After a long week at work or with the kids, there is literally nothing better than to have a full day at the spa to reconnect with yourself and your sanity. Spa day’s are just what the doctor ordered- you can even ask them yourself! Those who love a traditional spa day with all the trimmings of a full sauna and steam room as well as massages, facials and mani-pedi treatments can head down to Sense of Touch in Repulse Bay or Tseung Kwan O for a full and indulgent day of pampering.

However, since most of HK spas do not have spa facilities, how do BloomMe Girls get the perfect spa day?

Answer: spa-hopping– like bar hopping but with less debauchery and a whole lot more glam!

Spa hopping allows you to pick the best services at each place – simply get a cab or an Uber between your spa spots to travel in style. If you’re not a fan of cab driver’s music tastes and want to keep in close proximity, you can always rely on BloomMe to sort spas based on your location to find the spas closest to you!

Pro Spa Hopping/Spa Day Tips

Two young women and tea time at spa resort

1) Age before beauty: look after your body first with relaxing and detoxifying treatments to begin with, and beautify yourself later in the day. A pedicure on feet that have already been massaged is just about one of the most satisfying things on earth- trust us! An ideal order would be massage->facial->manicure->pedicure->haircut/blow dry

2) Find a spa partner – be it your significant other, a friend, yourself, your kindle, or the latest edition of Elle magazine you’ll always need good company!

3) Book a car or Uber to take you from spa to spa. If you live further away from the city or are lucky enough to have a car, why not call “Hubs Taxi” for a free ride. *wink*

4) Always book massages before facials! Facing down might irritate delicate post-facial skin and that beautiful glow may look less fresh faced and more Donald Trump than you intended. No thanks…

5) Have a light meal in between spas – a fresh salad or smoothie is perfect. Heavy meals or greasy food just make us feel groggy after a day of detoxing and relaxation.

Tropical salad: pitahaya, mango, dragon fruit bowl

6) Book your spas & salons on the day with BloomMe! – simply browse and book leaving enough time between the appointments to enjoy the treatment and travel between spas.

7) If you’re new to spa days and the adventures of spa hopping, then stick to the basic treatments. Aromatherapy massages, classic manicures, deep cleansing facials. You can’t go wrong!

So there you have it ladies; the Hong Kong way for a perfect spa getaway! Don’t forget to check out today’s discounts and deals on the app- click here to check them out!

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