It goes without saying that there have been some crazy nail trends in the past. From over sized stiletto nails that would make you wary of getting on the bad side of any one, to slightly less terrifying trends such as shattered glass nails that made their way on the scene after Korean Manicurist, Park Eun Kyung, absolutely dominated New York Fashion Week in Sept 2016. That’s why we’re absolutely obsessed with MINX nails!

Stunning “shattered glass” nails

What are MINX nails? 

Minx nails are a chrome effect nail film that goes on regular gel manicures to give you stunning effects. Unlike most film or transfer nails, MINX nails are professionally done at nail salons due to the infrared heat lamps needed to apply the films. Of course if you’re a DIY expert and manicure enthusiast you can buy MINX online and try for yourself but we prefer to let the experts handle this one!

All or nothing…

The best thing about MINX is that they’re so versatile. You can go for whole nail looks for a “mirror nail” effect. Boss babes such as Beyonce and Rihanna use this fierce style to give a wow factor on their red carpet.

Do you like my accent?

Whilst others, including stars like Blake Lively, prefer to use this dazzling style on an accent finger to add simple style and sophistication to a classic manicure whilst still giving off a chic and edgy feel.

Bringing back style… 

This style has also helped the “half moon manicure” makes its well-deserved come back for nail art and works particularly well in spicing up short nails.

Where can I get a MINX manicure? 

MINX manicures are available throughout Hong Kong at mani reputable nail salons, such as our partners Nail Me with three branches in Tai Koo Shing, Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui. However, our top choice for a MINX manicure would be at 1010 Space, a high-end reasonably priced day spa in Causeway Bay. Among their many other nail treatments, the MINX manicures are always praised as their specialty and reigned as the best in Hong Kong due to their durability and diligence.

BloomMe Loves: Minx Manicure by 1010 Space- 75 mins for $480

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