BloomMe Referral Challenge Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions.

  1. Refer the first most, second most or third most first time paying users to BloomMe within the challenge period (from 12:00 am 24/5/19 through 23/6/19 23:59 pm).
  2. Participant of this campaign must be a member of BloomMe and must have a valid BloomMe mobile application account.
  3. Your friends must not have made the booking via BloomMe App on any of their devices before.
  4. Canceled order will not be considered.
  5. Winners list will be announced on both social media and through email on 26th June.
  6. The extra $50 for the fourth referral onwards will be settled after the campaign period, and it will be rewarded to participant’s BloomMe account on 26th June 2019.
  7. Offer above cannot be exchanged with cash and is not transferable.
  8. Should there be disputes, BloomMe Limited reserves the rights of final decision.