Have you heard the latest wellness trend floating around? Over the past few months, “Floating” and “floatation therapy” seem to be swimming around in just about every conversation! But what is it? Why are people suddenly opting to lie in water for 60 mins at a time? Is it all that it’s cracked up to be? Short answer: yes.

What is Flotation Therapy? 

Flotation therapy, or ‘floating’ is a form of deep relaxation that is achieved by lying in a sensory tanks, or “DreamPods” filled with water set at 34 degrees (C) – skin temperature-, 500kg of epsom salts and magnesium to simulate the feeling of being in zero gravity. Most sessions are around 1 hour but there are usually options for 90 minute sessions.

Why do it? 

Although at first floating sounds like just lying in a bath full of salty water, there is actually a lot more to that. Unlike floating in regular water when muscles are tightened, even slightly to stay buoyant, floating in the DreamPods is completely effortless due to the magnesium and epsom salts you float naturally without any effort of thought from our bodies. Since muscles are completely relax, those that suffer from chronic pain issues, muscle tension and arthritis will feel alleviated from all pain and discomfort whilst floating.

Living in Hong Kong when the general mentality is non-stop, floating allows a time to completely destress and get away from the bustling culture and is known to help those who suffer from depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Pregnant women have also found floating immensely relieving, especially in the third trimester when even sleeping poses a challenge and comfort hard to find!

The Do’s & Don’ts

DO avoid shaving before getting in the tank. If you do, make sure it’s at least 12 hours before to avoid any stinging with the epsom salts

DON’T colour your hair go tanning before your float for at least 72 hours.

DO eat a light, digestible meal before floating. Floating on either a full or empty stomach is not comfortable for floating, so a light wrap or salad should do.

DON’T smoke cigarette, drink alcohol or any caffeinated drinks before hand. These will stimulate your body whilst floating and will make it harder to reach a state of total relaxation!

What if I’m claustrophobic? 

You are in complete control of your environment, so if having the lid of the pod closed or the lights off make you feel uncomfortable, you’re perfectly fine to have them adjusted your preferences!

Is it hygienic? 

Totally. Each person required to have a shower pre-float and post float. As well as this the epsom salts will kill bacteria naturally and pods are cleaned after each use with filters.

Where can I float in Hong Kong? 

Whether you’re living in the Island or on Kowloon side, BloomMe has fantastic places to float! Just click the logo to book!


Float On, Mid-Levels

Floax, Tsim Sha Tsui















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