New York isn’t the ‘City that never sleeps’. The constant movement and excitement of our beloved Hong Kong is continually keeping us on our toes with an overflowing events calendar and a vivacious night life that never stops. All this is well and good, but the flip side of Hong Kong away from the parties and drinking are the high pressure jobs, so when you mix the two together, often we feel that we’re burning both ends of the candle. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping recently, here are our tried and natural tested tips that should help send of you off to sleep soundly.

The Likely Causes

There are many reasons why you’re feeling sleep deprived at the moment, the usual suspects popping up like stress, and too much partying. Contrary to popular belief that alcohol helps you sleep, it actually hinders it by interfering heavily with your REM cycle, meaning that your sleep quality isn’t as high as it would be if you weren’t burning the candle at both ends, despite it’s ability to make you fall asleep quicker.

Temperature: With Hong Kong’s fluctuating heat and our endless battles with the air con, it can be difficult getting comfy for bed when you’re stuck between being too hot and too cold. We suggest having the room temperature at around 20(°C) with light blankets during the summer months in Hong Kong- just enough to keep cool and be cosy.

There’s also a high chance that you’ve been on your phone, ipad or laptop right before bed which is actually a huge no-no. Even though the tasks we do on these devices are generally quite relaxing such as browsing instagram or watching Netflix; the LED light emitted trick your brain into thinking you’re more awake then you are. Try bringing a book to bed with you instead and don’t look at your phone for an hour before going to sleep.

How to sleep soundly

There are simple ways to make sure you sleep soundly, exercising regularly and setting a “bedtime” is a great way to make your circadian rhythm regulated so you can fall asleep that little bit easier.

If you’re sleeping isn’t soothed by making small changes to your routine, then changing your diet might be the way forward. Eating spicy, fatty food, especially with a lot of protein at night can cause insomnia and usually interrupts REM sleep, so eating foods like cherries which contain tryptophan which metabolises into melatonin, or bananas which also contain tryptophan as well as magnesium and potassium which as muscle relaxers and help the body are a superb way to wind down at night. Banana smoothie before bed? Don’t mind if I do! 

There are also lots of natural sleeping aids that’ll  help you nod off easier such as a cup of chamomile tea or valerian root. Essential oils are also a great facilitator and so even having lavender essential oil on your pillow case can soothe you off to sleep.

It might come as no surprise that we would suggest getting a massage as a way to wind down, but in all seriousness it’s true. Getting a massage makes your body release serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that helps you feel calm, which is why massages are so well known for decreasing anxiety and depression. Browse and book over 1000+ of Hong Kong’s Spas & Salons with BloomMe and enjoy our daily discounts to help get your sleep on the right track.

Download the app here and use codetalk88for $88 off your first booking! Need a little help on deciding where to go? Here are our favourite massage spots in Hong Kong – a few like are even open late night! – check the BloomMe app for current availability.

Fake it till you make it! 

Everyone is different and even when you’re doing everything right, sometimes there is no escaping from pesky eye bags in a morning reminding you of the hours awake. Keep teaspoons in the fridge over night and massage your bags in the morning to make them appear less puffy. After all, concealer is our best friend and even the fabulous get tired.

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