To say Hong Kong can be an expensive place is understatement at the very least. From house prices to cheese, this city we love is pretty steep and somethings, no matter how much we love, have to be compromised from time to time. We can cut down on cheese with resistance, we can reduce our avocado intake to afford our rent and we can limit our nights out in soho. But one thing we firmly believe is not worth compromising on, is massage. Not only do they feel amazing, and relieve muscles from pain or tensions, but are also extremely useful for those that suffer from anxiety, stress or sleep deprivation. So to help soothe the pain away from overly priced massages, here are our top 25 cheap massages for under $250!

Foot Massages 

For those who are new to getting massages, the best place to start is at the bottom…of your feet. It’s the least invasive kind of massages and if you feel a little awkward at someone touching you, you can always play a game or watch a movie on your phone. To learn more about foot massages and their benefits, check out our full guide to foot massages in Hong Kong here.

If you’re looking for a massage spot near Central that won’t cost a small fortune, then Joy’s Spa & Beauty is a great shout. Located at the end of Jervois Street in Sheung Wan, Joy’s Beauty is a hidden gem you wish you found earlier! With a full range of services from facials, to hair removal it could easily become your next one-stop-shop!

BloomMe Loves: 45 Min Foot Massage for $250

Sense of Touch

For those that trust awards and accolades, Sense of Touch are definitely your best bet for a deluxe massage. After winning multiple awards over the years including Best Luxury Day Spa 2011 and Best Sparty Venue for their Central branch. Sense of Touch is a spa icon that you can’t go wrong with.


BloomMe Loves: 20 Min Foot Reflexology for $250 (Cyberport branch) 

Foot Spa Jordan

For those that love to embrace the cheap and cheerful that don’t like to compromise on the price, Foot Spa Jordan is an excellent find. As the name suggests, this cosy hidden gem resides in Jordan and brings the best in affordable and cheap massages. It’s a no fuss, no frills spa and the results are undeniably amazing.

BloomMe Loves: 75 Min Foot Reflexology for $180 

Zen Massage

If you’re a sucker for an authentic Thai massage spa experience, then look no further than Zen Massage in Causeway Bay. Although their Thai massages and treatments are by far the most popular, this comforting and homely spa offers a wide variety of massages for both men and women.

BloomMe Loves: 45 Min Foot Reflexology Massage for $220

Pleasure Foot & Beauty

Another hidden gem that is an absolutely must-try on our list is Pleasure Foot & Beauty in Fortress Hill. This little hideaway is the perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Not only are they fantastic for all massages, but their prices are surprisingly cheap, which is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

BloomMe Loves: 50 Min Foot Reflexology Massage for $118

Body Massages

There is absolutely nothing better than getting a full body massage after a hectic week than a full body massage to melt away all the strain, pain and worry away. Whether you love aromatherapy massages for a soothing wind down and relax with or traditional Chinese acupressure massage to really hit those tough knots, we’ve got you covered from head to toe.


Nutri Slim Spa

For an authentic Thai spa experience straight out of Bangkok look no further than Nutri Slim Spa in Yau Ma Tei. Everything from the decor to the therapists and hospitality are undoubtedly Thai. To say this spa is a hidden gem is an understatement as this cosy spa is located among residential apartments. Their massages are unbelievably cheap and a must-try as are their variety of other treatments!

BloomMe Loves: 45 Min Ancient Body Massage with Oil- $178

Papillon in Tsim Sha Tsui

If you prefer more of a day spa vibe, than Papillon in Tsim Sha Tsui are perfect for getting away from the chaos and relaxing with their range of facials, massages, manicures & pedicures. Their clean, bright interiors and cheerful staff make it a great place to wind down after a busy week!

BloomMe Loves: 30 Min Full Body Massage for $168 

Foot Steaming Lounge

If you’re looking for a spa offering more than the ordinary, why not check out Foot Steaming Lounge in Causeway Bay. Their traditional foot and body steaming treatments are great for pulling out toxins in your skin and pores, as well as offering a variety of other massages for those that don’t like to get steamy on a first date.

BloomMe Loves: 45 Mins Chinese Acupressure Massage for $228

Foot Health Care

We couldn’t do a massage post without mentioning Central’s most loved massage spa, Foot Health Care. Located on Wellington Street, this calming spa is famed over Hong Kong for their ability to read each and every client’s body without saying a word. If you’ve never had a massage before, or if you’re a massage addict, this is definitely one spa you have to try!

BloomMe Loves: 30 Mins Acupressure Massage for $168


Have you suddenly got a knot that needs attending to? A pressure you can’t seem to rub off? Well then it’s a good job you’ve got at least 10 different spas to choose from! These of course, are just our suggestions; we have over 1000+ spas and salons to choose from!


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To say Hong Kong can be an expensive place is understatement at the very least. From house prices to cheese, this city we love is pretty steep and somethings, no matter how much we love, have to be compromised from time to time. We can cut down on cheese with resistance, we can reduce our…