Everyone these days seems to be saying cup this, and cup that! And have you wondered why the person in front of you in the supermarket queue has small circular marks on their back and a serene look on their face? Chances are, all signs in your life are pointing towards you getting some cupping.

To discover and book cupping therapy on your Bloom Me app, head to the “Body” category and filter the results for “TCM” (stands for Tradtional Chinese Medicine so you can find all sorts of treats under there!).


What is cupping?

With cupping therapy, a cup is placed on the skin and a vacuum is created to gently draw the blood up into the surface of the skin inside the cup. The cups used are usually glass or silicone, and you can either opt for dry, wet, or massage cupping.


Cupping therapy is an therapy first used by the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Chinese, that has proved it’s effectiveness over time and stayed as a popular treatment. Cupping used to be performed using a hollowed-out animal horn, and was used to treat everything from snake bites to diverting blood from a certain area of the body during surgery. Over time, animal horns gave way to bamboo cups, and eventually the synthetic and natural cups we see today.


Dry Cupping

During this treatment, the cup is set on fire using a flammable chemical such as alcohol (don’t worry, you won’t catch fire as the therapists are well trained and practiced in safe application). As the fire begins to go out, the cup is placed on your skin and through the power of thermodynamics (science!) the cup begins to create a natural vacuum. Usually, these cups go on the skin for around 3 minutes, but some treatments may last longer. Sometimes, the skin has a lubrication which allows the cups to move around the body easier. Dry cupping is low-pressure and better suited for use on soft tissue.


Wet Cupping

Wet Cupping like it’s dry counterpart creates a mild suction, however wet cupping takes a different turn from it’s dry counterpart during the session. The therapist will take a sterilised surgical blade and make teeny tiny incisions on your skin to draw up blood from the vacuum. It can take around 10 days for the bruising from this session to go down, and make sure that you keep the area clean to avoid any infections or nasties.


Massage Cupping

During a massage session, the cups are slowly guided around the skin vacuuming up different areas. Usually, silicone cups are used during this session as the soft texture allows the cups to move freely over the lumps and bumps of the skin without losing suction. This negative pressure is a great alternative for sore muscles and enhancing circulation of the skin.


Sounds great, where can I get me some cupping?


Harmonic Health Complex – 1-Time TCM Health Consultation & Cupping (30 minutes/$350)

11/F Emperor Watch & Jewellery Centre, 8 Russel Street, Hong Kong

The most popular spa in Causeway Bay, Harmonic Health Complex has two locations close by and a serious focus on the health benefits of cupping as a therapy. You can expect a sit down consultation with a therapist which will help to determine the exact benefits you are hoping to get from their treatments.


Amooma Spa & Sanctuary – Yu Yang Bianstone Cupping Treatment (30 minutes/$498)

Address: 12/F, Shun Hei Causeway Bay Centre, 492 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay


Another winner in Causeway Bay, Amooma Spa & Sanctuary is popping for a good cupping session. On offer is the Yu Yang Bianstone Cupping Treatment: a rejuvenating treatment in which “Bian, ” a finely-ground stone used by the Ancient Chinese is used as a massaging tool to  improve circulation and ease tension. Lasting around 30 minutes, this au natural treatment will set you back a cool $498 before the Bloom Me discount.


The Foot Room: Cupping (30 minutes/$188)

Address: 1/F, 57 Kings Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong


With a 4.8 star rating on the BloomMe App and bookings coming out of their ears, Tin Hau’s The Foot Room is a hidden gem just waiting to be cupped. Their cupping treatment lasts around 30 minutes, and in addition to this wondrous treatment, you can also opt for the Foot Reflexology and Lavender Foot Bath (30 minutes/$198) just to complete your all-over pampering.


Cupping Salons via Districts

Hong Kong Island

Oriental Spa (25 minutes/$188)

This spa located on Wellington Street is super convenient for a cheeky cupping session, and has a wonderful foot massage on offer to top it all off.

Princess Beauty – Fu Yang Cans Meridian Treatment (45 minutes/$388)

Found in Causeway Bay, Princess Beauty also have another spa in Jordan, and they are famous for their unique Fu Yang treatment that will target tension you never knew you had.

Seasons Spa – Vacuum Cupping Shoulder & Neck Treatment (30 minutes/$238)

Not to be confused with the overly fancy and ridiculously overly priced Four Seasons Spa, Seasons Spa in Causeway Bay will hit all the right spots with their cupping and invigorating aromas.


G2 Beauty – Cupping Health Care Treatment (30 minutes/$380)

With a branch in Po Lam, Causeway Bay, and the incredible TST location, the Cupping Health Care treatment is so luxurious you cannot say no. They also have a strong focus on Health Treatments so be sure to have a read of what other sessions will do you good.

Summer Beauty – Cupping Detox Therapy (30 minutes/$280)

Located right next to Kowloon Park, this salon is popular for their Lymphatic massages and their friendly staff.

Joyce Beauty – Cupping Detoxification Treatment (45 minutes/$198)

Joyce Beauty have two salons in Kowloon, one in Lai Chi Kok and the other in Dragon Centre. But the Lai Chi Kok branch is the one that offers a super cool 45 minutes of detoxifying cupping treatments.

New Territories

Onber Reflexology – Cupping & Scraping (50 minutes/$258)

This salon out in Mei Foo has a cute exterior and interior (seriously, check them out it’s amazing). And with their astounding 50 minute cupping and scraping combo you will too have a cute exterior and interior.

Natural Health Centre – Scraping & Cupping Therapy (50 minutes/$400)

Kwun Tong is buzzing from the opening of this Health Centre, and with a treatment list bursting with goodies (Body Steaming for 50 minutes at $180? Hell Yes!) you’ll be celebrating in style.


Looking to continue your new and innovative health kick this year? Maybe it’s time to re assess your diet, treat your body, and quit sugar once and for all. For some tips to getting started, check out our guide here.


Ready to try more massages? Try a Hot Stone Massage and keep warm this winter.

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Everyone these days seems to be saying cup this, and cup that! And have you wondered why the person in front of you in the supermarket queue has small circular marks on their back and a serene look on their face? Chances are, all signs in your life are pointing towards you getting some cupping….