There’s a certain art to the way in which Japanese salons runs that we absolutely love. The dedication to detail, the client first attitude that is sometimes a miss in Hong Kong, and their ability to always produce fantastic results. Whether that’s with nail designs, eyelash extensions or hair cuts, there’s no doubt about it, the Japanese knows what’s up when it comes to beauty. Japanese style eyelashes are huge at the moment and that’s due to the specific way that eyelashes are applied for Japanese style lashes,  which means that it’s not only safer for clients, but they are applied individually with soft lash-like materials so you’re lashes look flawless. Want to know where to go for a Japanese salon that can tick all the right spots? Here are our favourite Japanese salons that are absolutely nailing it- pun intended.

aQuaeria Japanese Nail & Lash

Located on Wyndham Street, this Japanese is on the higher end of our list when it comes to price and quality. aQuaeria are famed for their diligence and intricate attention to detail that they use when it comes to their manicures and eyelash treatments. If you’re a fan of people watching as much as we are, you’ll love that an entire wall of huge windows over looks people walking (or stumbling) down on Wyndham Street whilst you get your pedi on.

We love: Soak off gel w/manicure design of the month– $780

Carte Blanche 

Carte Blanche is a firm BloomMe favourite; their two story salon in Tsim Sha Tsui prides themselves on the technical and intricate abilities from their professional team as well as using the best possible products from Japan to give all customers the best Japanese salon experience. Carte Blanche mostly focus on hair and nails, but are also popular for their Japanese lash extensions.

We love: Ladies haircut- $500 

Lune Lapin

When it comes to Japanese Beauty, not many can compete with Lune Lapin. Though a small salon, it certainly has a big personality! This small and chic salon in Causeway Bay is certainly wallet friendly when it comes to eyelash extensions and doesn’t compensate on the fine Japanese style quality you’d expect. They also do fantastic nail art and manicure services as well as stunning makeup looks for those special occasions.

We Love: Eyelash Extensions- $500

Canary Lash & Nail

If there are two things Japanese Salons are well known for doing brilliantly, it’s eyelash extensions and nails. Canary Lash and Nail fully embrace the Japanese work ethic when it comes to fine tuning treatments to ensure the most stunning lash and nail designs. By importing all their equipment directly from Japan, you can be sure to feel the authentic Tokyo salon experience right from the heart of Central.

We Love: Soak off Gel Manicure– $450

2DO Nido Japanese Hair & Nail Salon

If you’ve never been to a Japanese Salon before, we guarantee one thing you’ll say when walking out is about how amazing the level of customer service is… especially those who have gotten a little too used to Hong Kong service! Nido in Japanese means “birds nest”, a playful way of saying cosy and comfortable like you would at home- not a comment about your hair! Their personal approach makes you instantly trust them with your hair in their hands.

We love: Total Hair Care Treatment– incl. scalp spa & home care, shampoo & blowdry- $800 & Haircut- $460 

Amigo Spa & Beauty

Despite having two branches in Tsim Sha Tsui and Sha Tin, Amigo is still definitely a hidden gem among Hong Kong with their Japanese trained staff know everything there is to know about skin care and maintenance. Their range of facials and massages are perfect for a relaxing weekend to rejuvenate from the humid and muggy Hong Kong air.

We love: Relaxing Hot Stone Sauna Spa– $338

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