BloomMe Double Offer Sale Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions.

  1. All customers who placed orders on manicure or pedicure today (14th July 2019) will have a chance to win an equal or less value treatment on BloomMe.
  2. We will randomly pick 20 customers on 15th July 2019.
  3. Winners will be given BloomMe credits same as the treatment they booked.
  4. If more than one treatments are booked, the winner will receive BloomMe credits of the lower price value.
  5. Winners will be notified through email on 17th July 2019



  1. 凡於今天(2019年7月14日)預約手部或足部美甲的顧客將有機會獲取另一個相同或較少價值之美容服務。
  2. 我們將會於2019年7月15日隨機挑選20位客戶。
  3. 得獎者將獲得與他們所預約的服務價格相同的BloomMe積分。
  4. 如果預訂多於一個服務,BloomMe將以較低價格之服務計算積分。
  5. 我們將於2019年7月17日通過電郵通知得獎者。