It’s 2019!

2018 has been swept out the door, and now it is the new year’s time to shine. Gone are the silly traditional new years resolutions that we make, attempted to be followed with gusto, and then our efforts fizzle out within 2 weeks. Let’s make 2019 the year of becoming a healthier-you, self-love, self-discovery, and cherishing the little things in life!

Here are the BloomMe New Years Resolutions (that you’ll actually be able to keep!)


Start Meditating

The easiest, and by far the most beneficial of all resolutions, meditating will change your life for the better. We’re not talking about booking in a 28 day meditation retreat straight off the bat, we’re talking about introducing it into your daily routine and benefiting from it’s calming and focussing affects on a daily basis.

This new year, make it a resolution to dedicate a single moment in your day to relaxing your mind and silencing that inner voice. We suggest beginning by meditating in the morning. Rather than reaching for your phone when you wake up, simply sit up in bed and spend a minute or two getting your thoughts in order. Any amount of meditation is a win, even a minute!

Check out our beginners guide to meditation here and begin your mindfulness journey in 2019.

Eat Better

We’re not talking about that old new year’s resolution to lose weight, that sort of thinking is so 2018. We’re talking about making little changes in our everyday eating routine to help us feel healthier and more alert.

For those who don’t meal prep (and we highly recommend it to save on the dollars) we suggest making healthier food choices. That means that instead of zipping out of the office for McDonald’s every lunch time (which will make you feel groggy and send you broke in no time) we suggest opting for a healthier food outlet.

BloomMe is in love with the tried and true crowd favourite: Nosh. Nosh’s meal plan will get your 3 healthy meals delivered to your door in no time at all. Just choose your nutrition goal, losing weight, balanced diet, or muscle building, and pick how many days you want. How brilliant is that?

If you’ve got a sweet tooth that needs satisfaction but you want to continue your goal of being healthier this year, then you’ll be over the moon to know that you can now enjoy guilt-free sweetness from Barebells. They call their product “functional foods”, but we like to call them “guilt-free delicious snacks”. Puddings, milkshakes, everything your sweet tooth craves!


Find your preferred style of exercise

Not everyone goes gaga for cross-fit, and for some people yoga is a yawn-fest filled with funny stretches. This year, it’s your turn to find out what suits you best.

No more “new year’s resolution gym memberships” and promising 4 days a week of uncomfortable gym classes. This year, make it your goal to see what works for you. Maybe you discover that hiking is now your jam, yes, hiking is a great form of exercise!

Perhaps your apartment has a pool, and you discover that swimming after work helps to ease your body? What about aqua-cycling? Or that your local kickboxing class is the best way for you to punch out your anger?

Maybe before work every morning, you climb the stairs rather than the elevator? Yes, that is exercise too!

Don’t let the fitness bunnies on Instagram shame you, you don’t have to be doing HIIT sessions every morning. Exercise is whatever moves your body, find your own!

Get Better Sleep

You make a plan to be in bed at 10pm every night, and suddenly it’s 3am and you’re on to another episode on Netflix. Time to kick this habit once and for all.

This year, decide to limit your screen time and increase your snooze time. An easy way to encourage sleep is to get some good quality pillows, covers, and blankets. You spend almost a third of your life in bed, make it appealing and desirable.

Before heading to bed at night, try having a herbal tea to calm your body and signify to your mind that it is sleep time. ZippySparkles does a great relaxing herbal tea which even comes with a knitting kit. Having a tea and a quick knit before sleep works for grandmas all around the world, and soon you’ll know why they love it.


Reduce Stress

Find out what brings you stress and throw it out of the window. A few members of the BloomMe team decided that morning trips on the MTR were bringing too much stress into our days, so we decided to walk to work in the mornings, or to hop off a few stops earlier and walk from there. Not only was our stress reduced, but also this small bit of exercise left us feeling brilliant.

For those who found that sitting at a desk all day was bringing back ache, massages became a weekly event to help the body stretch and repair (a foot massage works wonders).

Whatever brings you stress and anxiety, you now have permission to fix it right away. Stress is not welcome this year!


Try Something New, Fall In Love With Yourself All Over Again

This new year, try something new. Nothing as extreme as skydiving (although that does sound thrilling), but we mean something new that makes you learn more about yourself.

This January, head to the BloomMe Self Love Workshop, and discover something new about yourself. We have our Wellness Warrior Corie Chu giving us an insight into numerology and what it can tell you about yourself.

We also have our other Wellness Warrior Coco Chan showing us the beauty and power of essential oils and how they can improve our day. Pair that with some truely delicious food from NOSH and tea from ZippySparkles, and a candle making workshop, and you’ve got everything you could ever need to kick of the new year with a bang.

More information on the BloomMe Self Love Workshop can be found here!

It’s 2019! 2018 has been swept out the door, and now it is the new year’s time to shine. Gone are the silly traditional new years resolutions that we make, attempted to be followed with gusto, and then our efforts fizzle out within 2 weeks. Let’s make 2019 the year of becoming a healthier-you, self-love,…