BloomMe Service Promise, Refund Policy & BloomMe Service Standards

BloomMe Service Promise:

At BloomMe we believe that all of our hand picked spas put in effort to provide the best service possible to our users. In cases where services do not meet expectations, BloomMe will act as a mediator to attempt to resolve the issue in an amicable way.

In cases where a BloomMe user insists they are not satisfied with their service and the spa cannot resolve the customer complaint, our users are entitled to claim a refund under our BloomMe User Refund Policy.

Rest assured, the BloomMe Guarantee offers you a level of protection not available to you when you book with spas directly.


BloomMe Refund Policy:

At BloomMe, over 99% of all BloomMe Bookings result in happy customers.

BloomMe achieves this by visiting each spa or salon before it is added to our platform to ensure they meet minimum service and quality guidelines before they are available to be booked on our app.

Services booked on BloomMe should meet BloomMe service standards. If a customer books a service via BloomMe and subsequently encounters a “service exception”, a customer may be eligible for a refund in accordance to our BloomMe Refund Policy.

BloomMe will, (at it’s discretion)  provide the customer with one of the following options:

– working out a satisfactory solution regarding the booking in question

– refund to method of payment


-refund in BloomMe credit that can be used towards a subsequent booking


Valid “Service Exceptions” must fall into one of these three categories to be eligible:

1) The spa or salon cancels the appointment 24 hours or less before the scheduled start of the appointment, or fails to provide the booked service at the appointment time, at the location indicated in the app.

2) The description of the service booked is significantly and materially different from the actual service received (for example, significantly and materially different services would be the difference between an massage with oil compared to one without oil, or a brand name being used or not being used in a manicure)

3) The service is not provided as described (for example, a massage with body scrub service, but a user only receives a massage)


In order to submit a valid refund claim, the customer must have:

– Not caused the service exception (directly or indirectly)

– Have been willing to accept reasonable efforts from the spa or salon to remedy the issue

– Have made a booking paid in full

– Submit a request indicating the service issue within 7 days from the start of the appointment and respond to our requests for further information


Once a refund has been submitted, the BloomMe customer service team will notify BloomMe users of the decision within 7 days.

Any refund that may be approved will be processed within 5 business days.

These terms are subject to our terms of service.


BloomMe Service Standards

All of our spas & salons are hand picked and go through a rigorous quality control process.

All of our spas & salons have:

– 3-4 photos of the actual premises where the treatment will be offered

– Service offering with many offering detailed descriptions

– Address

– Pricing information

– BloomMe user reviews


Spas on BloomMe meet the following BloomMe Service Standard requirements:

– providing a clean and safe environment during service

– providing acceptable customer service to customers

– providing the service within a reasonable timeframe as indicated by the booking


All the above policies are subject to our Terms & Conditions