Right now all bookings must be made via the app, but we are bringing web bookings to you soon! Follow us on Facebook for updates!

Unfortunately not. Since all bookings made through
BloomMe is paid for in advance, we cannot offer a
refund for canceled appointments. However, if you wish
to reschedule your appointment, please call our support
team and we will try our best to help. Please note that it
is on a first come, first serve basis and rescheduling is up
to the discretion of the spa.
BloomMe is always happy to help! Feel free to call us on
+852 3008 3451 or email us at We are available for instant
assistance Monday- Friday 10am-6pm.
Our selected partners are hand-picked by the BloomMe
Team, to bring you the finest beauty salons and spas, as
well as the hidden gems that Hong Kong is hiding! If you
haven’t found your favourite on the app, click here to
submit a suggestion and our team will look into
partnering with them!
The treatments and time slots shown as available on
BloomMe is set by the spa/salon. The beauty of
BloomMe is that even if one spa is unavailable at that
time, there are many more to choose from! If you have
your heart set on a particular spa for a particular time,
please do not hesitate to call our support team on +852 3008 3451 or email and our team
will do their best help!
No printed confirmation is needed! We aim to make
your BloomMe experience as smooth and as easy as
possible; when your booking is made you will receive a
confirmation email with your booking details. As soon as
a booking is confirmed on the app, the spas are
informed instantly so they can welcome your arrival.
Yes! BloomMe is a last minute booking app that allows
you to make bookings for up to 48 hours in advance.
BloomMe’s mission is to provide the women of Hong
Kong beauty to the highest standard. Our team
personally hand-pick the spas and are constantly
searching for new hidden gems around Hong Kong.
All bookings made on BloomMe are on a first-come, first-
serve basis. If there are no available time slots, it means
that another BloomMe has snapped up an appointment.
Don’t worry, you can still browse the treatments in the
spa and even choose a desirable time. Tapping on
“Notify Me” at the bottom will get BloomMe team will
do their best to help make an appointment on your
Love BloomMe as much as we do? Feel free to invite
friends to the party! Simply go to the side menu, click
“invite” then use your unique invite code to invite
friends via Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, email and Twitter.
Each time you invite someone to join BloomMe, they will
receive $50 off their first booking. When they book you
also receive $50 as a thank you from us for your
support! SPArty anyone?
The very last minute! Someone cancels lunch plans at
1:25pm and you decide to get a massage as a pick-me-
up instead? Book a treatment for 1:30pm! All slots and
treatments shown on the app mean they’re available for
the taking!
Hong Kong is a vibrant and exciting city with lots of
opportunities…which basically means you need to be
spontaneous at all times! We all know what it’s like;
business meetings get canceled at the last minute and
you suddenly have an hour of free time. BloomMe likes
to be spontaneous which is why we only offer
appointments up to 48 hours in advance. By doing this,
we can provide timeslots that spas would not otherwise
sell so we can provide excellent discounts to save money
for our customers!
Nope! All our prices come directly from the spas/salons,
so the price you pay is the same! The beauty of
BloomMe is that we offer daily discounts with up to 30%
OFF, so you’ll save time and money on the app!


Vouchers are deducted automatically when booking. Before payment, you will see the summary of your booking and how much has been deducted from discounts and vouchers. To add a voucher before signing up, simply click the “voucher code” box (if you sign up via facebook the box will appear after connecting to your facebook page). Alternatively, you can add vouchers by going into “invite” and then “credits”.

Yes! They’re automatically applied to your booking!

BloomMe charges the full amount for the service, so there won’t be any sneaky costs at the spa! Of course, if you liked the service, feel free to leave a cash tip.

Your payment details are securely stored on PayPal within the app. Whenever you want to book a treatment with BloomMe and need to change your details, simply press “change credit card” before making a payment.

If you have used an invite/referral code for a booking under a different BloomMe user account (denoted via shared email and/or phone number) then you may be receiving a valid error. An invite/referral code can also become inactive if used improperly. Feel free to call the support team on +852 3008 3451 or email us at and we will be happy to help!

We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard or regular account payments through PayPal. Cash payments are not possible at this time.

Very! BloomMe uses PayPal for payments, and PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your smartphone or tablet to our system using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

Nope! You can also pay with a Visa or MasterCard without logging in to PayPal


As soon as a booking is made, it is confirmed with the spa instantly. If you want to change your appointment time it is up to the individual discretion of the spa/salon if they can change the appointment. Please note that there may be extra charges if you change the type of treatment booked.

Absolutely! All of our spas and salons are handpicked for their quality, so you shouldn’t have a problem. However, in the unlikely event that you had a bad experience, we absolutely want to know! You should receive a notification asking you to review your treatment once it’s complete. If you would like to talk to someone personally about your experience, our support team are always happy to listen; call us at +852 3008 3451 or email us at

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Have feedback, suggestion, or any thought about our app? Feel free to contact us anytime, we will get back to you in 24 hours.