It is no secret that we’re huge fans of home grown brands and cruelty free cosmetics, so imagine our pure and unadulterated joy when we stumbled across Swedish’s Handmade Body Care. In her Sheung Wan kitchen, Swedish born Rebecka Lundin has been making hand made cosmetics and body for over 3 years, by only using organic and natural products. After meeting Rebecka at a pop up market and subsequently buying half of her stock of white linen candles (seriously), we couldn’t resist wanting to know more about her, the business and the amazing products she makes!

How did you get into making your own cosmetics?

Coming from a wide open space in Sweden where there are lots of fresh produce and very little pollution it was a real shock to the system moving to Hong Kong 10 years ago. I have a large family with chefs and there was always lots of food around, I love mixing interesting ingredients together I wanted to create something that was freshly made, with 100% natural products. Making body care products just seemed to fit and Hong Kong is definitely the city of opportunities!

Do you face many difficulties in producing and selling all the product on your own in Hong Kong?

As I make everything myself, it does take time to produce and sell. I always want to make sure my products are at the best quality and the products are done with care. There is always a piece of love that goes into every bottle and quality matters.

We absolutely adore your candles, but what’s your biggest seller, and which one is your personal favourite?

My personal favourite product and by far my best seller, is my Sea Salt Body scrub with Lemongrass. I have people stopping me in the street to tell me how much they love it. That really warms my heart, and I’m fortunate to get such personal feedback from my customers. 

Since you started Swedish’s over 3 years ago, do you still make cosmetics from your home?

Yes, I am! People are always amazed by that and think I have a very big kitchen. But anyone that has lived in Hong Kong for more than 5 minutes will know this is definitely not the case. Ha ha! I’m just quite good at utilising the space I have.

Being a one woman shop it can’t be easy! What’s the biggest challenged you’ve faced and how have you over come it? 

My biggest challenge is that the products are freshly made, so can’t be stored in any shop since there are no preservatives or chemicals. I have solved this by concentrate on e-commerce and letting my customers order for delivery. I do have a few stores selling my Candles and oils though, as they don’t have the same expiry date. Anything that has water in it such as my hand-cream and body-lotion has an expiry length of 2 months (3 month if you keep it in the fridge). Body scrubs, face oils, shower gel much longer (6 month or more). 

What is the next big plan for Swedish?

Im trying to find new selling channels and different platforms to sell on. I’m currently signing up with other entrepreneurs such as florist, organic food and moms/baby products, so you’ll be seeing lovely handcrafted products all over Hong Kong! 

I am also setting up an subscription facility, so you can get freshly made products delivered to your door whenever the expire date is up. In that way you do not need to think and will always be provided with freshly made products! (please contact me for any inquiries).

That sounds amazing! We to see you all over HK at pop up markets, do you prefer pop-up market or physical store? Why?

The great things with pop-up stores and markets are that you meet so many different kinds of people. There is more opportunities to reach a bigger audience, and not only that I get to properly interact with my customers and receive feedback!

Have you thought of opening a physical store for your products?

Yes, I have a vision 🙂

We are thoroughly excited to see what Rebecka produces in the future and adore her very affordable, organic home made body care!

Check out her website or email for more info!