When it comes to eyelash extensions, we often hear how people would love to try them, but are generally too scared to take the leap. We all want an effortless fluttery look so we can roll out of bed in a morning and make it look like traces of effort went in, but the horror stories that we’ve all heard make it easy for us to say “no thanks” and we inevitably pick up the mascara again.

Well ladies, as a true veteran of lash extensions that’s tried and tested just about every kind of lash, as well many places (we’re suckers for choice), the BloomMe Girls have come together to give you the 411 on what actually happens when you get lash extensions, how to look after them and to debunk some of the myths that have given us nightmares over the years.

Before you go… 

So the most important thing to do before you have someone touching your eyelids for a good two hours is to do your research on the place you’re going to and the techniques they use. Luckily for Hong Kong residents this is made ridiculously easy with BloomMe (humble brag). With each salon we include a bio so you can find the right salon for you, and just so you know there’s no BS, on top of that you can see reviews from other BloomMe Girls to see what they thought!

Types of lashes

In general there are three types of lashes that you want to get and that are easily available: silk, mink and synthetic/acrylic.

Mink lashes- Mink lashes are undoubtedly the longest lasting lashes on the market. Made from mink hair, they are also the softest and most natural looking. Most countries use synthetic mink hair, but as a shock to no one, Hong Kong is behind on the cruelty free option so only a few select places use cruelty free mink lashes such as Canary Nail & Eyelash on Wellington Street!

Silk lashes are the healthy medium between synthetic and mink by being both lightweight and comfortable, but with the ability to also look glamorous or natural depending on your preference.

Synthetic lashes are usually made from a polished acrylic material so they give a much more glamorous look than the others by being generally shinier and more dramatic. Hold on to your 15 mins of Hollywood like fame though girls, cause these lashes aren’t as long lasting as the others, so you need to make sure you’re extremely careful with these or you’ll find that they won’t last! The last thing you need to know is that since synthetic lashes are firmer than silk or mink, you can feel them a lot more prominently which can be slightly uncomfortable for some people at times.

How to take care of your lashes

The hardest part of getting new eyelashes (apart from resisting to go up to everyone you know and fluttering them until they give you a compliment), is to stop fussing with your lashes. At first it can feel a little foreign if you’re not used to it- especially if you go for the synthetic lashes- but try your hardest not to touch them. The oil and dirt on your hands will just make them easier to fall out.

Although you don’t want to fuss with your lashes, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t touch them at all. Maintenance is definitely important when it comes to keeping your lashes lasting and in shape. Groom them everyday with the spoolie provided at your salon and don’t wash them with oil based products. Oil based products are great for removing stubborn makeup, which is exactly why you never want to use them on your new lashes. Wash them with a drop of oil free baby shampoo and water and you should be good to go!

Make the switch from cotton pillows to silk. We’ve said once, we’ll say it again; cotton pillowcases cause friction for your skin, lashes and hair. Less breakages in your hair and lashes make the switch!


Will my lashes fall out?

Not because of your extensions. Eyelashes, just like the hair on your head falls out. It just seems like they do more with extensions because it’s more noticeable.

Can I still wear mascara? 

You can, but we would advise against it. Removing the mascara could make some of the lashes fall out and the whole fun about getting lash extensions is that you get more time in bed by skipping the mascara!

Can I get my lashes wet?

Yes, but we advise not to get them wet in the shower for around 24 hours from when they’re first applied due to the force of the water.


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