Causeway Bay citizens/workers/shoppers/lost tourists can finally rejoice and celebrate because this month at BloomMe, we have decided to put together a comprehensive list of all our favourite manicure spas. From hard gel to laser designs, there is something for everyone and best of all, there is something to fit everyone’s budget. Use your BloomMe app and apply the price filters to discover your dream spa in your budget range.

Before you head in, be sure to get some nail inspiration from our favourite Nail Artists.

Nail time, ahoy!


Splurge $$$


Massada Spa


A spa with 25th floor views and lavish treatments to boot? Yes, please.

On offer is a long list of manicure and pedicures. If you’re after a traditional manicure, the $220 session will get you some fine cuticle cleaning and an OPI polish. You can also book in for a Gel Manicure, French Manicures, and even a Gel French Manicure for that extra oolala. The famed laser machine uses top of the range nail design to print any colour, design, words, or even photos onto your nails in a matter of seconds. Matching selfie nails with your pal? You can get it done at Massada.

Address: 25/F, Guangdong Tours Centres, 18 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Soak Off Gel French  Spa Manicure- 90 mins- $630 (before discount)


10/10 Space

As the name suggests, this spa is a 10/10 for it’s vibe, treatments, and even staff. A go-to for almost every treatment under the sun, this Causeway Bay hub is ideal for when you want to go all out with your treatments and get everything done in one place.

Aside from the Hand Delight Treatment, which is an absolute delight for your nails, 10/10 have LED Hard Gel application and removal and well as Soft Gel and Express Nails (which takes only 30 minutes). But what we are most excited about is the MINX manicure ($480 before discount). MINX is kind of like getting stickers across your nails, but the process uses polymer stickers under a MINX heat lamp to apply so that your nail remains undamaged and your manicure stays awesome. No wonder this treatment is Beyonce’s go-to. 

Minx Manicure- 75 mins- $480

MINX Nails: The Hot New Manicure Trend You’ll Love


Mid-Range $$

Nail Cabin

Just like your secret cabin in the woods where you go to get away from it all and enjoy the world around you, Nail Cabin is snuggled up on the 22nd floor overlooking Hong Kong harbour and can easily be your safe haven from the claustrophobia of Causeway Bay. Perfect for a solo splurge, you can relax in peace in this wholesome, chic spa.

When it comes to manicures at Nail Cabin, they believe that less is more, and perfection is simplicity. With manicures, you can book in for a regular manicure with OPI polish, a hard gel manicure, or a soft gel manicure. A shorter list of treatments means that this spa have perfected their application of polishes, and know exactly what needs to be done in order to make you feel comfortable. Sit back, relax, and enjoy 5 star treatments amongst the (concrete) forest.

Address: 22B, Way On Commercial Building, 500 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

OPI Manicure HK$200 before discount


Princess Nail and Massage

Opposite the Coffee Academics and surrounded by super cute boutiques and spas comes your everyday go-to spa. Princess Nail and Massage lives up to it’s nail by offering you cute, quaint, and delicate nails for a princess budget.

Alongside the regular manicure, Princess Nails and Massage also offer an express manicure for a super groovy $100 before discount. With modest prices but with a careful approach to application and treatment, this place is ideal for a cheeky stop by with a friend during a shopping trip, or for a quick touchup during office lunch hours.

Address: Suite 2005-06, Tung Seng Commercial Building, 69 Jervois St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

 Women’s and Men’s Manicure: $150 before discount


Gloss Nail Salon

Although Gloss Nail’s basic manicure is priced a little higher than other mid-range salons, this salon is less of a splurge and more of a practical spa to visit as an every day spa because they are so efficient with everything. Visiting Gloss Nail Salon before a party or before meeting your friends for a coffee is probably the best decision you’ll make this week. On top of reasonable prices, Gloss Nails is a haven for those that love a bit of people watching.

With a long, long list of various treatments (Oceanic Hand Soothing Treatment? Put us down for one) and a no-nonsense approach to good nails, you’ll spend your session being treated well and enjoying the view.

Address: 2/F, 22 Yiu Wa St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Basic Manicure $200 before discount


Budget $

Bello Factory Nail & Beauty

Teeny tiny and oh so divine, this cute little spa is the perfect place to whiz by on your way out for a night of shenanigans and painting the town red. With super speedy staff and a large variety of colours, what more could you want for a stopover pampering session? Famed for their efficient and more importantly gentle removal of Gel nails, if you need a touch up, this is your place.

The treatment list at this cute salon involves single colour manicures in regular or gel form. They’re Hard and Soft Gel prices are some of the most reasonably priced in Causeway, with a Soft Gel setting you back $230 before discount and a Hard Gel priced at $260.

Address: 3F, 517 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Nail Removal and Manicure $158 before discount


Color Nail Design

Hello, nails! Hold onto your hats, because Color Nail Design takes the reigns for a budget wary manicure lover. Where else in Hong Kong could you even dream of a $98 manicure before the BloomMe discount? As Color Nail Design is a budget spa, you may have to wait a little while before getting your nails, but for these prices it is totally worth it. You can even get your Hard or Soft Gel fix at this spa, and while you’re there why not try out the Parrafin Wax Hand Treatment for only $158. Go on, it’s super cheap so you can book all the treatments!

Address: 2F, 72 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Manicure: $98 before discount


Nail Expert Pro Causeway Bay

With four salons across Hong Kong, you know you’re onto something good when you rock up to Nail Expert Pro in Causeway Bay. More of an nail institution than anything, the staff at this spa know what to do when it comes to nails, and aren’t afraid to get in there.

If efficiency is your thing and you want a good manicure for a good prices, how can you say no to a Soak off Gel Manicure and Pedicure for only $238 before discount? You can’t, that’s what.

Address: Office B, 3F, Vincent House, 513-515 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay

Soak off gel manicure & Pedicure treatment (single colour with stickers/10 diamond accessories)- $238




Looking for a Springtime nail design to take into the spa with you?

Here is everything you ever wanted on your nails for spring without the generic floral prints.


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Causeway Bay citizens/workers/shoppers/lost tourists can finally rejoice and celebrate because this month at BloomMe, we have decided to put together a comprehensive list of all our favourite manicure spas. From hard gel to laser designs, there is something for everyone and best of all, there is something to fit everyone’s budget. Use your BloomMe app…