The seasons are changing and leaves are falling underfoot, and as the seasons change as do the hottest nail trends. The bright an funky colours of summer are out, and muted autumnal colours come back in (as well as pumpkin spiced latte’s- finally!). Autumn also brings us all the delights of Halloween inspo, thanksgiving treats (woo another excuse to eat a feast), and all the beautiful colours of Autumn make us fall in love with this season…Even though Hong Kong fall isn’t quite cold enough for over sized sweaters and wooly hats. Here are our favourite 4 nail trends that have caught our attention for fall.


Leaves for Autumn, groundbreaking 

As common as florals for spring, leaves are the trend for Autumn that comes back every year for a mighty return. Whether it’s a full pattern across your nails, or an accented finger that shows off your creative side- leaves are a trend that will make you want to snuggle up with a cup of hot chocolate and people watch from a cafe.

Rolling in the deep…red

Deep, rich colours are a winner for fall in general; but burgundy, dark cherry and other deep reds have been among the trendiest colours of the season. Say goodbye to bright and fun reds of the summer, and say hello to the new sexy side of red for autumn.

You little Minx

Metallic nails are making a killer comeback this fall. Minx nails are are definitely one the top trends to look out for in the next few months, and are perfect when you want to give your look an edge. 10/10 Space in Causeway Bay are our favourite salon to nail this look.

The Black Parade

Maybe it’s because of Halloween, or maybe we’re just starting to feel edgy and cool now that the summer heat isn’t melting every part of our body, but black is back! Edgy black nails give you the cool girl look whatever you do to the rest of your look. Whether you wear a full face of dramatic makeup or none at all, your black painted nails will be sure to give you the chic urban look no matter what.

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[:en]Say goodbye to the fun and funky trends of summer, and say hello to our favourite nail trends this autumn! Leaves for fall? Groundbreaking[:]