Bamboo Health Massage

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Services Offered:

Steaming, Massage, Slimming


Flat 3A, ManMan Building, 45 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


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Bamboo Health Massage is a massage and treatment service provider, by providing steaming treatments and massages to help improve the health and bodies of customers. The location of the store is only 1 to 2 minutes away from the Causeway Bay station, making its location extremely convenient for customers. Bamboo Health Massage provides various different types of services to customers, for example, the full body steaming treatment, leg massage by magnetic trident, Chinese medicine foot steaming treatment.. etc. The store has professional staff and equipment so that customers can enjoy the treatments provided. The lighting, interior design, and facilities of Bamboo Health Massage are all able to help the customers relax and enjoy the treatments.

Bamboo Health Massage has one special treatment which is the steaming treatment. The steaming treatment has benefits such as detoxing, slimming, improving insomnia and soothing period pain. The Chinese Medicine used by Bamboo Health Massage is pure authentic Chinese herbs and medicine assigned by Chinese medicine prescriptions, therefore there is an absolute guarantee on the quality of the medicine. As Hong Kong citizens work for long period of times, there are fewer chances for us to exercise frequently. Hence, there are fewer chances for us to detox from sweating. Sweating is an essential element for a healthy body, as when our bodies sweat we are sweating the toxins away from our body. The effect of steaming treatments is to accelerate the process of sweating while using Chinese herbs to help remove toxins and improve our health.

The services provided by Bamboo Health Massage are very affordable and worth its price. The price of most services varies from $200 to $500 HKD, depending on individual needs. Bamboo Health Massage’s services are able to meet the needs and want of different customers, from normal body massages to slimming machines and steam treatments. They also provide promotional packages which allow for two treatments at once at a lower price.

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