Ho, ho, ho!

It’s the most festive time of the year, and Hong Kong has come alive yet again with it’s lights, carnivals, and all around fun-for-everyone! BloomMe loves Christmas, as we love any excuse to shower the one’s we love with gifts and hugs!

This Christmas, we’ve made a handy guide of our three favourite spots around the city for our favourite December things: photo ops, Christmas festivities, and of-course, awesome spas.

Lead the way, Rudolph!

AIA Carnival


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A fond memory for every Hong Kong child, and a feast for the eyes, the AIA Carnival has kicked off once again down at the Central Habourfront Event Space. With events and activities running all day and into the night, there is something for everyone to sink their teeth into this December.

There’s the carnival rides we all love, from spinning things to up-and-down things, to the gentle rides for the kids. Win your sweetheart a plush toy from one of the many games at the carnival (or win one for yourself and begin your own plush collection. It’s 2018 so anything goes!)

This year, the Great Circus of Europe is showcasing it’s many breathtaking talents 2-4 times a day from Tuesday to Sunday. See the Strong Man be run over (safely) by a 3-tonne truck, see the aerial fliers and the acrobats, and laugh until your sides hurt watching the Rubber Man and one of the world’s first female clowns!

We haven’t even mentioned the best part of the whole carnival: the photo opportunities. The glittering lights and the city skyline as a backdrop are reason enough to whip out your camera and get snapping, but the best part of the carnival is the photo boards and photo booths. Using smoke and mirrors, and a little trick photography, you can get images of you and your friends in outrageous and festive situations that will keep you giggling for years to come.

Where: Central Harbourfront Event Space, 9 Lung Wo Road, Central

When: 14/12–17/02 February 2019 (except Friday, 11 January)

Ticket Prices: $120 for adult advanced ticket (which includes 10 tokens to be used at the carnival), $85 for concession advanced ticket (which includes 7 tokens for the carnival), and $300 for a token bundle (includes one free entry as well as 30 tokens).

Spa of choice nearby: Levo Spa (Unit A, 2/F, Winway Building, 50 Wellington Street, Central)

All that excitement got you feeling a little worn out? Perhaps one of the rides left your rubbing your neck and aching for a massage? Or maybe you’re looking for that perfect photo and your nails are spoiling the image? Cue: Levo Spa.

A stone’s throw away on Wellington Street, Levo Spa offers sophistication and pampering like no other. With an interior designed by the team of the Four Seasons and staff trained by Austrian technicians, we sense an early Christmas present as a visit here.

Treatment we love: Aromatherapy Massage + Wine/Rose Bath + Body Scrub – 120 minutes @ $1688 before discount

Love wine? Love roses? Love yourself? Of course you do! Recover from all the madness of the carnival with a jam packed 2 hour treatment at Levo spa. Come out smelling like a Christmas present, and feel like Santa visited you early with this whizz banger of a treatment.

Lee Tung Avenue X The Spirit of Christmas


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This year, London’s famous Christmas decorations are coming to Hong Kong. Lee Tung Avenue has partnered with the world renowned Crown Estate’s Regent Street in London to bring us The Spirit of Christmas Lights.

Regent Street in London first began this annual tradition in 1954, with Christmas decorations and lights fascinating Londoners all through the season. Now, Hong Kongers get a taste of the action and the festivities. You’ll be walking amongst glowing angels, holly wreaths, fairy lights, and huge Christmas trees as you explore Lee Tung Avenue. We suggest getting an early booking at a nearby restaurant (Blue Brick Bistro or the Bistro Seoul if you’re feeling fancy) to get a really good view and photo op of the decorations.

If all the lights isn’t enough to tempt you, you’ll be chuffed to discover that if you spend $200 or more at any of the participating shops you can enter the Lee Tung Avenue Christmas Lucky Draw to win incredible prizes (first prize is a trip to London staying in a 5 star hotel!) And, if you spend more than $1,500 you’ll receive a special “wings of hope” coffee mug. Just take your receipt to the customer service centre and grab your mug.

Where: Lee Tung Avenue, 200 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

When: 14/11/2018 onwards

Spa of choice nearby: Foot Station (Shop D, G/F, Lily Mansion, 102-104 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai)

Choo, choo! Next stop on the festive train is a quick visit to Foot Station. Massages, scrubs, pedicures, and some deliciously good herbal tea on offer, we say keep the fancy feelings alive with a quick trip to this foot paradise before tackling the shopping at Lee Tung Avenue.

Treatment we love: Foot Massage + Soft Gel Pedicure + Herbal Tea @ $720 before discount

Feel all sorts of merry and festive as you plunge your feet into a bubble bath of salts and minerals, and then get ready to show them off on the avenue with a scrub and a massage. It may be cold in Hong Kong, but it’s worth wearing open toe shoes to show off your new coloured toes after this treatment!

Harbour City X Christmas Treasures


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The largest-ever 60-feet high outdoor Christmas Tree next to a 40m long Christmas/Love Lock bridge on which you are surrounded by decorations and lights galore. Sounds made up? It sure isn’t, and Harbour City has made it a reality.

Bring your significant other and sign and lock a padlock onto Hong Kong’s very own love lock bridge. For a $20 donation to charity, pick out your favourite lock and spread love and colour this Christmas.

Wanting to meet the real thing? Santa is making an exclusive appearance in front of the Lock Lock bridge where you can not only meet the man himself, but also get a cool photo to take home. The meet and greet is being held every Saturday and Sunday from 7:30pm-9:30pm until the 23/12.

There’s a special Christmas Post Office underneath the bridge where kids (and adults) can post their letters and custom-made postcards to Santa in the North Pole, and to friends around the globe. The best part of it all is that YOU get to be the star of the festive postcard. Until January 1st, you can edit and custom design your own photo at the booth and post it free to anywhere in the world! Just remember to bring your $20 donation!

But best of all at Harbour City is the Festive Music Light Show. Running every half hour from 6pm-9pm, see 200,000 LED lights illuminate the festivities. Set to music, this show is not one to be missed.

Spa of Choice: Dazzllab (17/F.,Hang Shun Commercial Building, 12 Cameron Road, TST, Kowloon)

Get ready to dazzle as bright at the Christmas lights, as Dazzllab brings you the best of beauty. A hidden gem, this spa offers all sorts of treatments that will brighten your week, from the ALQVMIA Aromatherapy Massage to the Chlorophyll Acne Anti-Inflammation facial. Come one, come all, and see what all the fuss is about.

Treatment we love: LRB 24K Gold Detox Lifting and Brightening Facial – 60 minutes @ $980

We say that it’s Christmas, and that you should be treating yourself thusly. And what better way to treat oneself than with a 24K gold facial? Get yourself wrapped, because after this facial you’ll be a gift to all.

Looking for more places to take excellent photos? Look no further than the BloomMe Instagram Guide. We bet you never even heard of these beautiful locations!

Ho, ho, ho! It’s the most festive time of the year, and Hong Kong has come alive yet again with it’s lights, carnivals, and all around fun-for-everyone! BloomMe loves Christmas, as we love any excuse to shower the one’s we love with gifts and hugs! This Christmas, we’ve made a handy guide of our three…