Feeling hot, hot, hot! You know why the Flintstones were so entertaining? It was because they discovered the power of the stone! Now is your chance to yabbadabba-do a hot stone massage in Hong Kong. Feel toasty and relaxed this Christmas!

What is a hot stone massage?

During a hot stone massage, the amazing therapist will place heated stones on specific points along your body. These stones are smooth, flat and warmed just enough to give you a cozy feeling in this Hong Kong winter. In some cases, the therapist will use the stones as a massaging tool on your body.

Sometimes spas will offer Ganban’yoku, a treatment where you lie on top of hot stones rather than under them. Creating a hot stone sandwich of relaxation.

The focused warmth and the localised weight of stones is said to improve blood circulation and soften tense muscles. Also, it allows your body to relax more into the massage magic. You’ll be relaxed and toasty this winter as the therapist goes to town on your sore body.


What’s the history of hot stone massages?

Hot stone massage dated back thousands of years. Because it is still being used across the world you know that we are on to a good thing. Both verbal and written history shows that the Chinese used heated stones as a healing method since 2,000 years ago as a way of improving internal organ function. The treatment has also popped up across history in North and South American, Africa, Europe, Egypt, and India.

What happens with the stones?

Usually basalt river rocks are used in the massage, mainly because they have become super smooth over time from the river’s currents.

The therapist will place the stones into a massage stone heater warmed to around 45 degrees. The stones are then placed in specific points along your body depending on your areas of tension, mainly along both sides of the spine. Most therapists will use an anatomy guide to place stones on your body, but some will place them in areas said to promote wellness and harmony.

What are the benefits of a hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage is recommended for people in winter (and it’s winter in Hong Kong, how convenient).

As with most massages, you’ll come out feeling relaxed and fluid from a proper kneading session with a professional. But the biggest benefit of getting a hot stone massage in Hong Kong is the warmth. The warmth of the stones is incredibly comforting and super relaxing. Imagine having a small pile of hot water bottles keeping you snug and warm? Bliss.

Health-wise, massages are good for treating muscle aches and tension, but hot stone massage is also said to be great for treating conditions like insomnia as the aromas and sensations leave you feeling gooey and snug.


Will it hurt?

No massage ever should be painful or uncomfortable. If the stones are unbearably hot, the therapist getting a little too enthusiastic, or you are just not enjoying the massage pressure, speak up and let the therapist know. You want to be happy, not horrified.


I love it and must book it, where do I go for an amazing Hot Stone Massage in Hong Kong?

Glad you asked. Here are our top picks:

Hokkai Stone Spa

Super gurus in stone massages, Hokkai Stone Spa is one of the best places to get a stone massage in Hong Kong. Located smack bang in the middle of Tsim Sha Tsui, this specialty salon offers an array of body treatments and the massage of the season, stone massages. Here, stone massages are referred to as “Ganban’yoku”, the Japanese phrase for a hot stone treatment where you lie on top of hot stones rather than under them.

A massage and a hot stone treatment? What could be better! Lie down and relax for the massage of your life with a lymphatic detoxification massage which helps to remove all the nasties from your body, and also a Ganban’yoku spa treatment to put the warmth back into your winter.

Treatment to get: Lymphatic Detoxification Body Massage + Ganban’yoku – 40 minutes (HK$596)

Address: Hong Kong, Mong Kok, 彌敦道613號飛達中心15

Hours: Monday – Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-7pm


Cherdchai Hair & Beauty

Cherdchai has it all! From massages to hair to child friendly premises, this snazzy salon has a great team of Thai Massage trained masseuses just aching to get their hands on your tense muscles. With a gigantic list of stone massage treatments that include aromatherapy, there’s something for everyone. Why not book in for a massage and a haircut afterwards to feel super amazing (they even have beers for when you’re getting your hair cut!)

We told you this salon has everything, it even has a treatment that has everything in it! You’ll enjoy a 30 minute stone massage on your back followed by a 50 minute Cherchai basic facial. So not only will your body be relaxed, your face will be glowing by the end of it all, too!


Treatment to get: Absolute Rituals treatment – 120 minutes (HK$1,450)

Address: Rm 204-208 2 Flr Dannie’s house, 20 Luard road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Hours: Monday- Saturday 10am-8pm, Closed Sunday


Amigo Spa and Beauty – Sha Tin

Ola! With sister spas located in TST and Lai Chi Kok , this women only spa out in Sha Tin uses volcanic stones from Sakurajima in Japan in it’s hot stone treatment. Offering your other quintessential massages and treatments at reasonable prices, this little nook is a great oasis for those north of Lion Rock.

This salon also has a cute little reception shop which sells all sorts of great smelling products that you can take home to continue your aromatic journey with. Also, keep an eye out for some awesome foot massages as well!

Using the super fancy volcanic stones, this 40 minute treatment helps to stimulate blood circulation and relax muscles through warmth and moisture. The very definition of relaxing, this treatment is great for the end of those busy weekends as it helps your body to detoxify and destress in no time.

Treatment to get: Relaxing Hot Stone Spa Sauna – 40 minutes (HK$338)

Address: Shop 901 & 912, New Town Tower, No. 10-18 Pak Hok Ting Street, NT, Hong Kong

Hours: Monday – Saturday 11am-9pm, Sunday and Public Holidays: 11am-8pm


Looking for other ways to keep warm this winter in Hong Kong? Why not make yourself a cosy beverage and snuggle up this winter.

If your skin is crying out for some hydration after your stone massage, maybe you need a good hydrating facial to keep the pamper train running. 

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Feeling hot, hot, hot! You know why the Flintstones were so entertaining? It was because they discovered the power of the stone! Now is your chance to yabbadabba-do a hot stone massage in Hong Kong. Feel toasty and relaxed this Christmas! What is a hot stone massage? During a hot stone massage, the amazing therapist…