Amour Hair Spa & Salon

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Services Offered:

Blowdry, Haircut


20/F, QRE Plaza, 202 Queen´s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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Amour Hair Salon- Give me Amour of that!

Amour Hair Salon is a well famed Hong Kong hair salon that is celebrated for providing top tier, fashionable hairstyles and cuts to their loyal and dedicated clients from some of the city’s most talented and dedicated hairstylists. Not only does Amour Hair Salon offer stellar haircuts, and mind-blowing blowout services, but they also offer a range of fashionable nail treatments as well as makeup services- ideal for getting all the girls together before a big night out.

Amour Hair Salon’s modern take on hair design is translated through the decor of this extensively spacious hair salon. Minimalistic furniture is used for a modest and youthful atmosphere whilst the walls are painted a clean white colour, making the environment light, airy and effortlessly relaxing whilst still maintaining a chic, trendy look. The salon takes up the entire 20th floor of the QRE Plaza in Wan Chai, so not only is the Amour delightfully spacious and open, but it also offers clients a scenic view of our beautiful city.

All hair stylists at Amour Hair Salon are meticulously trained and have years of experience to ensure that the absolute best service is provided to each client, every single time. At this prestigious and vibrant salon, the stylists realise that most people like to get a hair cut as a way to revitalise their look, but in addition to this, they realise that most people use haircuts as a way to escape from their daily hustle and bustle lifestyle, and to indulge in the relaxation and tranquillity of a hair salon. This is why the talented and perceptive stylists at this salon, live by a “fuss free” mantra, engaging in light, friendly conversation with the client, whilst still giving them the freedom to relax and have quality “me” time, free from the daily stresses of everyday life. Amour Hair Salon offers a unique VIP edge away from most salons by offering private rooms for pampering so your treatment has added tranquillity that will not be disturbed by other hair dryers or chatter in the background. These rooms are so luxurious that the salon has named them “hair spa” rooms, a phrase that brings absolute pleasure to the lips!

As well as offering pioneering hair cuts and treatments in Hong Kong, Amour Hair Salon also offers incredible pedicures and manicures packages as well as an array of other foot and nail treatments to their customers. The chic, fashionable style and quality that we have associated with this youthful and trendy spa continues with their manicure and pedicure treatments. Every manicure and pedicure is treated with the utmost care, accuracy and professionalism, so you are guaranteed to receive a star quality treatment, with a reasonable price that is bound to put a smile on your face!

So, if you’re feeling like you want to pamper your hair in a full therapeutic, fashionable and totally unique way; sashay your beautiful self down to Amour Hair Salon in Wan Chai where you are guaranteed to receive the utmost care and dedication to your hair. Book with BloomMe and receive $150 off your first booking.

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