It’s the annual BloomMe Highest Number of Booking awards show!

As 2018 comes to a close, we decided to look back on our most popular spas on BloomMe and uncover just who had the highest bookings in each category. Chosen by you, the people, and cherished by us, the BloomMe team, we are proud as punch to announce the winners of the most bookings this year.

See if your go-to spa managed to nab the crown, and make it your new years goal to try out one of these newly-crowned-pageant-queen-spas.

And the winners are…*drum rolls*

💆‍♀️ Massage 💆‍♀️

2018 Winner is: Nutri Slim Spa 🏆



The most popular spas on BloomMe for massages can be found listed under our favourite massage haven: Nutri Slim Spa. On the 15th floor of Prospect Building in Kowloon, you’ll find every massage treatment that you ever dreamed of. A 45 minute Ancient Thai Massage? Check. A Water Retention Slimming Massage that will wash away the festive season? Check. A Slimming and Detoxifying treatment that includes you being wrapped in a hot blanket and leaving you feeling like a little relaxed burrito? You betcha.

The crowd favourite treatment to get at Nutri Slim Spa is without doubt the Hot Stone relaxing Massage. For 45 minutes at only $278 (and that’s before our discount on top!) you’ll be wondering why you don’t get a massage daily. Don’t forget to also check out their products on sale, who knows what goodies you’ll find.

Address: 15/F, Prospect Building, 493A Nathan Rd, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong


Runner Up: Levo Spa 🥈

Honorable mention for this divine spa.

Levo-ll your troubles at the door, we have a cheeky 30 minute Beauty Salt Glow treatment for only $500. Scrub away the working week, and feel that beauty glow! If a scrub is not your style, then go for gold with the Deep Tissue Massage. Treatment takes either 45 or 60 minutes, and trust us when we say it hits all the right spots. It is therefore no surprise that Levo Spa is one of the most popular spas on BloomMe.


2nd Runner Up: Soul Feet 🥉

Did you think we could make a list of our most booked massage spas and forget to add Soul Feet? Of course not! Rushing between meetings and dinner dates, Hong Kongers always find time to book in for a 35 minute Foot Express massage for a whopping $238.

Have you checked out our other recommended spas? We bet you haven’t, as they are all hidden gems that we have uncovered for you!


💁‍♀️ Facials 💁‍♀️

2018 Winner is: Le Spa Caudalie 🏆

Bonjour, mon petite amie! The French have gotten it en pointe in this Central spa. Their Vinotherapie leaves us breathless, their exquisite decor makes us feel expensive, and their delicious fruit and herbal tea makes us more relaxed than ever.

It’s no secret that BloomMe users have an obsession with Caudalie and their amazing products. We insist that you book in for one of their Vinoperfect Facials, as this range has taken the top slot for best selling facials. The Radiance Facial lasts 50 or 80 minutes and sees any dark spots vanishing magically. The Hydrating Facials puts the hydration back into your skin and leaves you feeling more vibrant than ever before.

And last, but never least, the Premier Cru Global Anti-Aging Facial (50 minutes @ $1150). Ever felt like a divine being after a treatment? You will after a visit to Le Spa Caudalie.

Address: 3 Gough St, Central, Hong Kong


Runner Up: Melomist Spa 🥈

A very close second, Melomist is the tried and true familiar on the facial circuit. With unique facials and products that you won’t find anywhere else in Hong Kong, Melomist is a treat-yo-self kind of spa.

All our winners offer some amazing organic facials, and here’s why you should visit them for just that.


💅 Manicure 💅

2018 Winner Is: Melomist Spa 🏆

When it comes to popular spas in manicures on the BloomMe app (and getting those exclusive discounts!) the clear winner is without doubt Melomist. Demand for their manicures are through the roof, and it can be difficult finding a booking time during their peak hours but somehow, Melomist manages.

The Signature Melomist Manicure is a sure thing, with a huge range of colours available for only $260. We have also seen a huge surge in bookings for the 7-Toxins Free Soak Off Manicure, which is perfect for those looking to reduce the body’s exposure to harmful toxins.
When it comes to exclusive Male spa treatments, Melomist also takes the crown for their simple Men’s Manicure. A cut, file, buff, and you’re on your way!

Address: Cheung Hing Commercial Building, 37 Cochrane St, Central, Hong Kong


Runner Up: Lavana 🥈

With a cute name like Lavana and a captivating view like the Central escalators, who wouldn’t want to book in for a manicure at Lavana. The winner in this spa is the Shellac Manicure, a 75 minute treatment that can last up to 4 weeks!

This new year, why not get a new twist on the old French manicure?


💇‍♀️ Haircuts 💇‍♀️

2018 Winner is: Amour Hair Spa & Salon 🏆

The highest bookings this year for haircuts, this spa zoomed in at the top of the list. Offering Ladies Cuts and Homme Cuts (men’s haircuts) by the creative team, the director, the leading team, or the artistic team, you get your pick of the best of the best!

This stylish spa is filled with wonderfully creative hairdressers who love nothing more than giving you the makeover you deserve, bring in the new year with a new you!

Address: 20/F QRE Plaza, 202 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai


Runner Up: Hair-Riffic🥈

Terrific Hair-Riffic, this spa came a close second with their bookings for hair treatments like Balayage/Ombre and their hair treatments. BloomMe users across Hong Kong can’t get enough of the Bhave Avdanced Keratin Smoothing Therapy with Organic Ingredients and Haircut, and for only $2800 before discount we can see why.


2nd Runner Up: Green Hair Salon 🥉

No, you don’t have to have green hair to go to this spa, but you can book in to get some if you want because they can work wonders here. From bleaching to scalp treatments, from frizzy treatments to colouring, it’s all a crowd favourite at Green Hair Salon.


Brows And Lashes

2018 Winner is: Cara Day Spa 🏆

The eyebrows of Hong Kongers are in good hands with this winning spa in Central. Tinting, shaping, plucking, and pampering, eyebrows are a specialty here and we can see why this spa is a clear winner.

How can you say no to an Eyebrow shaping and tinting for only $150? You can’t! This spa even offers a full face of threading for only $300! The people have spoken, and they have chosen well as Cara Day Spa is queen for all things eyebrows.

Address: 2/F, Kwok Lun Commercial House, 15 Cochrane Street


Runner Up: Lyla Lash Bar 🥈

When it comes to lash tint and removal, this is your go-to spa. With a stunning lash tint for only $380, this cute little spa has had bookings going through the roof. If you’ve wondered where all the Bambi-lookalikes have been getting their lashes done, look no further and book in here.


Obsessed with all things brows? Get obsessed with all things budget too! With this list of brows on a budget, who said you have to spend millions to look a million dollars? 



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It’s the annual BloomMe Highest Number of Booking awards show! As 2018 comes to a close, we decided to look back on our most popular spas on BloomMe and uncover just who had the highest bookings in each category. Chosen by you, the people, and cherished by us, the BloomMe team, we are proud as…