Summer is officially here ladies, and it ain’t messing around. Scorching heat (that we only appreciate on the beach or on a junk), rooftop BBQs, camping, it all sounds so idylic doesn’t it? Unfortunately nothing in the world is perfect, not even in Hong Kong, and we all have one common enemy: humidity. Not only does it make us feel gross from the most simple tasks like walking to 7/11, but it reeks havoc on our hair.

On BloomMe Talk we have already tackled this nasty nemesis with our Humidity Fighting Hacks, but for those that want a slightly more permenant fix for frizzy hair, we are here to introduce you to Brazilian Blowouts, a hair treatment that will blow your mind.

So, what is a Brazilian Blowout? 

A Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing treatment for your hair that protects it with a layer of protein that stops the hunidity from being able to get inside the cuticle. So no matter how curly, frizzy or Einstien-like your locks become in the Hong Kong summers, you can count on your blowout to survive for at least 12 weeks.

Unlike other hair smoothing treatments, the BB only take around 90mins and requires no upkeep from your end, so you can go straight from the salon to socilaising. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the pin straght J-Anniston look, with these types of blowouts, you’re able to customise how straight of wavy you’d like your hair to be.

But, how does it work?

The gaps in the hair scructure cause it to bend and coil, creating curls and frizz. What these gaps also do is suck up all the excess moisture from the air, and you don’t need me too tell you that there is A LOT of excess moisture in Hong Kong’s air! The keratin formula in our beloved brazilian fills in these gaps with a coat of protein making our locks shiny, smooth and sleek- whatever the weather!


Where can I get one in Hong Kong?

Call the fanfaire because once again, BloomMe is here for all your booking needs. If you’re dreaming of a frizz free world where everything is silky and sexy, then look no more. The BloomMe Girls have your back with our top picks to get blown away.

11 Zentro Hair Salon

The perfect place on Stanley Street to feel chic, stylish. This bright and open salon oozes modern style, and the professional stylists are well known for listening to a clients needs and wants carefull whilst also offering their expert advice on how to take care of your mane!

Brazilian Blowouts

Long hair- 120 mins for $1800

Medium length- 90 mins for $1500

Short hair- 60 mins for $13000 (Click to book)


13Hair Logics

If you prefer a place that’s more low key and cosy, Hair Logics is the perfect spot in TST to get a great blowout without all the overbearing fuss and high fashion persona. Honest, good hair is what they believe in, and a brilliant blowout is what you shall get.

Brailian Blowouts – 150 mins for $2900

12RAW Hairdressing

If you’re a mid-levels bunny and don’t want to travel as far as Kowloon for a blowout, put RAW on your list of hair salons to try this summer. This edgy and cutting edge salon is known for their artistic approach to hair whils always keeping in consideration exactly what you want from your barnett.

Brazilian Blowout- 60 mins for $2400

1010 space logo square10/10 Space

Causeway Bay dwellers rejoice! Not only is 10/10 Space a superb place to blowout for the summer, but they should also be on your radar as a one-stop-shop for all your pamering needs. Offering almost every treatment under the sun, you might as well get a mani-pedi with your new and fabulous locks for a full makeover effect.

Brazilian Blowouts: Long Hair- 180 mins for $2000

Medium length- 150 mins for $1500

Short hair- 120 mins for $1000 

Spa Logos 2Milinni Hair Salon

If the Italians are known for anything, it’s their appreciation for fashion and style (also their amazing food, but that’s beside the point). Milinni embraces everything about the Italian style and quality we have come to known over the years, and brought it to Sheung Wan. This classic but chic salon promises the finest hair treatments without a single hair going ignored.



Brazilian Blowouts: Extra long hair- 120 mins for $2600

Long hair- 120 mins for $2200

Medium length- 105 mins for $2000

Short hair- 105 mins for $1600

So there you are ladies! Make your hair look fabulous, sleek and sexy for 3 months from one simple treatment. Go forth and show humidity that you are not defeated!

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