In the past couple of years we’ve been hooked on fleek eyebrows and fluttery eyelashes. Remember back in the 90s when over-plucking your brows and non-existent eyelashes were on trend? There’s no doubt that the fashion and beauty industry has completely innovated the structure of our brows and lashes to a more fuller, natural state. Runway models and professional makeup artists are all making us realize how these 2 features can define our personal expression without saying a word.

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Stylist making eyebrow thread correction on face of beautiful girl


If you’ve suffered from misshaped brows and loss of eyelashes, there are plenty of salons in Hong Kong offering professional services such as threading and eyelash extensions to help groom them into shape. One of the most requested services are Korean Lashes in Hong Kong (check out Seoul Cool Eyelash) , known for their top quality services with the safest application of eyelash extension. Believe it or not our eyebrows and lashes are crucial to our facial identity, with the right thickness you can easily give yourself a face lift without going under the knife!

Waxed or tweezed, the first sign of good grooming starts with your brows. Just like how men keep their facial hair groomed on a daily basis, women who continuously maintain their eyebrows can restructure their look. Think of it this way, going for the right technique to defining your brows can create a more polished look without using any makeup. Eyebrow Shaping Hong Kong can amp up your brow game to keep them looking fleek even without filling them in with a brow pencil or pomade. The key to achieving a natural look to your brows is by not forcing a new and unnatural shape. For a strong brow game, don’t tweeze an arch if your brows are naturally straight.

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If you have the wrong eyebrow shape (say too thin or too thick), it can make you appear a little angry or even sad. Yikes! Not to mention how small and tired your eyes can look without fuller eyelashes. If you’re natural brow shape is lost and you’re looking for luscious lashes, professional experts are here to help. With plenty of brow bars and salons offering professional treatments, BloomMe has them all listed and ready for your visit. Our top rated beauty salons will help you figure out your best possible brow and lashes to whip them into shape.


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BloomMe understands how your brows and lashes are such a crucial part of your personal identity, which is why we only recommend the best services in town for the image-conscious! Our top salon experts will customize your look to strategically shape those tiny brow and lash hair into place. With so many techniques available, it’s easy to get lost in the mix! We’ve listed a few service to help guide you around .If you’re interested to try out any of these services, drop by BloomMe to find a salon that’s not only near you but can fit your budget!

Eyebrow Shaping

We’ve always underestimated the power of the perfect brow. With so many brow shapes, it’s important to visit an expert who can analyze your facial structure and groom them accordingly. You don’t want to pluck too much or you’ll end up with angry brows! The perfect brow shape will balance your facial features such as your eye shape.

Now there are a few common ways to shape them. Waxing has been a popular choice however women are choosing to avoid using wax around the eyes because it tends to tug and sage the skin after continuous use. You don’t want to cause premature aging just for perfect brows right? The best alternative is threading, this method is rapidly becoming more in trend because of its precise shape and it’s more quicker! Who wouldn’t want perfect brows in no time? Threading simply uses a technique to pluck the brow hair into a crisp shape, the thread lifts up any hair that it comes in contact with. Sounds easy huh? We highly recommend this method for Eyebrow Shaping Hong Kong.

Brow and Lash Tinting

If you’ve been over-tweezing your brows for years, chances are they are quite thin by now due to lack of re-growth after plucking from the root. Not to mention our brows and eyelashes gradually lighten as we age along with excessive sun exposure. To make them look more fuller and prominent we have brow and lash tinting to save the day! Just as you would dye your hair to darken them, tinting the eyelashes and eyebrows can help frame your eyes. The dark contrast can give the effect of thicker lashes and brows for a semi-permanent fix.

While filling in eyebrows and using mascara might give a similar effect, tinting appears more natural and softer. Not to mention you don’t have to wear so much makeup on those busy days! Salons in Hong Kong use vegetable dye for a safe way to tint the lashes and brows which usually lasts about 4 to 8 weeks depending on how fast your hair naturally grows.

Lash Extensions

One of the best ways to draw attention to your eyes is with full and fluttery eyelashes. Now we all know how to use an eyelash curler and apply mascara to enhance our lashes, however most women are facing severe lash fallout. Excessively using an eyelash curler and removing mascara vigorously are all causes of sparse lashes. The best method to flirty eyelashes without the damage are semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Our eyelashes tend to grow at a slower pace, this is where lash extensions come into play. Just like hair extensions, women with damaged eyelashes can get a full transformation.

Korean Lashes in Hong Kong are the most popular types around the world. Known for the super hygienic application method, the eyelashes are applied individually for a naturally fuller look. There are a few different options for lash extensions including mink, silk and synthetic. For mink 4D lash extension application, BloomMe’s premier spa ‘BeautA Club’ provides the safest professional services to cater to sensitive eyes. Mink lashes highlights and brings focus to the eyes with its fine fibers to imitate neutral eyelashes. One of the best spas for lash extensions is Suavis Lash Bar for custom eyelash extensions that are tailored to your eye shape for lashes that you’re born with! The lash bar also specializes in Japanese eyelash extension technique for lush and healthy looking eyelashes.

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While makeup can do wonders for your facial features, without a good starting point to your brows and lashes you’re out of luck! Messy brows and damaged lashes can make it even more difficult to obtain a naturally flawless look. Visit one of our amazing salons for the best brow bars and lash experts in Hong Kong. At BloomMe we love to give you the confidence that you’ve been waiting for! With plenty of options at your fingertips, you’re brows and lashes will never be the same again.