We all know dads are hard to buy for Christmas, and so we inevitably get them socks, booze and other boring yet undeniably safe gifts. However, there is one group of people that are harder to buy for at Christmas: beauty addicts! Yes yes, our family all know we want makeup, cosmetics and all the other lotions and potions our heart desires, but the horror of unwrapping a present that’s the wrong brand and faking a smile to seem polite (whilst on the inside you’re dying and your family knows it) is just too brutal for anyone to bare.

What’s the simple solution, and how do you please the unpleasables? BloomMe gift cards! By buying a BloomMe gift card you get to give your friends and family the luxury of choosing the treatment of their choice as well as the place they wish to go! No one can complain when the world of beauty is at their fingertips and they’re in the drivers seat! The best part? By purchasing a BloomMe Gift Card before December 31st you also get 15% of the value credited to your own account! You give Aunt Linda $500, and you get $75 as a reward!

$200 and under

With BloomMe you don’t have to break the bank buying Christmas gifts, we have services starting at $80 and with our amazing daily discounts you can even look generous as Secret Santa to the co-worker you’ve never spoken to. Spend $100 on a gift card and get $15 for yourself, or buy a $200 gift card and get $30 for yourself!

A foot massage never goes a miss when it comes to gifts and the busy Christmas period! We love the 50 min foot massage from Forest Beauty Spa & Health in Central for $198 (before discount).

And the Foot Reflexology with Aromatherapy for 30 mins from Foot Health Care on Wellington Street for only $138 (before discount)!

If you’re looking for something for the girly girl, we strongly recommend a manicure from Lavana on Cochrane Street for only $180 (before discount).

Or treat them to an Express French Manicure from the award winning Feel Good Factor on Wyndham Street for only $190

$500 and under

If you’re buying for a friend or someone from the family, the $500 gift card is perfect! Not only do your loved one have more options in where to go, and what treatments to choose; buy this gift card and get $75 to spend on your own BloomMe account!

Your loved ones can indulge in L’Oreal’s Amour Hair Spa in Wan Chai with a haircut and relaxing head massage for only $310 (before discount) and still have time to enjoy a French Manicure from Modern Classic Nail for $155!

Waxes are also very popular in winter since it’s the time of year we get romantic with our other halves, and singletons meet under mistletoe. A Brazilian from Lavar Premium Waxing on Queens Road is always a hit at $450 (before discount) as they make their own wax in house and scented to minimise pain!

$750 and under

To give your loved ones a lot more to play with, and options for more luxurious treatments the $750 gift card is a great option and the best part is that you also get $150 on your own BloomMe account for free! Why not make it into a girl’s spa day out during the holiday season for some well deserved pampering?

Our user’s favourite, Vida Spa on Wyndham Street offer a rejuvenating Dermalogica deep cleansing facial for just $680 (before discount).

Melomist Beauty Expert are another top rated spa among our BloomMe Girls for which you can indulge in an evening primrose oil and Himalayan Salt scrub for $680 to feel fresh for the New Year!

$2000 and under

 For the lady (or gentleman) that loves to live in the lap of luxury you can buy gift cards in $1000 (with $200 for yourself) or $2000 in which you get a whopping $500 free to splurge on some “me” time after the holiday break!

Caudalie, on Gough Street,  is known for their lavish an refined facials, with products used all from their range made from grapes! Try the Vinoperfect Radiance Facial for $800 to feel like a whole new you. Wine not?

Spa L’Occitane are definitely for those with luxury in mind. With three spas located around Hong Kong both on the Island and Kowloon side, perfect indulgence has never been easy to find. We’re obsessed with the Almost Detoxifying Balance Massage for women, 60 mins for $900, as well as their Anti-Aging Immortelle Divine Secret Ultimate Rejuvenating Facial, 90 mins for $1420! 

 To buy the easiest and most rewarding Christmas Gift on the market, just click here and call us your Not-So-Secret Santa 😉



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