BloomMe Referral Campaign Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. From 13th December 2019 to 12th January 2020, existing BloomMe users will receive $100 when they invite new users to download BloomMe app and said user successfully made a booking on BloomMe.
  2. New users must enter their invite code when signing up on the app to receive credit.
  3. Participant of this campaign must be a member of BloomMe and must have a valid BloomMe app account.
  4. The invitation code is can only be used by new BloomMe registrants.
  5. Only one account can be registered as new user on the same device.
  6. Canceled bookings will not accrue the credits.
  7. Earned BloomeMe credits will be settled after the campaign period, and it will be rewarded to participant’s BloomMe account on or before 17th January 2020.
  8. BloomMe credits cannot be exchanged with cash and is not transferable.
  9. Should there be any disputes, BloomMe Limited reserves the rights of final decision.



  1. 於 2019年12月13日至2020年1月12日期間, 現有用戶凡邀請每一位新用戶下載 BloomMe App,並於註冊時輸入有效邀請碼,新用戶成功預約後,現有用戶將獲得$100 BloomMe Cash。
  2. 此活動的參與者必須是BloomMe用戶,並且必須擁有有效的 BloomMe App 帳戶。
  3. 邀請碼僅適用於首次使用BloomMe之用戶。
  4. 新用戶不能於相同電話及裝置進行多於一次的註冊,否則無效。
  5. 取消的預約將不會獲得 BloomMe Cash
  6. 所獲得之 BloomeMe Csh 將於活動期結束後結算,並將於2020年1月17日前加入舊用戶的BloomMe賬戶。
  7. BloomMe cash 不能兌換現金,亦不可轉讓。
  8. 如有任何爭議,BloomMe Limited保留最終決定權。