Central is literally busting with nail salons (and we would know!), but quantity doesn’t always mean quality. With so much choice, how do you decide? Gamble with the high-end salons that may not deliver? Try a hole in the wall in the hopes it’s a hidden gem, but realize when it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck…Sometimes it’s just exhausting finding a nail salon that good value and provides picture-perfect nails every time.

So, to save you from nail bed nightmares here is a list of 9 of our favourite spots in Central. Different in their own unique way with one key factor linking them: they’re all top quality salons that you can book through BloomMe!


Named as the “hippest nail salon in Hong Kong “, no one does a chic pick-me-up better than Nailone. Stop over at this stylish salon on Wyndham Street to find out why our BloomMe Girls love to grab a mani-pedi during their midweek blues. Their professional nail technicians and beauticians are not only clean and well trained, they are also passionate and attentive. Nailone takes their commitment to excellence very seriously and it shows on every nail.

BloomMe Loves: Spa foot treatment (pedicure, sea salt scrub & massage) for $350

Rainbow Nails

Entering their 10th year of service, Rainbow Nails on Pottinger Street has earned plenty of loyal customer for their continuous dedication in providing world-class OPI manicure and pedicure services. Being one of the few nail shops in Hong Kong that adopted the American Manicure technique – instead of the Hong Kong style with nail clippers and cuticle pushes – the unique experience is something worth trying for.

BloomMe Loves: French Polish Nails for $130

aQuaeria- Japanese Style Nail and Lashes

Another Wyndham Street gem has made the list with aQuaeria. With all their nail technicians holding certificates issued by JNA (the Japan Nailist Association) and plenty of awards from various competitions, their uncompromising devotion to quality is their secret to being the salon everyone wants to book a treatment at. They might be a bit pricier than most, but you definitely notice the difference in service. Whether it’s a unique hand-painted design or a minimalist manicure, your finger will come out looking flawless, polished, and on-point.

    BloomMe Loves: Spa Manicure $580  


Club Carlo

Located right in the heart of Central within less than 5-minute walk from the MTR Station, the easily accessible Club Carlo is the salon everyone wants to go to. Using only top-notch beauty brands imported from Germany and France, as well as their squeaky clean salon and elegant environment, the Club Carl experience is something to look forward to.

BloomMe Loves: OPI Shellac Soak Off Gel Manicure for $430

Canary Nail & Lash

As an expert on everything custom made, this spacious Japanese salon located near Lan Kwai Fong not only provides stunning manicures time after time, but also focusses on your nail’s health. At the beginning of your treatment, Canary will give a consultation on your nail’s condition and tailor the mani/pedi to cater towards your personal needs. Get ready to be pampered, feel beautiful, and enjoy first class services we love with Canary.

BloomMe Loves: Hard gel manicure for $600 

Annette Company

Located Queen’s Road Central, Annette is so much more than a regular manicure place. Starting out as a designer jewellery store, Annette decided to bring beauty onto your hands in more forms than diamonds. Their unique and elegant European jewellery designs influence their style of manicures, making Annette the destination to go for elegance and great personal style.

BloomMe Loves: Ladies manicure for $250

Update 17th Feb 2017

Hong Kong’s nail salon scene is booming!  Since writing this article there has been a flooding of amazing nail salons that we love so much it would be a crime not to share!

The Melomist Beauty Expert

The Melomist Beauty Expert first opened its doors on Cochrane Street in September 2016, and has since become a favourite among BloomMe users! Scoring over 4.5/5 Stars on our app and being voted Hong Kong’s Best New Day Spa in the BloomMe User’s Choice Awards, this is definitely a spot you don’t want to miss!

BloomMe Loves: 7 Toxins Free Gel Manicure- 60 mins for $320!

Vida Spa

Vida Spa is not only known for their fabulous facials and soothing massages, they also give top quality and very personable manicures! Don’t believe us? No need to take our word for it; Vida Spa have reined in the most amount of reviews from our BloomMe users out of all 850+ spas and salons in Hong Kong so the proof is in the pudding!

BloomMe Loves: Spa Manicure– 60 mins for $198

Cara Day Spa

Also on Cochrane Street, Cara Day Spa is definitely one you would’ve seen on the escalators either on your way to work or the way to the bar. With a convenient location, a wallet-friendly price point and an atmosphere so serene you’d feel like a vacation came to you, its no wonder so many of our BloomMe Girls are booking their manicures at Cara!

BloomMe Loves: Express Manicure– 30 mins for $150


*Updated September 2018*

Zana Nails

New to the salon scene in Hong Kong, Zana Nails is a powerhouse over in Japan and has been making waves in Central and on BloomMe with their diligent attention to detail when it comes to nails.  Their elegant salon looks over the escalators, so it makes the perfect spot to people watch whilst getting pampered!

BloomMe Loves: Japanese Gel Polish (gradient style)– 90 mins for $630


If you’re a girl that loves to be Pretty In Pink then Queencess might just be your mecca. This fabulously pinktastic salon brings out all your Legally Blonde, Barbie type vibes and delivers manicures that even Elle Woods would love. Located in Central this is also the perfect place to shop for accessories for your new look! After all, WWEWD (What would Elle Woods Do)? Queencess is a BloomMe Girl favourite (just look at the reviews!) so there is no reason not to try a fresh new manicure look here!

BloomMe Loves: Hard Gel Manicure– 75 mins for $480

Emilie Beauty & Makeup

Another fresh salon we love that gives off wholesome feminine vibes is Emilie Beauty & Makeup! This cozy salon might win any prizes for size (but seriously, where in Hong Kong does?), but their dedication to perfect nails is definitely what makes them a fan favourite on BloomMe. For a nail salon in Central so close to the MTR we’re always wowed by how affordable treatments are here!

BloomMe Loves: LED Soak Off Gel– 60 mins for $298

Levo Spa

If you want a spa that has it all, then Levo Spa is the one for you. In the first month of being on BloomMe, our girl’s went crazy for Levo Spa giving them over 100 5 star reviews within the first month of being on the app. A high-end style spa with affordable prices and outstanding service, leave no one wondering why this has been such a fan favourite on the app. Offering everything from relaxing massages and soothing facials, to stylish mani-pedis and maintenance treatments such as hair removal and brow shaping; Levo Spa truly is a 1-stop-spot for all your beauty needs!

BloomMe Loves: Soak off Gel Manicure- 60 mins for $680

Have a salon suggestion you think should’ve made the list? Let us know here!

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