compliment your natural hair with their unique cutting skills.


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Finding The Best Cut For Your Face Shape

The perfect cut involves more than just taking off some length. Before you head to your appointment, consider which women’s hair cut that’s popular in Central Hong Kong will suit your face shape. By measuring the width between your brow, cheekbones and your jawline can help you determine which cut will flatter your features naturally. From your bone structure to hair color and texture, these factors will all influence your end result. Here are some of the best styles for your face shape that you can find at one of the many hair salons in Central Hong Kong using the BloomMe App.


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Round Shape

A short hairdo with layers for a spiky effect will complement the roundness of your face shape. The choppy length will add more volume to the crown and lengthen your face. You want to avoid a length that will hit your cheekbones since more volume needs to be at the top of your head to even out your face shape.

Heart Shape

Long, layered waves will flatter any heart face shape since adding longer layers creates more volume around the chin and cheeks where your face tends to be slimmer. Adding fullness to the lower layers will emphasize your chin less. Any waves should be kept from the ears down to keep your hair cut more balanced.

Oval Shape

If your face is longer with more fullness around your cheeks, cutting straight bangs across your brows will create the illusion of fullness around your crown and forehead. Blunt bangs with a straightened medium-length bob is the perfect cut to balance your facial features.

Long Shape

To flatter your longer face shape, try a shoulder-length cut with longer layers for added volume. Long strands with a side part and sweeping fringe will add fullness to emphasize your cheekbones and balance your facial features.

Square Shape

A tapered short bob is ideal for a square face to add more shape and dimension. Keep your bob crisp with a flat iron for an even edgier look to make your jawline less prominent. Balance out your forehead with side bangs with a wispy texture cut.

Diamond Shape

Similar to the heart face shape, a medium-length cut that hits the shoulders will add a face-slimming effect to counterbalance your angular face shape. Adding more layers will break up the volume around your face, allowing more structure to balance out roundness

On-Trend Hair Cuts

While haircuts and styles change each season, certain looks inevitably become popular all year ‘round. We’ve listed some of the top cuts that are on trend now at the BloomMe App that you can consider before visiting hair salons in Central Hong Kong, Causeway Bay or Wan Chai.

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Texturized Lob

Looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle? It’s no wonder why the lob is a popular style amongst top celebs. ‘Lob’ stands for a long bob which flatters any face shape if you’re looking to keep your hair length. The haircut has layers cut in with loose waves to add more volume and definition. This is perfect for color-treated ombré hair as it looks best when styled with a wavy hair-do.

Long Bob With Full Fringe

A fringe can always complement a lob depending on your facial features. Those with elongated face shapes can create a versatile look with a lob and a full fringe. From sleek and straight to beach waves, a fringe can flatter any style you’re going for.

Choppy Layers

For noticeable layers, choppy layers can be suited to all hair lengths. You can either have a longer fringe or wispy bangs thinned at the ends for a flattering look. This style is ideal for those looking to keep their original length but who want more volume all around.

Medium-Length Cut

For a haircut that falls at the collarbones, the medium-length cut is a texturized blunt style ideal for fine-to-medium hair, especially if you’re considering growing out your locks. The overall shape is very subtle for those looking for a low-maintenance style and who love their natural hair texture.

Full Fringe

A fringe is an instant style statement. For a blunt-cut, the full fringe is not for the faint-hearted. This hair cut creates bangs straight across your forehead for a sleek look. Paired with naturally wavy hair, the full fringe can look great with any hair length and style.

Pixie Cut

For the most daring, the pixie cut is a bold style statement. This cut is ideal for those with thicker hair since it will add more texture to your crown. The super-short style requires plenty of maintenance and upkeep. Using the right products will help keep your up-do in place all day.

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Whether you’re looking for a monthly trim or a complete hair makeover, all of these hairstyles and more can be achieved at one of the many professional hairstylists and hair salons in Hong Kong, from Central to Causeway Bay and beyond. With the countless hair salons that our BloomMe App lists, you’ll be sure to find one right around the corner. The only problem is deciding which of our top salons to visit!

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